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Revolutionary War Uniforms

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1 Revolutionary War Uniforms

2 Colonial Army Uniforms
At the beginning of the war, the soldiers wore brown uniforms Their hunting shirts were made out of fabrics like wool, in different colors based on the soldier’s regiment They wore either long-tailed coats or waistcoats over their hunting shirts Most soldiers wore tricorn hats, but if there were not enough supplied, they used whatever hat they had Under the pants they wore stockings They wore boots on their feet Towards the end of the war the colonists had red, blue, or brown uniforms In general, their uniforms were very cheap and poor quality

3 1780 American Infantrymen Blue coat with white facings and cuffs
Black leather hat with bearskin and red feathers on top Black tricorn hat Buckled boots Had weapons and traveling objects in red backpack

4 Soldiers had to know the rank and the role of other soldiers
Soldiers sometimes wore patches on their coats to show their rank Stars could designate the rank of the soldier Sometimes highly ranked soldiers wore epaulettes The British generals and other highly ranked soldiers wore fancy gold and silver buttons

5 British Uniforms Compared to the colonists the British had much better uniforms The uniforms were made of quality materials and were expensive. However, the soldiers were easy targets because they wore bright red coats People sometimes called them “lobster backs” or “redcoats” Although they usually wore red uniforms, they sometimes wore blue ones They wore pants, stockings, boots, hunting shirts and other common war clothes like the colonists

6 Tricorn hat Epaulettes
Tricorn hat Epaulettes

7 The American Heritage History of The American Revolution
Credits The American Heritage History of The American Revolution

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