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ESDS Qualidata and QUADS Coordination Louise Corti Online Resources Day 15 November 2005, London.

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1 ESDS Qualidata and QUADS Coordination Louise Corti Online Resources Day 15 November 2005, London

2 Metadata matters Sharing and archiving qualitative data ESRC ESDS Qualidata New ESRC QUADS initiative Common issues arising Background to the day

3 ESDS Qualidata function of the ESRC/JISC Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) specialist service led by the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex acquires, provides access to, and support for, a range of qualitative datasets on a national scale responsible for enhancing qualitative data and documentation provides information and training resources for re-analysing qualitative data


5 ESDS Qualidata resource discovery –web catalogue of qualitative data collections catalogued to international standards with quality control search and browse functionality - focussed searches and browse instant access to data collections via download or pointer to source at location





10 Online services users demanding more powerful and relevant searches demanded required as technology improves –eg Google – image searching, news users want instant access to the resource on finding resource –e.g the Music Download Charts search and browse data content online ESDS Qualidata Online developed in 2000 to meet these needs




14 Online access our system offers only basic functionality but is based on a common standard (XML) currently only deals with text but model extends to audio, video and any potentially any object and can enable linking of data and resources hear more today about challenges of about representing qualitative data collections

15 QUADS Aims Demonstrator Scheme for Qualitative Archiving and Data Sharing part of the ESRC's initiative to increase the UK resource of highly skilled researchers, and to fully exploit the distinctive potential offered by qualitative research and data main aim to develop and promote innovative methodological approaches to and new models for the archiving, sharing, re-use and secondary analysis of qualitative research and data aim to disseminate good practice in qualitative data sharing and research archiving

16 QUADS Objectives develop new models of qualitative research archiving and data sharing which tackle in innovative ways the epistemological, ethical, methodological and practical challenges raised by the re-use and re-analysis of qualitative material, and which explore ways of improving the quality of contextual information models may be of temporary, local or thematic archiving for example, which should complement the ESDS Qualidata approach, and of new or existing research collaborations - locally, nationally or internationally

17 draw primarily on existing qualitative research and data sets of a range of types. May also involve a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches encourage researchers to explore the use of stored and shared video, visual and audio data sets promote understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of information and communication and e- science technologies in relation to media shifts and the changing nature of qualitative research QUADS Objectives

18 explore and extend the relationship between qualitative data producers, users and re-users and to demonstrate innovative and effective practice in these domains encourage the involvement of non-academic users and potential users of qualitative methods in opportunities to be methodologically innovative and to widen understanding in non-academic communities of the value and uses of qualitative data

19 QUADS Objectives promote innovative ways of speeding the process of adoption of methodological advances in relation to qualitative research archiving, data sharing, re-use and re-analysis, particularly in the transfer of experience between researchers operating in different substantive research areas and national research communities, and in the training of new researchers encourage networking and interchange

20 Awards £500,000 over 18 months: 6 awards – 5 demonstrators + coordination Representing Context in a Research Archive of Educational Evaluation Studies –P. Carmichael, M. James, J. Elliot and D. Bridges (Cambridge & UEA) Smart Qualitative Data: Methods and Community Tools for Data Mark-Up (SQUAD) L. Corti and C. Grover (Essex & Edinburgh) Negotiating the Long View: Archiving, Representing and Sharing a Qualitative Longitudinal Resource –S. Henderson, J. Holland and R. Thomson (South Bank) Methodological issues in qualitative data sharing and archiving –A. Coffey, B. Dicks and M. Williams (Cardiff) Collating and Preserving Primary Material on the Northern Ireland Conflict –R. Miller and M. Melaugh (Queen's & Ulster) QUADS Coordination –L.Corti (Essex)

21 Relationship to ESDS Qualidata ESDS Qualidata, through the UKDA, currently provides the ESRC RRB strategy for archiving, accessing and supporting users of qualitative research data QUADS outputs and workable models will link into and inform ESDS Qualidatas forward-thinking strategy and help set future priorities relatively small budget, small team, with limited funding not funded to do R&D work within current budget focus on getting whole or partial (highlights) collections digitised and web-accessible strong emphasis on developing community standards for describing data/metadata, but not well-resourced to do this limited focus on helping provide better context to inform re- use

22 Common ground & areas of synergy web and metadata standards and compliance defining and capturing context in qualitative research audio-visual archiving and presentation consent, confidentiality and IPR Re: standards - working with e-social science Oxford Text Archive Computer scientists in NLP/ JISC Centre for Text Mining International data archiving communities National Centre for Research Methods Other research groups using standards

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