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By: Taylor Russell Heaven Williams And Tori Watson.

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2 By: Taylor Russell Heaven Williams And Tori Watson

3 Physical Features Some of Zambia's physical features are Devils Pool at the top of Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, and the Zambezi valley.

4 Important People Some of Zambia's important people are Kenneth David Kaunda-the first president of Zambia, Rupiah Banda-president 2008, David Livingston- 1885-first European to see the waterfalls of Zambea River.

5 Music Zambia's music is vivid, energetic, moving in nature.

6 Government Zambia is a… Developing country!!

7 Hello? Hola? Bonjour? People in Zambia speak…… ENGLISH BEMBA And NJANJA

8 Shirts pants! Clothing! A woman wears a mask made of bark fibers, in preparation for an initiation ceremony in Zambia.

9 Food! Yum! nshima, which is made of maize (corn). "Mealie meal" is dried and pounded corn to which boiling water is added. It is cooked to a consistency of thickened mashed potatoes and is served in large bowls. The diner scoops out a handful, rolls it into a ball and dips it into a relish. The preferred relish is usually a meat of goat, fish, or chicken and a vegetable, usually rape (collard greens) and tomatoes, onions, or cabbage. In rural areas, where meat is not an option on a regular basis, nshima is served with beans, vegetables, or dried fish. Mealie meal is eaten three times a day, at breakfast as a porridge and as nshima for lunch and dinner. Buns are also popular at breakfast, taken with tea.

10 Wars on Zambia's soil There have been no major wars fought on Zambian soil. Kaunda supported Zimbabwe's fight for independence and Southern Rhodesia attacked camps in Zambia in 1978 and 1979.

11 Work work work…. Both men and women work hard for basic survival. Traditionally, women have had the role of caring for the household, but in recent times, especially in cities, women work in offices, sell vegetables, and hold numerous other positions, including positions in the military. In the village, a woman's day starts out with sweeping and cleaning, followed by the collection of A man working at a food processing plant at Kabwe. Industrial jobs are scarce, as few products are produced in Zambia.

12 Location location location It is in southern Africa.It has no coastline and is surrounded by the African countries of Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola.

13 Capital The capitol of Zambia is Lusaka.

14 Agriculture Corn, rice, peanuts, sunflower seeds, vegetables, flowers, tobacco(don’t laugh), cotton, sugar cane, coffee, cattle, goats, pigs, poultry, milk, eggs, and animal hides (fur, hair)

15 THE END!!

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