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Transforming the Hunterian Malcolm Chapman Head of Collections Management.

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1 Transforming the Hunterian Malcolm Chapman Head of Collections Management

2 Strategic Context The Hunterian Mission: “to maintain and develop the Hunterian collections of the University of Glasgow as an outstanding resource for research, lifelong learning, and enjoyment, accessible to all” University of Glasgow Strategic Objectives: To deliver excellent research To deliver excellent student experience To enhance global reach and reputation

3 William Hunter (1718-83) physician, scientist, collector ‘ 1718 – born South Lanarkshire, Scotland Student of University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh 1764 – physician to Queen Charlotte 1767 - Fellow of the Royal Society 1768 - Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, 1768 - First Professor of Anatomy, Royal Academy of Arts 1783 – died London. Bequeathed collection to University of Glasgow William Hunter by Allan Ramsay, 1764-65

4 Dr William Hunter: the collector 30,000 coins and medals 15,000 anatomical and natural history specimens 10,000 printed books 10,000 prints and drawings 650 manuscripts 100+ ethnographic artefacts 50+ oil paintings Jean-Simeon Chardin, A Lady Taking Tea. 1735 Bequeathed by Dr William Hunter. 1783 “To acquire knowledge and to communicate it to others has been the pleasure, the business and the ambition of my life”

5 Dr William Hunter: bequest "to be well and carefully packed up and safely conveyed to Glasgow and delivered to the Principal and Faculty of the College of Glasgow to whom I give and bequeath the same to be kept and preserved by them and their successors for ever... in such sort, way, manner and form as... shall seem most fit and most conducive to the improvement of the students of the said University of Glasgow."

6 Scotland’s First Public Museum - 1807 Scotland’s oldest public museum designed by William Stark Britain’s first purpose-built public museum after the Old Ashmolean, Oxford (1683)

7 The Hunterian - 1870 The Hunterian as a paradigm for museum architecture and design Sir George Gilbert Scott’s new University of Glasgow campus, 1870

8 The Hunterian – 20thC Zoology Museum, Graham Kerr building, 1920s Hunterian Art Gallery and The Mackintosh House by William Whitfield,1980

9 The Collections Today One of the leading four UK university museums (Ashmolean, Fitzwilliam, Manchester and The Hunterian) World class resource for the study of material culture, taxonomy and biodiversity Over 1.3m objects created over 200 years for research, teaching and reference Recognised as a Collection of National Significance by Scottish Government

10 Art and Historic Collections Numismatics - 70,000 Archaeology - 51,000 World Cultures - 2,500 General and University History - 2,600 Scientific Instruments - 5,000 Prints and Drawings - 37,300 Paintings – 2,000 Decorative Arts - 1,700 Sculpture – 130 'female dress of the Esquimaux from Davis Strait presented by Mr. Jas. Macfie, Surgeon, Rothesay‘. Donations Book, January 1817.

11 Scientific Collections Mineralogy and Petrology – 162,500 Palaeontology – 115,000 Entomology – 518,000 Zoology – 73,200 Anatomy and Medical – 7,000 Goliathus goliatus Linnaeus, 1771. Holotype. Bequeathed Dr William Hunter. 1783.

12 Why Emu?

13 NoSelection CriteriaWeighting 1Technical Specifications Priority 1 (Appendix 6)8%20% 2Technical Specifications Priority 2 (Appendix 6)5% 3Technical Specifications Priority 3 (Appendix 6)4% 4Technical Specifications Priority 4 (Appendix 6)2% 5Technical Specifications Priority 5 (Appendix 6)1% 6Functional Requirements (Appendix 7)20% 7Sector experience (Appendix 8)5% 8Software cost (Appendix 8)5%16% 9Running costs (annual & lifespan) (Appendix 8)5% 10Installation & training cost (Appendix 8)6% 11Delivery & installation services (Appendix 8)6% 12Support & training services (Appendix 8)8% 13Reference sites (Appendix 8)5% 14On-site demonstration20% Procurement Criteria

