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NICET Ambassador Presentation

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1 NICET Ambassador Presentation
The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) NICET Ambassador Presentation

2 The Agenda NICET History and Background
Personnel Qualifications & Certification Programs Certification Program Development and Administration NICET’s Future How to Get Involved Additional Products and Services

3 NICET History

4 What is NICET? NICET = National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies NICET was formed in 1981 to replace two other certification bodies ICET: Institute for Certification of Engineering Technicians. Created in 1961 ETCI” Engineering Technologist Certification Institute. Established in 1977 NICET currently functions as a semi-autonomous division of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) NICET is governed by an eight person Board of Governors (BOG)

5 NICET’s Purpose Provide nationally-applicable voluntary certification programs covering specialized engineering technology fields & subfields Certifications For: Individuals with appropriate engineering technician/technologist work experience Residents of the United States and territories and certain others living abroad Reciprocity with Canada for certain programs Technologist Construction Materials Testing Technician Geotechnical Generalist Technician NICET certification DOES NOT entitle certificants to practice engineering engineering work performed by engineering technicians/technologists must be under the direct supervision of licensed Professional Engineers (PE), unless exempted by State law

6 Types of Credentials Licensure Certification Diploma or Certificate
Legal credential conferred by Federal, State or local Government authorities Certification Voluntary credential conferred by private organizations to individuals meeting competency requirements for a specific profession Diploma or Certificate Credential conferred by an educational institution or a training entity in recognition for completing a specific training event Accreditation Recognition that an organization and its programs conform to a set of requirements established by a nationally recognized accreditation body

7 National Regulatory Bodies
National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) International Standards Organization (ISO) American National Standards Institute (ANSI) American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)

8 Typical Requirements for National Certifications
Independent governing body representing consumers, the public, employers and regulators. Exams must be totally separate from training activities and events. Have a periodic recertification program. Non-governmental, independent third-party national certification. Have the resources to conduct testing and certification activities per industry standards. Be the sole entity making decisions in relation to certification and recertification.

9 NICET Personnel Qualification & Certification

10 Value of NICET Certification for Technician
Professional stature Job advancement opportunities Accelerated entry into new job assignments or responsibilities Assignments where NICET certification is a requirement Marketable credential to employers

11 Value of NICET Certification to Employers
Independent assessment of employees knowledge and skills, as compared to national industry standards Increases productivity and competition Measures training comprehension and needs Demonstrates commitment to competence through ongoing development of professional knowledge, skills and abilities Nationally recognized credential Mobility of workforce across state lines

12 Value for the Public Protect the health, safety and welfare of the public from fraudulent, unethical and technically deficient practitioners Provides high quality engineering products and services, efficiently and at reasonable costs

13 Engineering Technicians
“hands-on” members of the engineering team Knowledge of applied math, physical science, and engineering science equivalent to an Associate Degree (two year) program in engineering technology Types of work Planning/design/construction/installation/acceptance/operation/maintenance of products, facilities and processes Data collection/estimating/proposal/plan/ specification preparation/quality control/quality assurance/technical sales/technical writing

14 NICET Technician Programs
We offer over 25 certifications that measure job task competencies in two major categories: Civil Engineering Technology Electrical and Mechanical Systems Engineering Technologies These certifications go from Entry level (Level I) to Senior level (Level IV) technicians

15 Civil Engineering Technology Certification Programs
Building Construction Water/Wastewater Plants Construction Materials Testing Asphalt Concrete Soils Geotechnical Generalist Construction Exploration Laboratory Land Management and Water Control Erosion and Sediment Control Transportation Bridge Safety Inspection Highway Construction Highway Design Highway Materials Highway Surveys Highway Traffic Operations Highway System Maintenance and Preservation Underground Utilities Construction Water and Sewer Lines Stormwater and Wastewater System Inspection

16 Electrical and Mechanical Systems Engineering Technology
Electrical Power Electrical Power Testing Fire Protection Fire Alarm Systems Inspection and Testing of Water-Based Systems Special Hazards Suppression Systems Water-Based (formerly Automatic Sprinkler) System Layout Industrial Instrumentation Low Voltage Communications Systems Audio Systems Security Systems Video Security Systems Designer Video Security Systems Technician

17 Levels of Certification
Level I Some relevant work experience Work under constant, direct supervision Level II Minimum of two years relevant work experience Work under general supervision Level III Minimum of five years of relevant work experience Work independently and may supervise others Level IV Minimum of ten years of relevant work experience Supervise and manage work of others Major project involvement

18 Recertification Payment of recertification fee and the accumulation of 90 Continuing Professional Development (CPD)points Points are accumulated from: Working full time in certification area Relevant industry related training Professional activities Upgrading/testing for higher certification levels

19 Certification Program Development & Administration

20 Legally Defensible Use sound test development processes to develop the exam. Use sound test administration and certification processes to qualify the candidates.

