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GOD AND ME….. 39 YEARS AGO….  Born to Pastor and Mrs. MacDonald Iyayi on April 11, 1975  First born son in a family of 8 surviving siblings. My brother,

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2 39 YEARS AGO….  Born to Pastor and Mrs. MacDonald Iyayi on April 11, 1975  First born son in a family of 8 surviving siblings. My brother, Victor, passed in 1993 when he was just 11years old.  2 brothers and 5 sisters namely Blessing (38), Glory(36), Hannah (34), Dorcas (32), Israel (30), Isaac and Rhoda (28)

3 MY CLOSET EXPERIENCE  Discovered God in my closet during a painful season of lack at age 17 while still in College  Led my younger sisters Glory and Blessing to Christ thereafter and the rest of the family followed suit  Dad was already preaching and told me about being dedicated to God at age 21 just after graduating from the University

4 MY CALL Had a open vision experience with God when I was 22 years old just after my youth service and God spoke to me about my call, my wife and His purpose. It happened just I was reading my Bible while sitting in front of my cousin in his room in Lagos in February 2001. My Bible became a television set and I saw pictures of myself preaching to a large sea of people. He said these specific words to me : © To feed His sheep © To whom much is given, much is expected © They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength and shall mount up with wings as Eagles I noticed that I always had impressions when reading the Bible after that encounter or had pictures flash through my mind when praying or after and during sleep.

5 EDUCATION  Senior Management Programme Class 52, Lagos Business School (2014)  Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (2011)  Child Evangelism Course, Church of God Mission International Inc. (2010)  Basic Certificate in Bible Studies, Church of God Mission Inc Bible School (2009)  Daystar Leadership Academy (2004)  Second Class Upper Division BA Degree in English Language and Literature University of Benin(1998)

6 MINISTRY EXPERIENCE  Cell Leader Living Epistles cell, Christ Embassy (aka Believers LoveWord Inc.) Ogba Branch, Lagos  Lay minister in Church of God Mission Service 2.0 leadership team  Lay minister in Church of God Mission Couples Fellowship leadership team  Lay minister in Church of God Mission Children’s Church department team  Worker in the Redeemed Christian Church of God branch Asaba, Delta State  Coordinator/Minister in City Church, Calabar One Love Couples Fellowship leadership team

7 MINISTRY FOCUS AREAS  Our curriculum covers three focus areas: A. Spiritual Parenting Focus on God’s principles for raising kids A. Clinical Parenting Focus is medical care, ante and postnatal care and nutrition A. Sociological Parenting Focus is on character building, sex education, dealing with socio-cultural influences as well as social skills and development

8 HOW WE WORK  We provide support to churches, para church groups and campus fellowships through our life application training programmes, seminars and conferences. Our support is defined in the following ways:  Training: We train Church workers who work with children and marriage counselors who counsel preparing or young couples to understand the fundamentals of parenting according to God’s principles. These training programme types are periodic and are certified.  Seminars: We run open seminars on our core areas of competence as stated earlier. We charge a token for these courses. These can be done for a ministry requesting for our products or at our office address.  Impact Investing: 10% of proceeds from our training programmes are used in facilitating the educational development of orphans. We call this Impact investing. We plan to send 50 orphans back to school by the end of the year 2015.

9 BOARD OF TRUSTEES  Samson Iyayi Chairman  Pastor Nath McAbraham Inajoh  Dr. Scott Turansky (Advisory Member/Support)  Dr. Henrietta Onwuegbuzie (Member/Advisory)  Chioma Iyayi  Barrister Osarenoga Uyiosa Inneh (Secretary)

10 GROWTH YEARS  Served in the Couples Fellowship, Church of God Mission Inc (2010-2011)  Started the Couples Fellowship at Calabar City Church in April 2013- June 2014 where my burden for L.I.F.E Parenting Academy was unleashed.  Served as music leader in my campus fellowship, Believers Love World  Served as a lay laity in my father’s pastorate at Full Gospel Assembly Benin City (2001)

11 WORK EXPERIENCE  Admin Manager/Acting Head HR Topbrass Aviation Limited  Head, HR/Admin Ebonylife TV until June 24 th, 2014  HR Business Partner, Nestoil Plc  Team Lead, Retail Banking, Access Bank, FCT  Regional HR Manager NE Region, Intercontinental Bank  Regional HR FCT Region, Intercontinental Bank  Regional Training Manager, FCT/NC Regions, Intercontinental Bank  Recruitment, Training and Development Manager, Genesis Group Port Harcourt  Regional Trainer, UAC Restaurants

12 MINISTRY REACH  L.I.F.E Parenting Academy reaches out to school Parent Associations to share God’s principles of visionary parenting. We will be speaking at Tender Cradle Montessori, Nursery and Primary School on November 1 st 2014.  We have written to two churches in Lagos and Akwa Ibom states requesting a platform to share God’s word about family building  We have just been approached by a preschool, Crème de la Crème Montessori Preschool Academy to have some of our courses in its Montessori Foundation programme for Montessori teachers and care givers.  We will be writing more schools and churches to spread God’s word as well as Campus fellowships because we believing in catching them young for Christ.

13 MY FAMILY Back Row: Kayla (7) My first daughter Second Row: Isabella (4), Chioma (my wife), Emmanuella (6) Chioma and I My Family and I having a happy moment

14 MY HEARTBEAT  Chioma Iyayi is a Food Technologist/Scientist  Has a prophetic grace  Shares in my ministry and work with families  Is a certified Management Trainer in Nigeria  Has a rich mix of work experiences in Marketing, Banking, Mortgage banking, Restaurant Operations and Consulting

15 MY HERITAGE Pastor MacDonald and Elizabeth Iyayi, my parents  My father, Pastor MacDonald Iyayi taught me about God very early. He is a District Supervisor in the service of Full Gospel Assembly, Nigeria. He is 70 years old. He ended idol worship in my patriarch lineage.  My mother taught me about God and also about entrepreneurship and surviving in difficult environments. She is a very prayerful person and calls on God daily to help me fulfill my call to serve in His vineyard. She is 54 years old.

16 MY MENTORS  Pastor McAbraham Inajoh, Church of God Mission Inc. He is a Communication Specialist and currently, heads the training department of FAAN. He also owns a consultancy McAbraham Limited. He mentors young men into their destinies.  Pastor Tony Raphael Alegona, Calabar City Church. I worked with him extensively on the One Love Couples Fellowship in Calabar. He is also an entrepreneur and owns StoneCraft Limited. He is one of the most creative pastors I have met. His ministry attracts a lot of young people. .

17 MY MENTORS  Pastor Femi Monehin, God’s Favorite House, Lekki Lagos. He helped me crystalize the Parenting Academy. He is my current pastor and a technology buff. He believes every service should be an experience and engagement with God’s power.  Dr Scott Turansky, National Center for Biblical Parenting, USA. He is an apostolic catalyst and great inspiration and resonates with my heartbeat for ministry.

18 MY SKILLS/GIFTS/HOBBIES GIFTS/SKILLS  Song Writing and composition  Research  Training Facilitation  Writing  Curriculum Design  Acting/Voice Overs  Vocalist  Artistic HOBBIES  Travelling  Playing football (British)  Reading  Spending time with my daughters  Taking walks with my wife

19 FINAL THOUGHTS  Many prophetic words concerning my ministry and call have gone ahead of me. I sense in my heart that God has started a new work for the end time harvest using family units to prune children and shape them into ready vessels for His Glory. IT IS A REVIVAL TO ENSURE HE HAS A REMNANT FROM EVERY NATION ON EARTH. Glory to His Name forever.

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