14 >350 technical requirements Prioritised 1 – 5 Marked 0 – 10 6 suppliers responded Reference site visits System demonstrations Procurement Process

15 Documentation Systems

16 Manual Systems Accession register Kunya Quantu (A Map of the Whole World), by Ferdinand Verbiest, 1674

17 Manual Systems Marie-Louise von Motesiczky, Fräulein Engelhardt, 1926 - 27 Standard Entry form

18 Photo Library

19 INCA – data entry

20 INCA – retrieval

21 HUNTSEARCH - query

22 HUNTSEARCH - results

23 HUNTSEARCH - display

24 CultureGrid - online

25 UMIS - online

26 Europeana - online

27 INCA – data fields Field NameField DescriptionField TypeControlled field CATNOCatalogue numberCharacterNo PARTNOCatalogue part number (obsolete and not used)NumericNo COMPNOComponent number (obsolete and not used)NumericNo STORELOCCurrent storage locationCharacterNo SNAMESimple nameCharacterNo NAMEDescription or titleCharacterNo SPM_FORMSpecimen formCharacterNo LSIZELabel sizeNumericNo MATERIALSMaterialsCharacterNo DIMENSIONSDimensionsCharacterNo WEIGHTWeightCharacterNo SEE_ALSOAssociated catalogue numbersMemoNo STOREDWITHCatalogue number of specimens stored in single tray/boxCharacterNo NO_PARTSNumber of parts associated with the catalogue entryCharacterNo NO_COMPSNumber of components associated the catalogue with entryCharacterNo MORPHSpecimen morphologyCharacterNo SEXSpecimen sexCharacterYes AGESpecimen age at deathCharacterNo MARKSMarks on the objectMemoNo DENOMDenominationCharacterNo CURRENCYCurrencyCharacterNo FRAMEDimensions of any frame or mountCharacterNo CONDCODESingle letter code indicating overall conditionCharacterYes CONDITIONCurrent condition notesMemoNo CONDDATEDate of condition entryDateNo STATUSType statusCharacterNo RECORDERIdentification of record creatorCharacterNo RECDATEDate of record creationDateNo CHANGERIdentification of record editorCharacterNo CDATEDate of record editingDateNo RECSTATEStatus of object/specimen in HunterianCharacterYes RDATEDate of last change in RECSTATEDateNo FLAGSpare field for admin useCharacterNo LABELSpare field for admin useCharacterNo DOCNType and location of associated documentationCharacterNo NOTESAny notes relating to object/specimenMemoNo

28 Facilitates University of Glasgow research Stimulates and challenges by exploring cross-disciplinary opportunities Develop collaborations with subject areas Collections and Research Rembrandt van Rijn. The Entombment. c1639.

29 Collection ‘Laboratory’ Generating new knowledge and context about objects, specimens and cultures represented in the collections Forging new opportunities for collections-based course options Enable audiences to better understand the human past, arts and culture and the natural world Stimulating experimental and interdisciplinary collections research and teaching – from medical humanities to Scottish art and literature. Ian Hamilton Finlay. A Rock Rose. 1971

30 Transforming The Hunterian: the Kelvin Hall development project The Hunterian – beyond 2015

31 Transforming The Hunterian: the Kelvin Hall development project EMu at the Hunterian Improved web interfaces Functional image library Onscreen comparison of results Onscreen results sorting Linking between results sets Reusable results (e.g. downloadable, interoperable) Front-end interoperability with other systems (e.g. Kelvin Hall, university library) Improved global access to the collection

32 Transforming The Hunterian: the Kelvin Hall development project EMu at the Hunterian Integrated museum and gallery collections Reconnection of all Hunter collections Consistent loans procedures Single logical procedures Single repository for data Single repository for images and other media Single repository for research results Improved physical access

33 Any questions? J. M. Whistler Battersea Reach from Lindsey Houses c.1864-1871

34 Malcolm Chapman Head of Collections Management The Hunterian, University of Glasgow Interior of the Mackintosh House

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