21 Credentialing Terms Fairness + Reliability + Validity = A Defensible Exam & A Defensible Certification Program

22 Fairness Neither the exam nor the certification process discriminates against a candidate on the basis of race, creed or any other characteristic that does not prohibit a qualified candidate from practice.

23 Reliability The examination is expected to perform the same when administered to a group of candidates who share similar or like qualifications.

24 Validity The exam evaluates that which it purports to test (i.e., the qualifications and competencies of a particular group of people).

25 Certification Program Development
Program Definition and Oversight Practice Analysis Validation Blueprint/Test Design Question Writing Question Approval Test Assembly Standard Setting Publishing Test Administration

26 Certification Program Development
Industry and Stakeholder Support and Input Advisory Committee Practice Analysis Committee Subject Matter Experts (SME) Validation Practitioner Validation Assessment Design Exam Development Task Groups Help write the exam

27 Standard Model Exams are based off of the Certification industry’s best practice All applicants are tested on the same content Content is weighed by importance

28 Computer Based Testing (CBT)
Administered by Pearson VUE Testing Centers. Computer displays the question, use the mouse to select the correct answer. Limited references.

29 Benefits of CBT Technology
Scheduling flexibility and convenience. Tools to go beyond the multiple choice question. Immediate scoring results. High test security at over 200 proctored test centers across the nation. Reasonable cost. Efficient administration. Reliable test data collection.

30 Standard Model/CBT Programs
Video Security Systems Technician Level I Level II Level III Level IV Video Security Systems Designer Electrical Power Special Hazards Fire Alarms Systems (FAS) Level I Level II Level III Level IV Inspection & Testing of Water-Based Systems (I&T) Water-Based (formerly Automatic Sprinkler) System Layout

31 Program Maintenance Preventive Maintenance: Cyclic basis of months. Corrective Maintenance: Periodically in response to industry input.

32 What is Next?

33 Program Changes Moving away from work element to standard model.
Working to have all work element programs converted to the Computer Based Testing (CBT) format by 2017

34 International Testing
Meeting the testing needs of global companies. Under development. Pilot program coming soon.

35 Programs Currently Under Development
Fire Alarm Systems Inspection and Testing Highway Construction Inspection Converting to CBT Construction Materials Testing Transportation Construction Inspection

36 Ways to Get Involved

37 NICET Board of Governors
Eight-member Board of Governors Field of Engineering (3) Field of Engineering Technology (4) General Public (1) For consideration applicants must: Active member of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) OR an active Level IV or SET engineering technician or technologist certified by NICET. Willing to serve a three-year term.

38 Subject Matter Expert (SME)
NICET is always looking for qualified individuals to volunteer as SMEs. Selected individuals will attend workshops and help NICET: Identify a practice area’s certification needs create, review and validate the practice analysis develop the experience criteria design the written exam write and review test questions determine the passing score

39 NICET Ambassador Program
Programs to assist with: informing the engineering and technical community about the advantages of NICET certification. encouraging the utilization of NICET-certified technicians and technologist.

40 Additional Products and Services

41 Practice Test Aid in the preparation of NICET exams.
Similar in scope and difficulty to the actual exam. Feedback is provided to help gauge knowledge and experience in content areas. Not to be used as a measure of performance on actual exam

42 Training Provider Directory
NICET offers a directory of third-party organizations that offer training courses relevant to technical careers. PLEASE NOTE: NICET does not review, monitor, or endorse training programs and materials. Materials produced by training providers are not allowed in testing facilities.

43 NICET Job Board NICET provides an opportunity for potential employers and candidates to converge using the NICET Job Board. Position Wanted Listing NICET –certified technicians list their experience, skills and abilities. Position Available Listing Employers advertise job announcements on NICET’s website. Job postings can also be listed on the Engineer and Science Career Network website Extra fee for the dual postings

44 Online Certification Directory
Tool to verify individual certifications Can be searched by using either the individual’s Certification number (different number from NICET Id) or Last name, first initial and employers zip code

45 NICET Store NICET offers an array of products and services.
Stickers, patches and decals to show an individual as being “NICET Certified” Copies of Personal Records Reprints of score reports Copies of past application forms Salary Survey Results Survey conducted in 2010 Directories for currently Certified individuals broken down by certification industry

46 Over 50 Years of Proven Performance
Division of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). 100% financial independence and self-supporting. Annual budget over $4,000,000. Offer 25 certification programs. Over 135,000 technicians certified to date. Over 40,000 active certificants. Over 11,000 exams administered in 2014. National test center network. Conversion of major programs to computer-based testing (CBT) by 2017.

47 Questions???

48 Thank you for your time!!!!!

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