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ARC and TRC Update to All Boards. Evolution of Rice.

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1 ARC and TRC Update to All Boards

2 Evolution of Rice

3 Successes this year Rice Investors & Charter Grew the rice team from the ground up ARC/TRC Rice 1.0 KS released with KIM, ??, ?? Roadmap process & first roadmap

4 What is Kuali Rice? App Dev Tools Middleware

5 Rice Charter – Project Vision Support the needs of the Kuali Application Projects – Foundational middleware components and services – Enhanced software development framework Leverage the middleware and development frameworks for building custom applications Achieve sustainability through community source development and adoption Iterate Rice towards an increasingly Service Oriented Architecture

6 Rice Charter – Project Objectives To create standard APIs to Rice components To design components which are modular To provide a reference implementation based on industry standards To ensure intellectual property and open source license compliance is maintained To promote adoption by a wide variety of institutions, primarily in higher education To build a large community of interest with strong sustainability

7 Rice Charter – Key Principles Plug and Play Reusability Interoperability Standards Based Service Oriented Open Source Leveraging existing OS assets (avoid NIH)

8 Rice Charter – Project Organization Partnerships – Investing Partners – Adopters – Interested Parties Project Manager Lead Technical Architect Contributions from other Kuali Projects

9 Rice Governance

10 Rice Governance – Rice Board 7 Investing Partners Bi-weekly meetings Strategic directions Strategic relationships Inter board communications New funding model for sustaining project

11 Rice Governance – TRC Chartered to – Provide cross project communications, resolve conflicts, build community – Encourage convergence of technologies and methods – Evaluate, recommend and endorse development tools and technologies – Conduct architectural reviews and feasibility research studies Active Work Teams and Projects – Kuali Technical Integration (KTI) Steering Group – Version compatibility – OJB replacement with JPA – Rice KNS improvement strategies – Java 5 to 6 Transition Plan – Browser compatibility and support Technology Roadmap Committee

12 Rice Governance – TRC KSB replacement with another open source ESB BPEL / BPM support Common supported platforms (op systems, databases, etc.) RESTful service oriented architecture support Component / package modularity architectures (e.g. OSGI) Rich UI framework support Accessibility and Internationalization support Service Contract change management Application connectors to other ERP systems Common data warehouses and data marts TRC research items currently on roadmap

13 Rice Governance – TRC Member contributed participation time is limited – Hiring a Lead Technical Architect will help Time pressures of projects to make architectural decisions – Doing TRC reviews early in project development process will help Confusion over decision making processes – Having a roadmap process will now make change request processing better Level of automatic decision making by KAI and KTI groups – Need more time and experience to empower these steering groups to make appropriate decisions without escalating to ARC / TRC Prioritizing large scope of work – May need to refine method of prioritizing to balance immediate and strategic needs TRC challenges moving forward

14 Rice Governance – ARC Chartered to – Set goals and prioritize the Rice roadmap – Provide a leadership forum for cross project initiatives Membership representative of all Application projects, and Rice investors Active Projects – Roadmap Working Group Developing the initial public Rice roadmap and process – Kuali Application Integration (KAI) Tactical support and issue resolution for how Kuali Applications integrate with and leverage Rice Prioritizes and decides on functional issues that impact users Application Roadmap Committee

15 Rice Roadmap Purpose: Provide the Kuali ecosystem with visibility into the future of the Rice software, and a means to effect that future. The roadmap covers: – Background and Vision – Themes – Release Plans – The Roadmap Process – Release Cycle Strategies

16 Rice Roadmap - Process

17 Rice Roadmap – Release Cycles Release Versioning Schemes (major, minor, patch, version lifespan) Release Lifespan strategies Expectations on synchronizing Rice Releases to other Kuali Project releases End-of-Life for major versions strategy Pre-release version strategies (Dev builds, milestones, release candidates) The Roadmap Committees have defined…

18 Rice Roadmap – Release Version Scheme Major Versions: 2-3 years Minor Versions: 6-9 months Patch Versions: as needed

19 Rice Roadmap – Enhancement Themes Development Ease of Use Ease of Implementation Kuali Project Business Drivers Modularity Industry Standards Project Standardization Version Compatibility Service Orientation Etc. Roadmap Committees defined “themes” to classify enhancement requests…

20 Rice Roadmap – Release Timeline

21 Rice Roadmap – Release 1.1 Details Version Compatibility (backward compatibility, framework compatibility) API service interface improvements Spring 2.5 Framework Upgrade Expanded support for XML import and export Replace OJB with Java Persistence API (JPA) Improve support for FERPA and FIPPA compliance Adopt PDF Adobe Acrobat Plug-In developed by Cornell Research KIM modularization options Planned enhancements include…

22 In summary… Rice is evolving to provide enhanced value to the projects Cross project communications is essential Lead Technical Architect is a critical resource to help drive the evolution of Rice ARC / TRC starting to work but fine tuning membership and decision making processes is necessary

23 Key challenges Sustainability –Insufficient resources: look at roadmap –Difficulty living up to the principles in our roadmap (due to resources… ex. KSB) Complexity –Organizational (ARC/TRC/Board/Kuali Rice Counsel (KRC)/subcommittees/etc.) –Project demands (alignment of roadmaps, business needs, etc.) Level of project engagement Everyone is really busy and engagement in ARC/TRC is a valiant volunteer effort, but it’s challenging and probably not sustainable Maturity of the roadmap process Call this v0.5 beta

24 Questions?

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