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Brightstar Today CANTO July 22 nd, 2012 1. Brightstar Today 2.

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1 Brightstar Today CANTO July 22 nd, 2012 1

2 Brightstar Today 2

3 Telecom ecosystem evolving 3 More companies are leveraging strategic outsourcing to focus on core competencies (Source: research study) 42% of companies outsource half or more of their supply chain today (Source: LTD Management Survey) Procurement outsourcing expected to grow by 20% this year (2012) (Source: Everest Group Research) $30BN in mobile phones will be LOST in 2012 in USA (Source: Mashable -nfographics) More than 80 infected apps were removed from the official Android Market by June 2011.* (Source: 2011 Mobile Threat Report) 53% of users say that they are unaware of security software for smartphones.* (Source: 85m smartphones sold in the global secondary market in 2011 (Source: Global Mobile Statistics 2012) 2.3 billion wireless phones expected to be shipped in 2015 (Source: International Data Corporation (IDC) By 2015, approximately 203m handsets will be sold in the global secondary market - (Source: Global Mobile Statistics 2012) Electronic waste is the largest growing stream of toxic waste in the U.S. (Source: Only 10 % of cell phones are recycled today (Source: 130 million phones are retired annually – 65,000 tons of potential waste (Source: U.S. Geological Survey) The lifespan of a wireless device is under 18 months (Source: eRecycling, Corporate Fact Sheet) 40% of retail sales will be influenced by the Web and cross channel this year (2012) (Source Aberdeen Group Industry Research) 58% of retailers have a multichannel initiative in place (Source Aberdeen Group Industry Research) Consumers demand a seamless multichannel experience: Buy anywhere/get anywhere, on-line and off-line. (Source: Deloitte Retail Growth Challenge Framework Study )

4 a company that has been built around wireless devices customize distribute accessorize activate insure buy-back and trade-in manufacture recycle repair Brightstar Today 4

5 leveraging our size, depth and strong leadership team, along with unique insights, to bring you innovation and best practices 5 Brightstar Today: customer focus

6 thank you Thank you & Welcome to Miami!

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