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2 2 Agenda 1. Group Financial Highlights 2. Dividend Record 3. Share Information 4. Group’s Major Activities in Year 2004 5. Corporate Development 6. Expansion/ Future Plans

3 3 Financial results FY 2004FY 2003Change RM mil % Revenue11,0009,32018.0 Profit from operations6025548.5 Net profit from investing activities8140105 Share of associates/JV66124(47.4) Finance costs(15)(11)31.5 PBT7347073.7 Tax(184)(170)7.8 PAT5505372.4 Minority interest(149)(166)(10) Net profit 401 3717.9 EPS (sen)75.875.70.2

4 4 Revenue Total RM11 billion Sugar & cane 6% Grains trading, flour & feed milling 7% Edible oils refining & trading 73% Oil palm plantations 5% Waste management & utilities 1% Property 1% Others 6% Film exhibition 1% Segmental information – 2004

5 5 Operating Profits Total RM602 million Sugar & cane 23.2% Grains trading, flour & feed milling 7% Edible oils refining & trading 19% Oil palm plantations 36% Waste management & utilities 0.2% Property 4% Others 8.6% Film exhibition 2% Segmental information – 2004

6 6 Yr 2003Yr 2004 Yr 2003 Yr 2004 8% 52% 156 143 89 43 Major contributors to group operating profit Sugar refining and cane plantations Contributed by MSM(100% subsidiary) and PPB Chuping. Lower profits due to  Higher raw material prices. Grain trading, flour and feed milling Held under FFM Berhad (100% subsidiary). Lower profits due to  Higher raw material prices.  Higher ocean freight rates.

7 7 Yr 2003Yr 2004 Yr 2003 Yr 2004 29% 33% 89 115 168 224 Major contributors to group operating profit Edible oils refining Held through PGEO Group Sdn Bhd (100% subsidiary). Achieved significantly better results due to  Higher edible oils prices and refining margin.  Higher sales volume. Oil palm plantations Held through PPBOP (55.6% subsidiary). Recorded higher profits due to  Higher crop production.  Higher palm product prices.

8 8 Yr 2003 Yr 2004 Yr 2003Yr 2004 53% 16% 31 10 12 Major contributors to group operating profit Waste management and utilities Undertaken by Chemquest Group (55% subsidiary). Lower profits due to  Preliminary expenses incurred for its projects in China. Chemquest’s share of its associates results was RM14.1 million. Film exhibition Undertaken by GSC (54.2% subsidiary). Increase in profits due to  Consistent supply of quality films.

9 9 Yr 2003 Yr 2004 Yr 2003 Yr 2004 117% 6% 30 28 25 54 Major contributors to group operating profit Property Mainly undertaken by PPB Hartabina S/B (100% subsidiary).  Marginally lower profits due to lower unit sales of the Phase II Bukit Segar Residential project.  However, profit margins for Phase II is higher compared with Phase I due to increase in selling prices. Others Mainly include livestock farming, packaging, shipping, manufacturing and trading. Main increase in profits due to :-  Manufacturing and trading (up RM17 million)  Shipping (up RM12 million)

10 10 Share of associates/ JV’s results Reason for lower profits contribution :-  Commodity trading division experienced difficult trading conditions.  Listing of MBC in Dec 2003 has changed its status from an associate company to Other Investment of the group. Y2003 Y2004 47%

11 11 PBT for 5 years 80% growth

12 12 Cash and borrowings

13 13 Dividend Per Share Net Dividend Net Dividend GrossNetPaidYield Year (sen) (RM Million)(%) 2004 30.023.7140.4823.5 2003 25.020.5100.6753.1 2002 46.543.0210.96810.9 2001 20.015.868.6884.8 2000 20.015.858.1394.5

14 14 Share performance Yr2004 Yr2005 RM6.45 RM6.80 788 907 872 Year 2004 Year 2003 % increase Average Daily Volume 286,222 218,533 31%

15 15 Major activities in year 2004 Flour milling  Expansion into Thailand Acquired 43.35% equity interest in Kerry-Glory Flour Mills Co.Ltd at Baht 329,454,414 (equivalent to RM30.7 million). Principally involved in wheat flour milling and distribution and owns a 250mt/day flour mill in Samutprakarn, Thailand. This investment will enable FFM Group to further enjoy the benefits of bulk purchasing of raw materials as well as synergies in freight arrangements of wheat flour shipment in the ASEAN region.  Enhance the Group’s operational efficiency in wheat flour milling activities by upgrading current mills and building new mills.

