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Hindu Poems & Stories Summary

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1 Hindu Poems & Stories Summary

2 Lord’s Song (Arjuna’s Sorrow)
Characters Arjuna Krishna

3 Lord’s Song (Arjuna’s Sorrow)
Summary Arjuna does not want to fight in a battle, but Krishna convinces him to do so

4 Lord’s Song (Arjuna’s Sorrow)
Hindu Beliefs Reincarnation Atman Dharma Karma Fate Caste

5 Six Blind Men & the Elephant
Characters Six blind men An elephant

6 Six Blind Men & the Elephant
Summary Six blind men are using touch to describe an elephant

7 Six Blind Men & the Elephant
Hindu Beliefs The Universal Spirit (Brahmin) is hard to describe All of the gods, and atman of living things, are part of the Universal Spirit

8 Jataka Parable Characters Brahman (priest) Goat (formerly a Brahman)

9 Jataka Parable Summary A priest is going to sacrifice a goat, but the goat stops him so he, too, is not reincarnated as a goat

10 Jataka Parable Hindu Beliefs Reincarnation Karma Life is sacred Fate

11 Mahagiri Characters Elephant Mahout cat

12 Mahagiri Summary An elephant will not put a flag pole in a hole, despite being beaten, so he does not kill a cat

13 Mahagiri Hindu Beliefs All life is sacred

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