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National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition Clean Renewable 105-Octane Made in USA Alabama Clean Corridors Worshops.

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1 National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition Clean Renewable 105-Octane Made in USA Alabama Clean Corridors Worshops

2 NEVC Efforts Our only ethanol effort is to advance the use of 85% ethanol as a form of alternative transportation fuel. National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC) engaged in this effort since 1996. We were doing E85 before E85 was “cool”.

3 Who We Represent 36 Governors Big 3 and Nissan National Agricultural Assns. State Agricultural Assn. Petroleum Marketers Ethanol Producers/Marketers Consumer Groups

4 What We Do Advocate the use of E85 as a form of alternative transportation. Educate consumers, organizations, media as to benefits of E85. Serve as a technical consultant. Promote the use of E85 in the political arena. Provide information regarding tax incentives available to reduce price of E85.

5 What We DON’T Do Don’t sell Ethanol. Don’t sell E85 (we promote it) Don’t sell equipment such as dispensers, tanks, etc. Don’t work on commission. Don’t represent multi-national agricultural conglomerates. In terms of alternative fuels, E85 doesn’t try to be everything to everybody.

6 President Bush on Addiction to Foreign Oil “...[W]e have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world.” ─ President George W. Bush State of the Union Address January 31, 2006

7 Imported Petroleum Consumed 2005 Imports60% Domestic 40% Source: Energy Information Administration (2006)

8 2008 Chrysler FFVs 4.7L Chrysler Aspen* 2.7L Chrysler Sebring Convertible & Sedan* 3.3L Chrysler Town & Country 2.7L Dodge Avenger* 4.7L Dodge Dakota* *Not available for purchase in CA, CT, ME, MA, NY, PA, RI and VT. 4.7L Dodge Durango* 3.3L Dodge Grand Caravan* 4.7L Dodge Ram* 4.7L Jeep Commander & Grand Cherokee*

9 2008 Ford FFVs 4.6L Ford Crown Victoria (including taxi & police units) 5.4L Ford F-150 4.6L Mercury Grand Marquis

10 2008 General Motor FFVs 3.5L & 3.9L Chevrolet Impala (including police units) 5.3L Chevrolet Avalanche & Silverado, GMC Sierra 5.3L Chevrolet Express & GMC Savana 5.3L Chevrolet Suburban & GMC Yukon XL 5.3L Chevrolet Tahoe & Police Package Tahoe, GMC Yukon 3.9L Chevrolet Uplander 3.9L Pontiac Montana (only available in Canada & Mexico)

11 2008 Nissan FFVs 5.6L Nissan Armada* 5.6L Nissan Titan* *Not available for purchase in CA, NY, ME, VT, CT, NH, MA, NJ, or RI.

12 2008 Mercedes Benz FFVs 3.0L Mercedes Benz C300 Luxury & Sport

13 U.S. Ethanol Production 128 operational ethanol plants 77 new plants under construction 8 existing plants under expansion 6.8 billion gallons available today; 13.5 billion gallon capacity Source: Renewable Fuels Association

14 E85 Terminals PMC Mkt/Hi Tech Fuels Birmingham, AL Contact: J.B. Smith (205) 803-3027

15 Tax credits Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit (VEETC) $.51/gallon for every pure gallon of ethanol blended (43 cents for E85) Tax Form 8849 All tax forms on

16 Tax credits Federal Income Tax Credit IRS Form 8911 All tax forms on Established in 2005 to assist with new infrastructure. 30% of the entire cost of the project up to $30,000 Working on additional incentives in this Congress

17 What is a BTU? British Thermal Unit- standard tool to measure energy content 1-BTU = approx. Energy content of a kitchen match E85 contains 73% of BTUs as unleaded on arithmetic basis E85 = 83,263 BTUs Gasoline = 114,000 BTUs # 2 diesel = 129,000 BTUs

18 Cost of E85 Yes! A lower energy content results in lower mileage. Gasoline vehicles don’t travel as far as the same diesel powered vehicles. Hence, gasoline is generally cheaper than diesel. It follows, that E85 MUST be cheaper than unleaded gasoline.

19 Mileage of E85 vs. Gasoline Range of mileage loss has been reported to be 5 to 20% Mileage loss, depending on the vehicle and the driver, tire inflation, etc. all play major role

20 Same Day Price of E85

21 E85 Stations 1,292 E85 Stations

22 AL E85 Stations Hoover Fueling Facility 2020 Valleydale Rd. Hoover, AL 35244 Alabama State Motor Pool 386 S Ripley St Montgomery, AL 36130

23 FFVs Across Alabama 105,708 FFVs in the state Source: R.L. Polk, January 2007

24 FFVs Across Bessemer Source: R.L. Polk, January 2007 1,435 FFVs in the city of Bessemer

25 Contact information Michelle Kautz National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition Deputy Director 3216 Emerald Lane, Suite C Jefferson City, MO 65109 573.635.8445 ext. 18

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