16 16 Major activities in year 2004  Entered into a joint venture to construct and operate an edible oils and fats processing facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands. PGEO Group Sdn Bhd and KOG Investments Pte Ltd hold 35% and 65% respectively in KOG Edible Oils BV (KOGBV). Strengthen the group’s presence in European market on palm oil products. KOGBV’s issued and paid up capital is Euro 12 million and total capital investment for the project is estimated at Euro 27.7 million. Processing capacity about 300,000MT per annum. Expected to commence operations in September 2005. Edible oils refining

17 17 Major activities in year 2004 Oil palm plantations  Commissioned its eighth CPO mill (40tph) in Suburmas estate, Sarawak.  PPBOP expanded its land bank in Indonesia by 50,322ha with the acquisition of three companies in Central Kalimantan. Area statement20042003Change (%) Total area193,921141,94637% Total plantable area156,233116,62434% Mature61,77757,1418% Immature17,33417,514(1%) In early 2005, PPBOP acquired another 16,867 ha of land in Kalimantan, bringing PPBOP’s landbank to 210,788 ha.

18 18 Major activities in year 2004 Waste management and utilities  CWM completed three projects with a combined contract value RM84.8 million. The projects were :- Bayan Baru Sewage Treatment Works Wangsa Maju Booster Pumping Station and Ancillary Works Contruction of Sludge Treatment Plant at Sungei Semenyih  Chemquest Group as part of a consortium, secured a 30-year concession to process and deliver treated water to Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, China.

19 19 Major activities in year 2004 Film exhibition  Opened GSC, Gurney Plaza a 12-screen multiplex in January 2004.  Launched its E-Cinema at Mid-Valley and Gurney Plaza. Property  Handed over to the homeowners the following :- Bukit Segar Phase II development Taman Sinar Mentari Phase I  Launched Segar Courts apartment project in July 2004 which is expected to generate sales of RM17 million.  Refurbished Cheras LeisureMall at total cost of RM13 million and launched its new look in December 2004.

20 20 Corporate development Bonus issue  Proposed 1 for 1 bonus issue.  Approval is required from shareholders and Bursa securities.  Expected completion by end-June 2005. Share capitalBeforeAfter Authorised1,000,000,0002,000,000,000 Issued and paid up592,749,9411,185,499,882

21 21 Capital commitments as at 31 Dec 2004 Capital Commitments RM350.8 million RM243.8mRM68.6mRM17.6mRM11.5mRM9.3m PPBOPFFMPPB Leisure PPB Hartabina MSM, Chemquest and others In addition to the above, FFM has further increased its capital commitment by RM60 million for the upgrading and expansion of the processing plants in PGEO Group of companies.

22 22 PPB HARTABINA Main Capital Commitments Capital commitments as at 31 Dec 2004 PPB LEISURE FFMPPBOP Mill construction & PPE RM -Sabah65m -Sarawak12m -Indonesia52m Total129m Plantation development -Sabah49m -Sarawak7m -Indonesia59m Total115m Mill construction RM Pulau Indah 23m Processing plant at West Port 25m Others21m Total69m Bandar Utama Phase II RM New multiplex 17.6m Renovation at Cheras RM Plaza8.7m LeisureMall2.8m Total11.5m

23 23 Expansion/ future plans Sugar  Further enhance its operating efficiency.  Focus on energy savings projects. Flour milling  Construction of 2 nd flour mill in Pulau Indah which is scheduled for completion by mid-2005.  To continually seek for new flour milling business opportunities in the ASEAN region. Animal feed milling  Construction of the sixth feed mill in Pulau Indah which is scheduled for completion in April 2005.

24 24 Expansion/ future plans Oil palm plantations  Focus on developing its sizeable landbank in Indonesia. Waste management and utilities  Continue to work with strategic partners and participate in open tenders for new projects.

25 25 Expansion/ future plans Film exhibition  Opened Berjaya-GSC a 9-screen multiplex in January 2005.  Secured new cinemas sites at :- Bandar Utama Phase II (13 screens) – targeted to open in mid 2005. KL Pavillion (13 screens) – targeted to open in mid 2007.

26 26 Expansion/ future plans Property  Development projects at :- Penang’s New World Park – retail and F & B kiosks concept. Bukit Segar, Cheras – high-end residential project and currently pending approvals from relevant authorities. Bukit Tengah, Seberang Prai – residential development. Bedong, Kedah – residential and commercial development.

27 27 The End

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