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6 months in Intensive Care Medicine Dr Alison Ingham.

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1 6 months in Intensive Care Medicine Dr Alison Ingham

2 The Jewel in the Crown Exciting and dynamic Look after the most critically ill patients Provide advanced organ support Covers entire spectrum of medicine and surgery High tech, life saving Interacts with all other areas of the hospital

3 Nervous?

4 WPBA Current Placement Base Hospital/Department Dates Clinical supervisor WPBA in Current Placement AssessmentNumberComments Mini-CEX (min 3 in 6 months) DOPs (min 6 in 6 months) List procedures included in DOPs and ensure they are signed off in Practical procedures CBD (min 4 in 6 months) MSF (1 per placement)

5 Specific WPBA Experiential outcomes (please review evidence in learning portfolio) Practical ProcedureWBADateOutcomeComments Demonstrates aseptic peripheral venous cannulation DOPS Demonstrates aseptic arterial cannulation (+ local anaesthetic) DOPS Obtains an arterial blood gas sample safely, interprets results correctly DOPS or M CEX Demonstrates aseptic placement of central venous catheter DOPS Connects mechanical ventilator and selects initial settings DOPS Describes Safe Use of Drugs to Facilitate Mechanical Ventilation CBD Describes Principles of Monitoring Respiratory Function CBD Describes the Assessment of the patient with poor compliance during Ventilatory Support (‘fighting the ventilator’) CBD Prescribes safe use of vasoactive drugs and electrolytes M CEX or CBD Delivers a fluid challenge safely to an acutely unwell patient CBD Describes actions required for accidental displacement of ETT or tracheostomy CBD

6 Major Presentations Septic Patient

7 Competency Domains – FICM website COMPETENCY DOMAINS SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVED Competency Domain (at a level appropriate for ACCS) 1. Resuscitation and initial management of the acutely ill patient 2. Diagnosis, Assessment, Investigation, Monitoring and Data Interpretation 3. Disease Management 4. Therapeutic interventions / Organ system support in single or multiple organ failure 5. Etc....... Total of 12 domains

8 MSF / TAB Paperwork in folder

9 Logbook Admissions Any patient you have a lot to do with Procedures Transfers

10 Career in ICM

11 Dual Training Acute Internal Medicine Anaesthetics Emergency Medicine Renal Medicine Respiratory Medicine

12 Shortlisting

13 Any Questions?

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