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Welcome to the Annual December 6 th Vigil Presented by the Nipissing University Women’s Centre.

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1 Welcome to the Annual December 6 th Vigil Presented by the Nipissing University Women’s Centre

2 Instrumental: Sarah Feige Student, Past Secretary NU Women’s Centre, Dedicated Member

3 The Origin of the December 6 th Vigil On December 6 th, 1989, fourteen young women lost their lives at the hands of a gun man at Ecole Polytechnique. Armed with a 22 caliber rifle, he roamed the corridors of the educational institution separating the men from the women. Marc Lepine opened fire on female engineering students and Polytechnique staff. The ordeal lasted a total 45 minutes, killing the fourteen women we mourn today.

4 Why a ‘December 6 th Vigil’? December 6 th is a chance to mourn the loss of women killed by male violence and to raise awareness of the cycle of hurt. Gender oppression and persecution occur not only in the education system and the workplace, but are evident everywhere in society. December 6 th is a reminder of the progress we all need to make to ensure women, girls, men and boys experience true equality and social justice. December 6 th reminds us to end the silence that surrounds the issue of violence, and to bring it the forefront in our community. To remind ourselves that we all have the power to effect change, and indeed, that is what we are doing here today.

5 Jennifer McCreadie-Blais, Vice President, NU Women’s Centre

6 THE WHITE RIBBON CAMPAIGN The world’s largest effort of men working to end violence against women Begun in 1991 with 100, 000 men wearing white ribbons The White Ribbon symbolizes a “pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women and girls.” Aim to change the way men express themselves emotionally – away from violence in all forms We encourage everyone, men and women, to wear a white ribbon on this day of remembrance to symbolize the fight against violence and to show your support. Your generous contributions today go towards this worthy campaign.

7 Genevieve De Bruyn, President of the Sociology Club, Past President of Nipissing University Student Union

8 Kaylyn Roy, President of NU Women’s Centre & Lisanne Roy, Dedicated Member

9 Geneviéve Bergeron Age 21 1968-1989 Genevieve was a Second year civil engineering student. She was also a Scholarship holder.

10 Annie St.Arneault Age 23 1966-1989 Annie was a mechanical engineering student.

11 Michele Richard Age 21 Michelle was a 2nd year student in engineering materials.

12 Age 27 1968-1989 Anne-Marie was a 4th year student in mechanical engineering. Anne-Marie Lemay

13 Maryse Laganiere Age 25 Maryse worked in the budget department of the Polytechnique.

14 Annie Turcotte Age 21 Annie was a first year student in engineering materials.

15 Sonia Pelletier Age 28 Sonia was to graduate the next day in mechanical engineering. She was awarded a degree posthumously.

16 Maud Hariernick Age 29 Maud was a 2nd year student in engineering materials, a branch of metallurgy, and a graduate in environmental design.

17 Nathalie Croteau Age 23 Nathalie was in her final year of mechanical engineering.

18 Barbara-Maria Klucznik Age 31 Barbara was a 2nd year engineering student specializing in engineering materials.

19 Maryse Leclair Age 23 Maryse was a 4th year student in engineering materials.

20 Barbara Daigneault Age 22 Barbara was in her final year of mechanical engineering and held a teaching assistantship.

21 Anne-Marie Edward Age 21 Anne-Marie was a first year student in chemical engineering.

22 Hélène Colgan Age 23 1966-1989 Final year Mechanical engineering student Helene planned on getting her Master’s degree.

23 Hillory Tenute, Student, Aboriginal Leadership Program, Nipissing University

24 "On December 6th, 1989, 14 of our sisters were slaughtered in a deliberate, pre-meditated act of violence. Young lives, destined for success, were terminated. Families and friends were devastated. We were told that it was not indicative of the climate of hate against women that can be propagated in society. We were told that it was an isolated incident. But we know better. And in deference to all of our fallen sisters, we must act to ensure that the truth be known and the violence stopped." – Tammy Wagner

25 “As many as 50 Vancouver women feared dead in Pickton Case.” “A 17 year-old male opened fire and shot his ex- girlfriend, Jessica Forsyth, 17, four times outside the Herbert Henry Dow Highschool in Midland, Michigan, before turning the gun on himself.” “DEADLY RAMPAGE AT VIRGINA TECH: Events lead to the death of 32 teachers and students, and the gunman in two shooting incidents at Virginia Polytechnique.” “500 Women & Girls raped and murdered in Ciudad Juarez.” “Murder charge laid in stabbing death.” “Man found guilty of killing wife after she was found hanging in the garage of their home” “Stephen Lewis, former UN special envoy to Africa on HIV/AIDS, wants the Canadian government to take strong action in the Congo – where thousands of women are routinely raped in what he says has become a strategy of war”.

26 Stacey Mayhall, Director AIDS Committee North Bay Chapter

27 In Memory of the 14 Women Killed in Montreal on December 6 1989, and All the Women Who Suffer From Violence. Still we mourn. Still we work for change.


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