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16 Career Clusters Mr. Scafidi. Agriculture, Construction, Finance, & Science  Agriculture Food & Natural Resources The business of raising, selling,

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1 16 Career Clusters Mr. Scafidi

2 Agriculture, Construction, Finance, & Science  Agriculture Food & Natural Resources The business of raising, selling, managing, and delivering products that are either farm produced, for example grain, corn, chicken, and cattle, or collected in the natural environment including wood products, minerals, and aquatics such as fish, shrimp, and lobster. Example: Miners, Ranchers, Animal Trainers

3 Agriculture, Construction, Finance, & Science  Architecture & Construction Careers will include designing, planning, managing, building, and providing upkeep for all types of buildings and facilites. Example: Electricians, Architects, Building Inspectors

4 Agriculture, Construction, Finance, & Science  Finance Careers in finance require strong math and business skills for planning, allocation, and investing other people’s money Example: Loan Officers, Accountants, Bank Tellers

5 Agriculture, Construction, Finance, & Science  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Strong science and math abilities or extensive training in specific technical area skills are required in these careers. These careers usually provide technical services to a particular company or to the public for hire Example: Engineers (All), Medical Equipment

6 Business, Manufacturing, Marketing, & Transportation  Business Management and Administration People who choose these careers provide direction for businesses or organizations like schools, retail stores, or government agencies. Managers and Administrators are responsible for the success of the organization and how well it operates. Example: Administrative Assistants, Loan Officers, Human Resource Managers

7 Business, Manufacturing, Marketing, & Transportation  Marketing Sales and Services This career is the process of providing a product or service to a customer. The product could be an object such as clothing, or a service, such as, cutting hair, providing cosmetic care or servicing non- tangible items such as auto insurance and product warranties. Example: Hair Dressers, Locksmiths, Sales People

8 Business, Manufacturing, Marketing, & Transportation  Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Careers in this field require skills in planning, managing, and moving people and materials by road, pipeline, air, rail, and water. Facility maintenance and working with mobile equipment are also included in this field. Example: Pilots, Ship and Boat Captains, Flight Attendants

9 Business, Manufacturing, Marketing, & Transportation  Manufacturing Manufacturing is the business of taking materials and making them into usable and sellable products. The process of manufacturing requires many related services including professional and technical support people, in production, maintenance, and engineering. Example: Cabinet Makers, Assemblers, Business Managers

10 Education, Health, Human Services, & Law  Human Services People in these careers provide services such as social work, child care, and almost anything that has to do with helping others. Example: Clergy, Child Care Workers, Social Worker

11 Education, Health, Human Services, & Law  Health Science Careers include all positions in the medical field such as doctors and nurses as well as all the areas that support the health service industry i.e. biotechnology research and development. Example: Nurses, Surgeons, Doctors

12 Education, Health, Human Services, & Law  Public Safety Corrections & Security Careers provide law and regulatory enforcement services to the community Example: Police Officers, Lawyers, Fire Fighters

13 Education, Health, Human Services, & Law  Education and Training These careers are not limited to schools and universities. Almost all business applications require employee training. Careers also include instructors for specialized equipment. Example: Teachers Assistant, Teachers, Religious Leaders

14 Communication, Government, Information, & Tourism  Hospitality & Tourism Careers in Hospitality and Tourism include the management, marketing, and operations of food services, lodging, attractions, recreation events, and travel- related services Example: Life Guards, Chefs, Ski Patrol

15 Communication, Government, Information, & Tourism  Government & Public Administration These careers occur in the form of political positions, national security, Foreign Service, planning, revenue and taxation, and the administration of policy at all levels of government Example: Inspectors, Postmasters, Coroners

16 Communication, Government, Information, & Tourism  Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications These careers design, produce, exhibit, perform, write, and publish multimedia products. This would include visual and performing arts, journalism, and entertainment services. Example: Photographers, Authors, Radio and Television Announcers.

17 Communication, Government, Information, & Tourism  Information Technology These careers are largely associated with computers and include the design and development of hardware, software, and multimedia systems. These careers can also be associated with cell phones, electronic gaming, I-Pods, and other electronic media. Example: Software Engineers, Database Administrators

18 Career Lookup  Taxidermy 4 Things that you must know  What do they do?  What cluster do you feel they belong in?  Starting salary (estimate)?  Does the job require/recommend any post- high school education?

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