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March 18, 2011 Vol. 2: Issue 6 Riverview Panther Times She sat down and examined her wounds. She looked around for a first-aid kit and spotted one. She.

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1 March 18, 2011 Vol. 2: Issue 6 Riverview Panther Times She sat down and examined her wounds. She looked around for a first-aid kit and spotted one. She weakly walked to it and healed all her wounds. She pulled out all her weapons and threw them towards where all the other ones were. She ran over there feeling a ton better then she previously was. She looked at the weapons and picked up a silver sword, her daggers, and fastened them to her belt. She saw a bow finely crafted from oak wood with red tips at the top and bottom with holes big enough to fill small knifes. She looked over and saw four tiny knives, then she ran over, picked them up, and put two in her bow. The others she put in her belt for throwing or if put right shooting from her bow. She looked around for an easy escape route but couldn’t find one. There was a load noise coming out of nowhere then she located the source of it which was the door. The doors fell down and three Culas came in. Culas are made out of water completely. They are made for guarding the king or the old king Draco, who is dead. The Culas are like super soldiers and can’t be harmed by any water weapons, or the ones Jennifer is using. Culas are about two times as tall of Jennifer and are armed with swords made from pure titanium and are almost indestructable. The swords have spikes made from each element. Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, and combinations of the two for example lightning. Continued on page2 Jennifer looked down at Draco’s dead body and then picked it up. She threw the lifeless body on to the throne. She looked at the body one last time and said weakly, “Rest in peace” The 13 th month of the year Smarch! It’s the 13 th month of the year. That’s right, scientists have examined the calenders that we use, the Gregorian calender, and discovered that there is a 13 th month! Every 83 years, the calender gains 1 day. Over the course of its use, the calender has gained 31 days, so it’s a new month! Smarch will be added near the fall of 2012 between September and October. The new month has led to the formation of a group who call themselves PPOGC, or People for the Protection Of the Gregorian Calander. “We don’t need another month,” says leader Mary Michi, “There’s no need for a new month.” People have even started writing Smarch Carols, to sing on the 21 st day of Smarch (Marta-Smarch), in which Mars, Earth and Jupiter will be lined up, creating a large magnetic field. On Marta-Smarch the large magnetic field will over power Earths gravity, not a lot, but enough to make everyone one Earth weight 1/6 as much. Here some Smarch Carrols: Continued on page 3 Smarch!

2 Jenifer’s Escape Continued from page 1 She aimed her bow at the smallest Culas, the one in the middle. The ones to the side were taller by a few inches. She shot the bow and it got the smallest one in the eye. The Culas became enraged, and charged at her. She put away her bow with great speed, and drew her sword. They swung their swords at her and missed. She picked up one of the small knives, and stabbed the middle one in the heart. She jumped back but the Culas cut her stomach barely. The Culas was weakened badly and was going to be an easy kill. With great agility, Jennifer ran behind the weakened Culas and stabbed him in the back, and ran. The smallest Culas died. Jennifer smiled slightly. She selected her next target, the one on the left. The tallest and strongest Culas. The Culas charged at her and stabbed her in the leg. She was weakened tremendously, but had to keep fighting. She ran and grabbed the dead Culas’s sword. She threw it, and got the large Culas directly in the heart. Killing it instantly. Jennifer heard someone coming towards her and the last Culas. She thought in her head, “I hope this isn’t another enemy coming to kill me because if it is…. I’m going to die.” The figure came through the door, and she collapsed. When she awoke she checked her wounds and they were all bandaged and she was lying down inside a hut. She screamed and the figure came back and told her, “It’s ok, Jennifer. You’re in safe hands.” She stared in amazement at him and said, “ Y-Your dead…. How are you still alive?!” He told Jennifer to get up and she did. She was handed all her weapons and the largest Culas’s sword. She fastened them all, and stared at him, wondering what’s going to happen next. To be continued in story seven: An Old Friend Returns. By Matthew NunesOn day on the floating island of Angel Island, Knuckles the Echidna was on his weekly patrol of the island in search of thieves who plot to steal the Master Emerald, when Knuckles notices that the Master Emerald was strangly glowing. “ What the heck?!” said Knuckles. Just then, a shadowy figure rose from the Master Emerald. “ I’ll be taking the Master Emerald now, if you don’t mind.” Said the figure. Then, the Master Emerald disappeared, along with the figure. “ Oh no!” cried Knuckles “ Without the Master Emerald, Angel Island will crash into the ocean!” and Angel Island did just that. Later, The strange figure broke into a jewelry store and stole the Chaos Emeralds and then the figure destroied the store, along with the ENTIRE town. At the same time that the figure destroied the town, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles went to the place where the figure was hiding. Then, a giant ball of energy hit Knuckles and Tails, killing them instantly. “ WHAT!? NOOOOOOOOO!!!” cried Sonic. Then Sonic noticed a strange figure. “ Hmmm” said the figure. “ You must be Sonic.” “ How do you know my name?” said Sonic “ That is not important, but I am Nazo.” Said the figure. Then, Sonic changed into Dark Sonic and attacked Nazo, but Nazo was extremely powerful, and he pushed Dark Sonic, but before that happened, Sonic swiftly collected the Chaos Emeralds. “ We’ll see how strong you are after I’m done with you!” said Sonic. After that, Sonic transformed into Super Sonic To Be Continued!

