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Housekeeping Fire Procedure Mobile Phones Dietary Requirements Filming Francis Portal Technology.

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2 Housekeeping Fire Procedure Mobile Phones Dietary Requirements Filming Francis Portal Technology

3 iPad Question Are you committed to stay until 4.30pm today to develop an action plan to drive improvement in your organisation?

4 Welcome & Introduction Deborah Arnot, Director, NHS North West Leadership Academy

5 LESSONS FROM STAFFORD Robert Francis, QC. Chair The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, Public Inquiry

6 Reflections Deborah Arnot, Director, NHS North West Leadership Academy

7 Reflections from a National Perspective Dean Royles Director @NHSE_Dean NHS Employers @nhsemployers

8 Question What do you see as the biggest challenge for HR / OD over the next 2 years?

9 The NHS Three important contextual issues: The financial challenge The report into Mid-Staffordshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Demographics and social media

10 The financial Challenge £ 1997 2011 2015 Gap = £20 bn expenditure projected expenditure based on current trends income projected real income based on CSR cash productivity

11 Francis 2000 pages 290 recommendations Strategic narrative? Confusion? Opportunities? Whistle-blowing Regulation Ratios Duty of candour World’s largest OD challenge?


13 Question What tools / support do you think would most help you?

14 Question Where do you think leadership interventions are most needed?

15 Staff Survey 2012 The staff survey provides a useful snapshot of issues around staff health and wellbeing 66% of staff say they feel that their manager takes a positive interest in their health and wellbeing 44% report that the organisation takes a positive interest in health and safety of staff Raising concerns Areas of concern: -38% report feeling work related stress -In some areas trends are going in the wrong direction -69% of staff report that they have come into work despite feeling unwell (up from 65% in 2011) -Levels of violence reported by staff are far too high with 15% violent incidents in the past year

16 Staff engagement context Background: The Francis Report and the NHS Staff Survey Context: Using survey scores as an indicator of local performance Developing a score that covers multiple behavioural factors The Staff engagement score? The Evidence: Comparing the staff engagement score with other performance data in the NHS What can it mean?

17 Employee engagement The evidence tells us that staff with high levels of engagement, who feel their health and wellbeing are important, display a number of positive behavioural traits: increased commitment, a belief in their organisation, a desire to work to make things better, suggesting improvements, working well in a team, helping colleagues, a likelihood to ‘go the extra mile’

18 Engagement & health and wellbeing.

19 Engagement & the Annual Health Check results

20 Staff engagement & patient satisfaction.

21 Standardised mortality rates

22 Staff engagement and rates of absenteeism

23 5 myths Staff don’t have access to IT Our IT department blocks access because of security No Return on Investment Data Too risky – inappropriate pictures I haven’t got time – I’m too busy doing my job

24 NHS Employers Organisation response Leadership Guide on benefits Guide on staff engagement Guide on recruitment (soon) #Francis Blogs, vlogs, You Tube.... and more - it’s free! Twitter - @nhsemployers

25 An opportunity to reconnect with core purpose?

26 The NHS Constitution The NHS belongs to the people. It is there to improve our health and well-being, supporting us to keep mentally and physically well, to get better when we are ill and, when we cannot fully recover, to stay as well as we can to the end of our lives. It works at the limits of science – bringing the highest levels of human knowledge and skill to save lives and improve health. It touches our lives at times of basic human need, when care and compassion are what matter most.

27 The NHS Constitution – values Respect and dignity Commitment to quality of care Compassion Improving lives Working together for patients Everyone counts

28 The NHS Constitution – staff pledges To provide all staff with clear roles and responsibilities and rewarding jobs for teams and individuals To provide all staff with personal development and access to appropriate training To provide support and opportunities for staff to maintain their health, well-being and safety To engage staff in decisions that affect them Meaning, belonging, hope, growth

29 Question What do you see as the organisation mood around Francis? What is the degree of urgency?

30 Thank you Twitter NHSE_Dean

31 Refreshments

32 Reflections from Delegates, Impact from an HR / OD perspective Deborah Arnot, Director, NHS North West Leadership Academy

33 What were your personal emotions after reading the latest Francis Report?

34 What was the overall impact of reading the report on you as a HR/OD professional?

35 What impact as the Francis Report had on your organisation so far?

36 Identify and discuss the key areas that are your to own and drive within your organisation.

37 Discuss the key strategies you will employ when addressing these issues.

38 Tell us how the care and compassion agenda is woven into these strategies?

39 Identify and note within your action plans your top three actions to take away from today so far. Discuss and input your identified actions.

