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Agricultural Research Assistant Agronomy Department Manager Agriculture & Natural Resources Assist with research projects in wheat, barley, canola and.

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2 Agricultural Research Assistant Agronomy Department Manager Agriculture & Natural Resources Assist with research projects in wheat, barley, canola and hay. The research problems are derived from the farmers in various counties. Assist growers in making economically and environmentally sustainable cropping and input decisions on their farm operations. We also supply crop inputs and custom application to growers in our area. 1

3 Veterinarian Agriculture & Natural Resources Own and operate a full-service small animal veterinary hospital 2

4 Forester Agriculture & Natural Resources 3 Responsible for all timber activities on the Tally Lake Ranger District of the Flathead National Forest. Responsible for managing timber sale contracts and timber resources for the Flathead National Forest. Also responsible for accomplishing the field preparation of timber sale contracts and timber sale administration in the forest.

5 Landscape Business Owner, CEO Agriculture & Natural Resources Run a small company that plants and takes care of trees and landscapes. 4

6 Wildland Fire Fighters Agriculture & Natural Resources Fire management duties that include suppression actions on wildfire, fire management on the landscape level such as prescribe burning, leading engine/hand crews in initial attack activities on wildfires. Treating stands on timber to benefit from the role of fire in the ecosystem. 5

7 Fish Biologist Agriculture & Natural Resources Study fish to better understand how they interact with their environment and people to best manage and protect them for present and future generations. 6

8 Novelist/Screenwriter Foley Productions Arts & Communication Writer & producer in Hollywood for 15 years. Written for major motion picture studios as well as network TV. 7

9 Interior Design Arts & Communication Design of homes, businesses & kitchens. Interior layouts, colors, furniture, construction selections, upholstery etc. 8

10 Graphic Design - Digital Media Instructor Teach introduction and advanced graphic design and digital media classes and assist students going on to study in digital design and multimedia in college Arts & Communication 9

11 President of Website Design & Development Firm Owner of WebSprockets, a website design and development firm. Work for businesses, designing and building their websites. Arts & Communication 10

12 Photographer Natural light portrait photographer. Specializing in high school seniors, newborns and weddings. Arts & Communication 11

13 Photographer Arts & Communication Wedding and Portrait Photographer 12

14 Newspaper Reporter Gather news and report on important or unique events, people, organizations and institutions that affect people in Northwest Montana Arts & Communication 13

15 News Reporter As a television news reporter, my job is to find important stories in the community, conduct interviews and film video related to those stories. And then present it on our nightly news broadcasts to inform viewers of what is happening in the Flathead Valley Arts & Communication 53

16 Owner/Instructors Beauty School Cosmetology Academy Program for Hairdressers, Nail Techs, Skin, Salon Directors etc. - All aspects of the salon industry Business & Management 14

17 Salon Owner Full Salon, Stylists, Nail Technicians Business & Management 15

18 Professional Athlete Professional basketball player for seven years in Turkey & Australia Business & Management 16

19 Professional Golfer / ESPN Golf Analyst Play golf professionally world-wide, LPGA for 20 years. On-course golf analyst for women's golf for 5 years Business & Management 17

20 General Manager Business & Management 18 Started a career with a CDL license and moved up in the company to general manager.

21 Customer and Operations Specialist Business & Management 19 Information Technology and Human Resources

22 Bank Vice President & Finance Controller Business & Management 20 The controller reviews banks financials, prepares reports and works on projects with the goal of enhancing bank profitability. Computer skills are necessary and attention to small details in critical.

23 Executive Chef Business & Management 21 Worked in hotel restaurants, resorts and have taught culinary arts in high school and college levels.

24 Chef Business & Management 22 Cooking and preparing food. Providing customer service and learning management skills.

25 Guide Business & Management 23 Glacier National Park and Whitewater Rafting Guide

26 National Park Ranger & Fee Program Manager Business & Management 24 Manage the parks revenue programs (campgrounds, entrance stations, permits) within the Visitor & Resource protection division. Will present general park service jobs within the division including law enforcement, fire, trails and backcountry positions.

27 Funeral Director / Family Services Counselor/ Sales Business & Management 25 Assist families years before a death occurs with cemetery and funeral products and services. Funeral Director assists families after a death has occurred with cemetery and funeral products and services

28 Realtor Business & Management 26 Real Estate Agent. A sales agent in involved in the listing and selling of real property (hones/land/commercial property etc.) as well as valuation of property. Always attempting to meet customer’s goals.

