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Unit 4 Section A system n. 系统,体系,身体,制度 the solar system 太阳系 a social system 社会制度 under the new/old system 在新 / 旧制度 下 have system in one’s work 工作有条理.

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Presentation on theme: "Unit 4 Section A system n. 系统,体系,身体,制度 the solar system 太阳系 a social system 社会制度 under the new/old system 在新 / 旧制度 下 have system in one’s work 工作有条理."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit 4 Section A system n. 系统,体系,身体,制度 the solar system 太阳系 a social system 社会制度 under the new/old system 在新 / 旧制度 下 have system in one’s work 工作有条理

2 It’s not the educational ____ itself but the way that it’s performed that needs improving. A. methods B. system C. process D. means √

3 match n. 对手,火柴,比赛,配偶,般配的 人 v. 相配,和... 相配,相一致,较量 match…with… 使 … 和 … 搭配 match up to 相当,配得上 be a match for 与 … 相匹配 find/ meet one’s match 棋逢敌手,遇 上对手 match point 最后决定胜负的分,赛点

4 1. She chose a pair of the leather boots whose color would ___ her new skirt well. A. compare B. suit C. match D. agree 2. Her shoes ____ her dress; they look very well together. A. suit B. fit C. compare D. match √ √ suit 指条件、口味等合乎需要 fit 指大小、尺寸 合适 compare 比较,对照 match 指颜色、款式等 的搭配

5 combine v. 联合,使结合,结合 n. 集团,联合收割机,联合企业 combine with sth. 同某物结合成一体 combine A and B 使 A 、 B 合成一体 combine A with B 将 A 同 B 组合 combine 常指 2 个或多个非物质的事物互 相融合。 join 强调吧分离的东西合并为一个整体。 unit 强调联合后形成新的整体,统一行动 connect 指两个不同的、分离的事物在某 一点上互相接触,但各自仍保持原有的独 立性。

6 1. If your knowledge can be in some way ____ with my experiences, we are sure to succeed. A. joined B. united C. connected D. combined 2. You can’t _____ studying for your exams with a wild social life. A. combine B. join C. compare D. compete 3. Nowhere in nature is aluminium ( 铝) found free, owing to its always ____ with other elements, most commonly with oxygen. A. combined B. having combined C. combine D. being combined √ √ √

7 violent adj. 猛烈的,强烈的,暴力的,极端的 do violence to… 向 … 行凶;强暴对待 … take by violence 强暴 lay violent hands on… 对 … 行凶,向 … 下毒手 violent death 横死 a violent reaction 反应强烈 a violent storm 暴雨 a violent change 剧变 have a violent temper 脾气暴躁

8 1. The villagers were often in ____ conflicts with each other in those years before the agreement was reached. A. peaceful B. spiritual C. violent D. interested 2. Tom’s father is so ___ that Tom is afraid to tell him he has failed. A. violent B. quiet C. happy D. pleasant √ √

9 explode vi. 爆炸,激增,爆发 vt. 使爆炸,驳倒 explode a bomb = set off a bomb 使炸 弹爆炸 explode a superstition 破除迷信 explode into wild laughter 突然大笑起 来 the exploding world population 迅猛增 长的世界人口

10 1. The person said, “We must get rid of the bomb in the street, or when it ____ many people will be hurt.” A. explodes B. exploded C. will explode D. explode 2. We must take steps to prevent the ____ world population. A. exploded B. exploding C. explosion D. explosively √ √

11 in time 及时, 迟早,总有一天 kill time 消磨时光 ahead of time 提前,趁早 all the time 一直,始 终 at a time 一次 at one time 曾经,一度 at the same time at times = sometimes from time to time 不时地 have a good / hard time in no time 立即,立刻 once upon a time 从前 take one’s time 不着急 on time

12 1. Every possible means has been used, but they couldn’t finish the task ____. A. in no time B. in time C. at times D. ahead of time 2. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll succeed ____ if you work hard. A. on time B. in time C. at times D. ahead of time √ √

13 in one’s turn 轮到某人,接着 in turn 依次,轮流,逐个,相应地,转而 take turns in sth./ to do sth. 轮流做 … It’s one’s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事 by turns 轮流,交替 keep time (钟表) 走得准 in time for sth/ to do sth. 来得及 / 及时做某事 against time 争分夺秒 for the time being 暂时,暂且

14 1. Some plants can take in carbon dioxide we breathe out and give off oxygen ____. A. In case B. in turn C. in return D. in addition 2. We’d better discuss everything ___ before we work out the plan. A. in detail B. in general C. on purpose D. on time √ √

15 surface n. 表面,外表,平面 adj. 表面的,肤浅的 vt. 在... 上加表层,使... 成平面 vi. 浮到水面,显露,在表面工作 the surface of the water 在水面上 on the surface 在表面上,从外表看 the surface of the earth=the earth’s surface 地球表面 a surface wound 轻度创伤 surface impressions 肤浅的印象

16 She ___ again years later in London. Which of the following is wrong? A. appeared B. turned up C. surfaced D. found √

17 harmful →harm → harmless → harmlessly do sb. Harm=do harm to sb. 对某人有害 do sb. good=do good to sb. 对某人有好处 do sb. wrong =do wrong to sb. 委屈某人 do sb. a favor=do a favor for sb. 帮某人的忙

18 1. Everyone knows smoking is ___ to their health, but many of them can’t bear themselves away from it. A. harmful B. good C. helpful D. bad 2. The harm the modern farming methods have done ____ the countryside is considerable. A. on B. to C. at D. for √ √