40 Welcome Back Deborah Arnot, Director, NHS North West Leadership Academy

41 National Talent Management Programme - TLC Michelle Fitzgerald, Programme Lead – Partner Liaison (North), NHS Leadership Academy

42 Spreading & Embedding TLC & Maximising Potential Conversations Michelle Fitzgerald Partner Liaison (North) Programme Lead

43 Compassionate care for our patients TLC Cared for staff feeling Listened to, Understood and Valued (LUV’d) TLC at the heart of everything we do All our employees having a conversation about their talents and potential TLC is a solid foundation of change management philosophy as a way to engage, build support, and galvanise social movements.

44 Video – Maximising Potential Conversation Tool concept

45 Q1 – How do we touch every employee to ensure they feel valued to maximise their potential and talents?

46 Q2 – What are the things that will stop TLC spreading and embedding in your organisations day to day business as usual and how do we overcome this?

47 Q3 – When you had a maximising potential/talent discussion was this positive/negative and what was the impact of this?

48 Voting for TLC Materials Use Thumbs up / Thumbs Down stickers to place your vote!

49 Twitter: @mfitzgerald_ @nhsleadership

50 National Core programme Launch 1 st May 2013 Deborah Arnot, Director, NHS North West Leadership Academy

51 NHS Leadership Academy Programme Launch Five programmes: Edward Jenner Programme – Leadership Foundations is an open access online learning package designed to equip people from all backgrounds with essential leadership skills. Mary Seacole Programme – Leading Care I for those moving to their first significant leadership role gaining an NHS Leadership Academy Award and a Postgraduate Certificate Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme – Leading Care II for those leaders with experience of leading teams ready to move to leading larger functions gaining an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Senior Healthcare Leadership and an MSc in Healthcare Leadership

52 Continued…….. Nye Bevan Programme – Leading Care III for those leading large functions and thinking of moving up to the top team gaining an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Executive Healthcare Leadership Top Leaders Programme – for those inspirational executive/board level leaders with a powerful vision to transform patient care and improve our community’s experience. Ready to make a significant and lasting difference. Currently being refreshed to be launched at the NHS Confederation Conference

53 Logistics Launched 1 st May 2013 Via national NHS Leadership Academy website All information about eligibility criteria can be found here 2 intakes per year

54 North West Process Learning from the nomination processes for our North West programmes, we would like to ensure that the prioritisation, communication and subsequent nomination of potential applicants are undertaken within your organisation. This will be undertaken in three stages: Stage 1 A line manager will undertake a talent conversation and identify a national programme as an appropriate development opportunity for a staff member and will approve this along with the required study leave. Stage 2 All approved departmental applications identified in stage 1 will be co-ordinated at a corporate level ensuring decisions are made about suitable applicants that align with your organisation’s objectives. This will result in a prioritised list of individuals to be put forward to the programmes which will then be submitted to the NHS North West Leadership Academy. Stage 3 Those prioritised for the first cohort of the programmes will be asked to complete their nomination forms via the national NHS Leadership Academy website.

55 Questions?

56 Refreshments

57 Developing Together OD Toolkit Launch & Future Ways of Working Catherine Loftus, Interim Deputy Director, NHS North West Leadership Academy

58 Background to OD Toolkit Refresh Required OD workforce depleted Huge change agenda

59 Toolkit Contents Positioning of OD in a Strategic Context The Basics Tools and Techniques OD and Leadership Links

60 An OD Electronic Platform What would make the NHS NW Leadership Academy OD Platform your ‘go to’ site for you?

61 Working Together on Shared Agendas or Special Projects What shared agendas might we work together upon in the future?

62 Working Together on Shared Agendas or Special Projects Which of these might be addressed be within localities or across the region?

63 Working Together on Shared Agendas or Special Projects Would you be interested in joining any or all of A reference group Working group OD network Doing OD? Vote YES or NO

64 Care and Compassion Forum 1.What Change Management Model or Models do you use within your organisation? 2. What support do you require at an organisational level to implement these models? 3. What support do you require at a regional level? 4. Are you willing to share your approaches? Enter your answers on the ipads as the questions come up

65 Next Steps Deborah Arnot, Director, NHS North West Leadership Academy

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