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ENGLISH RENAISSANCE 9 th Grade Unit 3 Preparing for Shakespeare.

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1 ENGLISH RENAISSANCE 9 th Grade Unit 3 Preparing for Shakespeare

2 English Renaissance Use of the Printing Press The height of the English Renaissance was the mid 1500s Elizabeth I was queen (her dad was Henry VIII) A rebirth: war and conquering other countries became less important and peace endured

3 Elizabeth I

4 William Shakespeare Produced most of his works from 1589 -1613 Wrote around 38 plays and 154 Sonnets Romeo and Juliet was written early in his career Most of his plays were written for the Globe Theatre

5 Shakespeare & Globe Theatre

6 Renaissance Clothing Increased wealth/ornamentation (lots of bling!) Characteristic garment was the ruff Men wore doublets, women wore stomachers (these were for the upper-class) Laws were created to govern what people could and couldn’t wear; social status determined what you could wear (the poor couldn’t wear fox or otter); if you wore clothes above your rank, you would be arrested

7 The Ruff & The Stomacher

8 Recreational Activities Theatre (only males could perform onstage) Bear-baiting (watching dogs fight bears and betting on the winner) Falconry (training a falcon to hunt for you) Dances Tennis/Bowling Fencing/Jousting/Archery Gambling (cards, dice)

9 Art and Artists Developed portrait miniature (now they could carry a photo of their loved ones in a locket and not in a frame!) Most common subjects to paint were people More money was spent on jewelry than on painting Tapestries were very popular

10 Tapestry & Jewelry

11 Authors William Shakespeare (playwright and poet) Christopher Marlowe (playwright and poet)

12 Music and Dancing Lute was most popular instrument Choral performances were common (but mainly by boys!) Church hymns Dances: Many people danced together; their dances were like a ball

13 Themes Development of Human Potential (How can humans make themselves better?) Love Concerned with the “here and now” Religion

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