19 encourage vt. 鼓励,促进,支持 encouragement→encouraging encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 All the employees except the manager___ to work online at home. A. encourages B. encourage C. is encouraged D. are encouraged √

20 multiply vt. 乘,增加, 使繁殖,增值 vi. 做乘法,繁衍 adv. 多样地,多重地 1. It is possible ____ bacteria ( 细菌) and other living organisms ( 生物) in the laboratory. A. to grow B. to multiply C. to produce D. to make 2. Your assistance _____ our chances of success. A. challenged B. enriched C. accumulated D. multiplied √ √

21 development n. 发展,开发,生长, 进展, [ 摄 ] 显影,新开发区 develop → developer → developing →developed →developmantal developing countries 发展中国家 developed countries 发达国家 less developed countries 欠发达国家

22 1. The new ___ of the election is that Mr Fox has led by five points. A. number B. development C. situation D. appearance 2. One of the best ways for people to keep fit is to ____ healthy eating habits. A. grow B. develop C. increase D. raise √ √

23 grow into sth. 变成,长成, 变得习惯 于,不用于被动语态 grow away from sb. 逐渐疏远某人 grow on sb. 逐渐为某人所喜爱 grow out of sth. 产生于; 长得太大而 穿不上衣服 grow up (指人或物)长大;成长; 成熟

24 1. Before leaving his hometown he planted a small plant at the entrance to the village. Now it ____ a tall tree. A. is grown into B. is growing C. has grown into D. has been grown into 2. As time went on, her dislike _____ his bad behaviour. A. grew away from B. grew on C. grew up D. grew out of √ √

25 spread v. 传播,展开,散布,铺开,伸展,涂 撒 n. 范围,传播,差额,幅度,盛宴 词形变化 : spreadable spreadably spreadability spread spread spreading spreadsspreadablespreadablyspreadability spread spreadingspreads spread sth. With sth. 将 … 铺于 … 上 spread A on B 在 B 上涂 A spread B with A 将 A 涂在 B 上 spread out 传开 spread rumors 散布谣言 spread oneself 舒展身体 spread the table 铺桌子 spread the load 分摊(工作量)

26 1. Paper making began in China and it ___ to North America and Europe. A. spread B. grew C. carried D. develop 2. Don’t open that e-mail. I hear there is a computer virus that ____ rapidly through users’ e-mail system. A. floats B. arrives C. develops D. spread √ √

27 prevent…from 阻止;制止 prevent sb. From doing sth stop sb. from doing sth. keep sb. from doing sht. protect …from… 保护 … 不受 … 损害

28 1. He made up his mind to devote his life _____ pollution ____ happily. A. to prevent; to live B. to prevent; from living C. to preventing; to live D. to preventing; from living 2. We suggest that they provide an effective warning system to keep most of the disasters ____ A. happening B. being happened C. from happening D. from being happened √ √

29 depend dependence dependent independent depend on 依靠,依赖;相信,信赖;取决于 … ,视 … 而定 depend on/ upon sb./ sth. 依靠 / 信赖某人(事) depend on / upon sth. 受 … 的影响,由 … 决定,取决于 depend on sb. to do sth./ doing sth. 指望某人做某事 that depends. = It (all) depends. 视情况而定。 rely on 依靠,依赖 believe in sb. 信任某人 trust (in) sb. 信任(信赖)某人

30 1. Mr Green is an honest man, so you can fully ___ him. Which of the following is wrong? A. believe in B. trust in C. depend on D. deal with 2. ---How often do you eat out ? ---____, but usually once a week. A. As usual B. It depends C. Have no idea D. Generally speaking 3. Whether an operation should be performed in this case ____ the patient’s general condition. A. depends on B. relies on C. counts on D. depends of √ √ √

31 exist v. 存在,生存,活着, 有 exist →existing →existence in existence 存在 come into existence 出现,产生 exist onexist on vt. 靠... 活下去... exist inexist in vt. 存在于 exist asexist as vt. 以... 存在

32 1. ---Do you believe that God really ___? - -- Sorry, I’ve never thought about it. A. has B. remains C. stays D. exist 2. When ____ Pakistan ____ as an independent country? A. was; come into existence B. did; come into existence C. was; come to existence D. did; come to existence √ √

33 give birth to 生产;分娩 at birth 出生,诞生 by birth 天生地,生来 be of good/noble birth 出身名门 a second birth 再生,新生 bring…to birth 使产生

34 1. The woman ___ birth to twins last night might turned out to be a film star/ A. to give B. who gave C. given D. being given 2. The Chinese nation has ____ many national heroes and revolutionary leaders. A. given birth to B. sung praise for C. given a reward to D. keep records of √ √

35 cool down 变凉,冷却;(使人)冷静,镇 静 1. I think you should wait until she’s _____. A. cooled down B. cooled up C. cooled out D. cooled in 2. Water _____, it will become ice. A. cool B. to cool C. cools D. cooled √ √

36 lay eggs 下蛋 lay v. 放置,躺下,打赌,设计,击倒, 产卵,使平静,压平 n. 地形,位置,叙事短诗,交媾 adj. 外行的,世俗的 词形变化 : laid laid laying layslaid layinglays The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already ___ for a meal to be cooked. A. laid B. chosen C. gotten D. had √

37 1. It is one of the funniest things ___ on the Internet so far this year. A. finding B. being found C. to find D. found 2. ___ we’ll go climbing tomorrow depends on the weather. A. I f B. Whether C. That D. Where 3. ___ all the inventions have in common is ____ they have succeeded. A. What; what B. That; that C. What; that D. That; what √ √ √

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