3 Is hip-hop music influential or not an influence at all? Some people think music is just music, but the question is do you think hip-hop music is good or bad? Most hip-hop music is okay, but when it says bad words, kids think it is okay to do the same. Have you ever seen a little kid cuss in public? We have! It is not very pleasant to hear. We can name some songs too. Here are some examples: Low, Yeah, un this town, etc. Not all of the songs have cuss words, but if you listen to the songs they are not something a kid under 16 should be listening to. Is that how we want people in this world to end up? Cussing and saying bad things? Although some songs aren’t like that we should still be aware of what we are listening to. Hip-hop…Good or Bad??? By: Alyssa De La Rosa & Mariah Mishaga Continued from page 2 Smarch-Riffic! Smarch, Smarch. Wonderful Smarch. De-Da-Do-Qu, Di-Mon- Show-To Smarch, Smarch, Wonderful Smarch. (Repeat) Merry Smarch-mass We’ed like to wish you, a merry little Smarch-mass. Wonderful Smarch, We love our Smarch (For More Carols, Please see SmarchCarols.srh) By Patch Murphy Funny Signs By Mattew Nunez Road signs. They are boring and they have no place in this world. But sometimes, someone would mess up on a road sign and maybe make it into a funny sign. Here are some random examples!

4 March 1 st ~ Justin Bieber&Ke$ha March 2 nd ~ Dr. Seuss March 6 th ~ Shaquille O’Neal March 10 th ~ Emily Osment& Carrie Underwood March 15 th ~ Jackson March 24 th ~ Peyton Manning March 26 th ~ Steven Tyler March 27 th ~ Brenda Song&Fergie& Mariah Carey March 28 th ~ Lady Gaga Famous March Birthdays Film: The Poseidon Adventure (Orig.) Rating: 8 Out Of 10 This film is great! The story takes place on a crusie ship, that’s up-side-down! The film follows a small group who have managed to survive, as the make their way from the sinking bow, to the last few feet above water. This film is a classic and you will love it. Film: RED Rating: 9/10 This is one of the best from 2010! It has tons of action and a great plot. Follow four retired C.I.A agents as someone trys to assasinate them and they try to find out who wants them dead. I totally recommend it! Murphy’s Movies: The Great Films

5 When is an Irish Potato not an Irish Potato? When it’s a FRENCH fry! Why did St. Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland? They couldn’t afford a plane fare ! What do you call a diseased Irish criminal? A Leper Con. Why do leprechauns hide behind 4- leafclovers and not 3-leafclovers? Because they need all the luck they can get! What is a nuahcerpel? Leprechaun spelt backwards. What do you say to a leprechaun? How’s the weather down there?! What do you call a fake stone in Ireland? A Sham Rock. St. Patrick’s Trivia



8 Staff: Mykala Mortensen: Editor Patch MurphyJustin Hagan Lacey DuBoisJake Hagan Ben SmuloMatthew Nunes Mariah MishagaTaylor Porter Brandon Broughton Mr.Olson: Editor-in-Chief

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