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Safety Smart  Ambassador Program LifeSmarts challenges teens to engage in service learning and community service.

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1 Safety Smart  Ambassador Program LifeSmarts challenges teens to engage in service learning and community service


3 UL is a premier global independent safety science company that has championed progress for 120 years. Its more than 10,000 professionals are guided by the UL mission to promote safe working and living environments for all people. UL uses research and standards to continually advance and meet ever-evolving safety needs. Safety Smart! ®

4 LifeSmarts Partners with UL

5 Why Community Service? Actively engages learners in a positive learning experience Promotes critical thinking and deeper learning Linked to curriculum

6 Safety Smart  Program Safety Smart engages and excites children in fun, creative and interactive ways.

7 What is a Safety Smart Ambassador? Safety Smart Ambassadors help empower children to be Safety Advocates…Safety Scientists…Safety Smart.

8 Safety Smart Tools You can impact positive change by raising and inspiring action with Safety Smart.

9 The Topics

10 Safety Smart Goes Green! Lesson 1 - Kindergarten through second grades Lesson 2 - Third and fourth grades

11 Safety Smart Healthy & Fit! Lesson 1- Kindergarten through second grades

12 The Lessons The Safety Smart Ambassador Lesson Plans are designed to guide your presentation. Answer Prompts focus on the lesson Objectives, Vocabulary and Definitions.

13 Who Can Participate? The LifeSmarts Safety Smart Ambassador Program is designed for individuals or teams of two.

14 Why Should I Participate? There are many good reasons to become an Ambassador- Service Learning Class project Peer education Enhance LifeSmarts Learn about health, environment, and safety topics Share valuable information about safe behavior with young children

15 What are LifeSmarts SSAs saying? “The teachers and administrators at the school were very pleased and the kids enjoyed it.” Emma Shepard, Virginia

16 “Teaching these bright kids about being active was a great way to be active myself with in my community. Working towards common goals of wellness and health within our body and mind.” Blake McCoy, Indiana

17 “Safety Smarts is the best thing I have come across in a while. Not only is this program a fun way to learn, but it teaches kids at a young age about the world around them and how to take care of it. The way the lesson is set up brings the fundamentals to a level where even the smallest child can understand.” Chelsea Welch, Louisiana

18 “In each of the Safety Smart experiences that I had, not only was I able to pass on the information to the students, but I learned a lot too.” Hayley Johnson, Minnesota

19 How Do I Get Started? 1. Use the Safety Smart lesson in the LifeSmarts resources – 2/safety-smart/ 2. Participate as an individual or form a team of two 3. View the Safety Smart Ambassador PowerPoint Presentation 4. Use the “Logistics Checklist” and the lesson, and plan your presentation 5. Practice, PRACTICE, and practice some more 6. Evaluate and report on your experience

20 What Else Do I Need to Think About?

21 Being Prepared practice Practice PRACTICE

22 Setting Expectations for Behavior Be friendly and positive.

23 Managing the Lesson Enjoy the children and the experience.

24 Redirecting Keeping behavior and discussion focused on lesson objectives sometimes requires redirection.

25 Redirecting Answers Ambassador Question What did Pumbaa say whenTimon threw his water bottle on the ground? Student Answer Pumbaa told Timon to stop. Sample Redirection Pumbaa did tell Timon to stop when he wanted to drive his car, but what “L” word did he use when Timon threw his bottle on the ground? Yes, Pumbaa wanted Timon to stop and he told Timon he was doing something that hurts the environment. What was that something?

26 Share Your Success with LifeSmarts Document your presentation Complete and return the LifeSmarts Safety Smart Ambassador Lesson Assessment to become eligible for prizes Send us your lesson video clips, presentations or photo essays to become eligible for four $750 scholarships

27 Incentives A monthly prize is awarded to a team and coach that submits its LifeSmarts Safety Smart Ambassador Lesson Assessment to LifeSmarts: All registrations (and you can register each presentation), become eligible for the grand prize awarded in 2015. Scholarships are awarded to four students who submit winning video, PowerPoint, or photo essays featuring their Safety Smart Ambassador experience.

28 Thank you for joining UL and LifeSmarts in working for a safer world by sharing Safety Smart! ®

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