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Making Predictions By Mrs. Jobe Edgar L.Murray Elementary.

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1 Making Predictions By Mrs. Jobe Edgar L.Murray Elementary

2 Making Predictions When you are reading a story, help yourself stay involved with the story. One way to stay involved in the story is to make predictions. A prediction is a guess about what will happen next.

3 Making Predictions Graphic organizer

4 Read the following story beginning. “Rosie, are you hiding something under you jacket?” Rosie’s mother asked sternly. “I’m not really hiding it,”Rosie replied. “I’m keeping it warm. It’s one of Mr. Falco’s kittens. He’s giving them away.” “No, No! Not another animal!” said Rosie’s mother. “You already have two parakeets, a gerbil, and a guinea pig. And Mittens might not want another cat in the house.”

5 “But Mittens could use a playmate,” said Rosie. “And just look at this lovable, fuzzy fellow.” Rosie opened her jacket to show the kitten snuggling against her. Rosie’s mother signed.”What a cute fluff ball he is!” she said, reaching out to stroke the kitten’s head.

6 Make a Prediction In the Story Rosie has parakeets, a gerbil, and a guinea pig Rosie says Mittens could use a playmate Words to describe a kitten, lovable, fuzzy, snuggling, cute fluff ball Rosie’s mother sighs and reaches out to stroke the kitten What I Already Know People who have lots of pets often want more pets. Parents sometimes change their mind about not keeping a pet when they see how cute the pet is.

7 Prediction Rosie’s mother will let Rosie keep the kitten.

8 Practice The Story of the Spiders and Diamonds A kind old man and old woman lived in a house in the forest. They were poor but very happy. A mean, selfish man lived nearby. He had many possessions. One day, a poor beggar came to the mean man’s house and asked for food. What happens next?

9 The mean man asked why he should have to share his food. He laughed and threw the beggar out of his house.

10 Think about what you know. In the story Mean man selfish What do I already know I have read other stories about people who are mean and selfish. They don’t like to share especially with poor people.

11 The mean man asked why he should have to share his food. He laughed and threw the beggar out of his house. The beggar then went to the house of the poor people. What happens next?

12 Think about what you know In the story Poor but happy What you already know Poor people know what it is like to be hungry Happy people usually share what they have

13 They invited him to stay for dinner and let him eat as much as he wanted. After dinner the beggar told the people that he wanted to pay them back for their kindness. He told them they could find treasure by digging under the apple tree in the forest. The wife said it was too late in the evening to go digging. They decided to go to sleep and search for the treasure in the morning. The selfish old man had been standing outside the old couple’s window listening to their conversation. When he heard them talking about treasure……. What happens next?

14 Think about what you know

15 He ran to the forest as fast as he could. He found the apple tree and started to dig. What did he find?

16 All he found was a jar of spiders. He thought that the kind people were very stupid for helping the beggar since there was no treasure. He was very angry. So when he reached the kind couple’s house, he threw the jar of spiders down the chimney. What do you think happens next?

17 When the Jar hit the ground it broke, and the spiders turned into diamonds.

18 More practice Dad and Carla went fishing. They rowed out onto the small lake. After some time Carla felt a tug on her line. “Feels like a big one,” she said.”Good,” replied Dad. “Just in time for lunch.” What happened next? Carla reels in the fish.

19 Dad put Carla’s fish in the bucket as she rowed the boat back to the dock. “Wait until you taste my pan-fired fish,”boasted Dad. Just then they pulled up to the dock. Dad stepped onto the dock with the bucket. He reached for the rope. What happens next? Dad tied the boat to the dock.

20 “I’ll clean the fish while you set the table,” Dad suggested. Carla arranged a cloth and some dishes and silverware on a nice flat rock. Then she watched Dad roll the clean fish in cornmeal and put it in the pan. What happens next? Dad lit the fire to cook the fish.

21 Mr. Edward lived in a new house for only a year. One day he declared, “This house doesn’t suit me at all! I’m going to move!” With a sign, he got out the phone book. What happens next? He called someone to sell his house.

22 What happened next? “Home Search is on the fourth floor,” the man said. Mr. Edward left the lobby and stepped into the elevator. He pushed “4” and the elevator went up.

23 “I.m looking for an old house,”Mr. Edward began. “Something with cracks and creaks and things to fix would be would be fine. Do you have any houses like that for sale?” What happen next? Ms. Morgan showed Mr. Edward some old houses.

24 It was a cold December morning. As Gina got out of bed, she shivered. Gina dresses quickly, putting on her warmest sweater, and went to the window for a peek outside. The sky was gray and gloomy. Dark clouds were piled up over the rooftops like mountains of smoke. “Looks like bad weather coming,” Gina thought. After breakfast, Gina took another look out the window. “Uh-oh! I was right!” she said to herself. She collected her schoolbooks. But before going outdoors, Gina went to the front closet and What did she get?

25 She got her coat and boots and umbrella because it will probably snow or rain because it said that there were dark clouds and it looked gray and gloomy.

26 Let’s Review When Predicting we Look for clues in the text Think about what we already know And then make a prediction.

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