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ICreate Using iPads to Move up Blooms Taxonomy Martha Andersen.

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1 iCreate Using iPads to Move up Blooms Taxonomy Martha Andersen

2  Photo of classroom Martha Andersen Pleasant Grove Kindergarten Teacher -4 years Pilot group of iPad teachers Presenter at iPossiblities 2012 Presenter at ISTE & NSBA

3 Theories  Multiple Intelligence - Howard Gardner, Professor at the Harvard School of Education.  Help students to recognize their own strengthes.  All children are intelligent, but they are intelligent differently.  If students are intelligently differently, they also learn differently.  Blooms Taxonomy - In 1956 Benjamin Bloom's  Identified 3 levels or domains. These domains were called The Cognitive Domain, the Affective Domain and the Psychomotor Domain.  Cognitive Domain - Bloom identified 5 levels.  Established an upward momentum for thinking and learning. Info from :

4 Bloooms Taxonomy revised

5   Kathy Schrock, Educational Technologist

6 Blooms Taxonomy – Kathy Schrock


8 Remembering  Recalling previously learned information  Picking a right answer  Key words: define, describe, identify, match, recognize, reproduce  Phototouch Sight Words Phototouch Sight Words  All About Letters All About Letters  Approach to Montessori – Numbers Approach to Montessori – Numbers  Flashcards++ Flashcards++  Word Cub Letters & Sounds Word Cub Letters & Sounds

9 Understanding  Comprehending, explaining  Open ended questions  Key words: infers, interprets, predicts, rewrites, summarizes, comprehends, provides an example  Writing Pad Writing Pad  BookReport BookReport  What Does Not Belong What Does Not Belong  Show me interactive whiteboard Show me interactive whiteboard

10 Applying  Using a concept in a new situation  Key words: changes, computes, constructs, demonstrates, manipulates, prepares, solves  Butterfly Math Butterfly Math  ABC Magnetic Alphabet ABC Magnetic Alphabet  Doodle Buddy Doodle Buddy  Flip It! Flip It  Screen Chomp Screen Chomp  KickBox KickBox

11 Analyzing  Separating material or concepts into components parts  Key words: compares, contrasts, identifies, differentiates  MindMash MindMash  Popplet Popplet  iCardSort iCardSort  Doodle Buddy Doodle Buddy

12 Evaluating  Making judgements about the value of ideas or materials  Key words: describes, compares,criticizes, interprets, summarizes  MomentDiary MomentDiary  ScribblePress ScribblePress  TallyPad TallyPad  SurveyBoy SurveyBoy  Lemonade Tycoon Lemonade Tycoon

13 Creating  Building a structure or pattern from diverse elements. Putting parts together to form a whole with new meaning  Key words: composes, reconstructs, reorganize  Scribble Press Scribble Press  Book Creator Book Creator  Toontastic Toontastic  Faces iMake Faces iMake  Faces iMake ABC Faces iMake ABC  Storywheel Storywhee

14 Scribble Press  Typing, drawing, stickers or photo  Save in iBooks  Language – alphabet book, nouns/verbs/ adjectives, expand a sentence, retell, create a different ending  Math – shape hunt, number book,  Science – seasons, tree journal  Social Studies – holidays/celebrations, needs/wants

15 Book Creator  Type, photo, record sound  Save in iBooks  Story retell with different endings  ABC book, Tree Journal

16 Other Examples  Toontastic -video Toontastic  Storywheel – The Rainy Day  BookReport – emailed copy  Stickpick

17  Make sure you know how to work the app  Get extra hands – parents or buddy up with older students  If possible, provide free time to practice the app  Make sure your version matches what’s on the student ipads Tips I learned these the hard way!

18  Blooms Taxonomy app by Maggie Fossum Blooms Taxonomy  StickPick by Buzz Garwood StickPick  Common Core Standards by Mastery Connect Common Core Standards  Apps for Common Core by Flatter World Inc. Apps for Common Core Helpful Apps

19  Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything tml tml  Edutopia elementary-blooms-taxomony-diane- darrow elementary-blooms-taxomony-diane- darrow Resources

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