29 Realtor/Broker Business & Management 27 Commercial, residential and land sales

30 Architect In Training (AIT) Engineering & Industrial Tech Architects working in the construction industry and are involved with designing new buildings, extensions or alterations to existing buildings, or advising on the restoration and conservation of old properties. 28

31 General Building Contractor Engineering & Industrial Tech Manage the day to day activities of a construction company. 29

32 Electrician Engineering & Industrial Tech Manage daily operations of an electrical contracting business. 30

33 Civil Engineer Engineering & Industrial Tech Design bridges for the railroad, confirm it was built correctly, evaluate city expansion and design utilities (water, sewer, power) for that growth 54

34 Senior Technologist Engineering & Industrial Tech Technologist at Applied Materials. Applied is the world’s largest manufacturer of equipment used in the Semiconductor Market. Work directly with the customer to implement cleaning technology into their production lines. 31

35 Computer Consultant / Software Developer Engineering & Industrial Tech Information technology consultant providing custom software development, network administration, tech support and computer training services to small businesses and nonprofit clients. 32

36 President/Owner Auto Repair & Service Facility Engineering & Industrial Tech Oversee all business operations, approve all repairs & estimates, final invoicing 33

37 Nursing Program Director Health & Related Services Director of Nursing for programs at FVCC. Courses/programs available are Certified Nurse Assistant, Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse. 34

38 Medical Laboratory Scientist - Lab Tech Health & Related Services Perform diagnostic laboratory testing to aid Doctors in diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients with various diseases and conditions. Prepare tissue for review by cytologists and doctors for diagnosing disease. 35

39 Anesthesiologist Health & Related Services 36 Medical doctor who cares for a patient before, during and immediately following a surgical or medical procedure by administering appropriate anesthesia and monitoring the patient for reactions and complications, ensure comfort and manage pain.

40 Chiropractor Health & Related Services Variety of conditions ranging from headaches, neck and back pain to diabetes and colicky babies. With broad diagnostic skills you will determine the cause. Perform a chiropractic adjustment to the spine as well as provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling. Work closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure that your patients receive the highest quality of care possible. 37

41 Doctor Health & Related Services 38 In-patient physician while patient is hospitalized

42 ICU Charge Nurse Health & Related Services Takes care of critically ill patients 39

43 Nursing (labor & delivery, NICU and Postpartum Health & Related Services Provide professional nursing care with the OB unit which consists of labor & delivery, postpartum and the OB department. 40

44 Pharmacist Health & Related Services Filling prescriptions, counsel patients on medications, and talk with physicians/nurses/medical personnel. 41

45 Physical Therapist Health & Related Services Helping people return to physical function and perform better through exercise and treatment. 42

46 Registered Respiratory Therapist / Respiratory Care Practitioner Health & Related Services Work with patients delivering medications that treat various lung diseases, integral assistance in management of trauma, provide instruction and support for pulmonary rehabilitation to patients with lung diseases such as Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, and Asthma. RT's work in hospital settings, as well as Home Care and Medical Rehabilitation facilities 43

47 Head Athletic Trainer/GHS Health & Related Services Provide injury care and rehabilitation services to athletic participants at GHS 44

48 Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech) Health & Related Services Using advanced technology and a variety of equipment, we create and administer ionizing radiation to produce images of the internal structures in the human body to aide in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. We work in every department of the healthcare facility as well as private offices/clinics. 45

49 Early Education / Child Care Director Social & Human Services Manage the day to day operation of the child care center and lab school including, human resources, curriculum development, guidance and discipline, purchasing, mentoring, recruitment, accounts payable & receivable, billing, scheduling, family advocate and anything else that needs done 46

50 Sky House Director, Counselor Social & Human Services Help to run our transition program in Kalispell. Work with students and clinicians to create a plan for our clients to reintegrate into the community, attend school, do service work, and find jobs to continue their growth and maturation process. 47

51 Workforce Consultant & Employment Specialist Social & Human Services Provide assessment and workforce solutions for employers and person seeking work. Work with clients who qualify for special programs to receive training, apprenticeships, on the job training; and with employers assisting with tailoring their staffing needs to meet the needs of the business helping build a successful business environment. Career counseling/coaching. 48

52 Military - National Guard Major Social & Human Services Military career, 2 deployments Iraq and Afghanistan, five different military occupations including, scout, tanker fueler, etc. 49

53 Deputy County Attorneys / Prosecutors Social & Human Services Prosecute criminal cases in Flathead County for all law enforcement agencies 50

54 Police Officer/SRO Social & Human Services Police Officer & School Resource Officer 51

55 Montana State Highway Patrol Trooper Social & Human Services Patrol the state’s highways, county roads, city streets and forest service roads. Looking for driving infractions in order to increase the safety for the motoring public. Investigate motor vehicle crashes and assist other law enforcement agencies. 52

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