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Lesson 3 Today: Last class’s homework Past tense Vocabulary Spelling basics.

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1 Lesson 3 Today: Last class’s homework Past tense Vocabulary Spelling basics

2 Last week’s homework Finish unit 2 Finish Core Business ch 7 C-H Get reader no.252584 Get Core Business

3 CB ch 7 exercise A 1.replies 2.pays 3.applies 4.does 5.delays 6.copies 7.enjoys 8.Advises 9.carries

4 CB ch 7 exercise B 1.get not work 3.answers talking 5.take 6.replenish making 8.get 9.deliver 10.import (always) / are importing (going on as we speak) 12.travels

5 Unit 2 exercise 2 go – aren’t going – are visiting 3.does... cost 4.writes – is working talking – think not drink – prefer singing – has 8.are going – go – is rehearsing 10.takes – is riding – is

6 Unit 2 exercise 3 1.Are you at the festival yet? Who is/are performing right now? 2.We are going to Lowlands next weekend. Do you want to join us? / Would you like to join us? 3.There is a long queue in front of the entrance. 4.Why do you talk so fast? (in general) / Why are you talking so fast? (at this moment) 5.My friend works for MOJO in the accounting department, but this week he is helping his co- worker/colleague with promotion.

7 Unit 2 exercise 3 6.In which hotel is One Direction staying? They always stay in the Hilton. 7.Could/can you help me tonight? No, I have a party in Amsterdam, I’m leaving at half past six. 8.She is still trying to buy a ticket for Metallica’s concert. 9.I find her dull, she watches the same TV series every day! 10.Ashley actually lives in Amsterdam, but for now she is living with her sister in Eindhoven.

8 Unit 2 exercise 6 1.Delivery 2.To illustrate 3.Anecdotes 4.Expertise 5.Trepidation 6.Posture 7.Articulate

9 Past tense Past simple ww + ed / 2e rijtje -feit,gewoonte uit het verleden I sold my car yesterday. Past continuous was/were + ww + ing - aan de gang in het verleden Thursday afternoon he was working in the garden. Als er een verleden tijdsbepaling in de zin staat, moet je de verleden tijd gebruiken (zonder have/has) Exercise 1

10 Grammar Workbook p16 exercise 2 CB Chapter 8 exercise A CB Chapter 8 exercise B

11 Vocabulary Do exercise 7 (p18)


13 Spelling basics Exercises 4,5 and 6 on pages 19-20

14 Homework Finish unit 3 CB chapter 3 exercise C & F CB chapter 8

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