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1750’S AMERICAN COLONIAL FASHION By: Salvatore Quaratino 7A4 ID1.

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1 1750’S AMERICAN COLONIAL FASHION By: Salvatore Quaratino 7A4 ID1

2 INTRODUCTION  The upper class of the American Colonies continued to follow the trends of English fashion.  Only the richest colonists dressed similar to the upper class of Great Britain. This was a sign of importance and privilege.  The British government took advantage of this opportunity and made laws to limit the amount of clothing that could be produced in the colonies. At the same time, they increased their exports of clothing and made lots of money.

3 WHAT DID THE UPPER CLASS MEN OF COLONIAL AMERICA WEAR? Men wore three piece suits. The pants were called Breeches, and they went all the way down to their knees. They also wore embroidered silk shirts, long suit jackets, and tight waistcoats, and leather shoes. These clothes were made from the finest linen fabrics, imported British wool, and expensive silk from China.

4 SUIT JACKETS  They were long, and grew slim at the waist. Then they spread outward, and fell down to just below the knees.  The jackets were made of soft fabrics, such as linen, velvet, and silk.  Usually, there were fancy buttons on the cuffs.

5 WAISTCOATS Waistcoats were tight at the waist. They were embroidered at the center where the decoration could be seen. The waistcoat might have buttons made of gold, silver, or precious stones.

6 BREECHES  The breeches matched the rest of the suit, and went all the way down to the knees.  The waist was fastened with buttons, and they were worn with stockings.  Breeches were normally made of wool, but the richest had theirs made of silk.

7 SHOES  Shoes were usually made of soft black leather for comfort.  They had large metal buckles on them.  The wealthiest colonists had shoes made of velvet.

8 COLONIAL SAL’S CLOTHING SHOP Upper-class men’s outfits are quite stylish, don’t you think? They included many layers, to keep you warm. They are made of many expensive and comfortable materials. I would wear it, wouldn’t you?

9 REFERENCES       brchs_dmsk.jpg brchs_dmsk.jpg  Colonial%2Fshoes%2FFranklin%2FIMG_0039.JPG&size=250 Colonial%2Fshoes%2FFranklin%2FIMG_0039.JPG&size=250  Weber, Paige. A History of Fashion and Costume Volume 4: Early America 

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