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Mr. Endicott.  We will start from the top section and move down  Each section will be specifically studied  You should come out with a precise idea.

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1 Mr. Endicott

2  We will start from the top section and move down  Each section will be specifically studied  You should come out with a precise idea of how to do YOUR resume  There are NO specific templates to use  Everyone’s resume is different


4  ONE OR TWO PHRASES  NOT TOO VAGUE OR TOO SPECIFIC  BEST WRITTEN FOR A PARTICULAR JOB  EXAMPLE To obtain a position as a Medical Laboratory Technologist at a progressive hospital that will utilize my skills and talents.

5  DEGREE-(Graduation Date)  MAJOR/MINOR  GPA  UNIVERSITY AND LOCATION  FOREIGN STUDY PROGRAMS  RELEVANT COURSES-??-May be separate sectionEXAMPLE: Candidate for Bachelor of Science May 201X Major: Medical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology Major GPA: 3.6/4.0-Overall GPA: 3.2/4.0 Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD Relevant Coursework: “Clinical Practice in Transfusion Services” Must be upper level class. Only 2-3 classes and describe them.

6  INTERNSHIPS  VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE  COMMUNITY SERVICE EXPERIENCE  RELATED PART-TIME JOBS  Clinicals  Research EXAMPLE Medical Technologist 5/20xx-Present NYU Medical Center, New York, NY Collect and prepare specimens and perform laboratory procedures used in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Verify, record and report lab results on all performed tests. Ensure compliance with government requirements, hospital policies and laboratory procedures.

7  Paid employment  List most recent job first  For each job that you select, list your job title first, employers name, city and state, dates of employment, brief results oriented descriptions-give examples EXAMPLE: Medical Laboratory Technician, PRMC Hospital 6/11 to Present Salisbury, MD Assist hospital physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, injuries and medical conditions by providing clinical testing and specimen analysis. Conduct lab tests in the areas of hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, serology, immunology, bone marrow and FNA collections. Prepare chemical solutions, reagents and specimens for microscopic examination; perform laboratory tests; analyze and report findings; and investigate atypical results and discrepancies to determine causation.

8  LIST ORGANIZATIONS  STATE YOUR ROLE  BRIEFLY DESCRIBE IF APPLICABLEEXAMPLE Phi Eta Sigma-National Honor Society, Salisbury University-20xx Student Government Association-Senator, Salisbury University-20xx Alpha Omega Biological Society-Salisbury University-20xx-20xx MD Distinguished Scholar-Honorable Mention-20xx

9  SCHOLARSHIPS  CERTIFICATIONS  HONORARY SOCIETIES  DEAN’S LIST  GRADUATING WITH HONORSEXAMPLE: American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) -Medical Technologist (MT), 20XX, Chicago, IL Basic Life Support (BLS), 20XX, New York, NY CPR and First Aid Certification, 20XX, New York, NY Dean’s List- 4 semesters, Salisbury University

10  Must be pertinent to your job objective  Include activities such as memberships, leadership offices held, professional associations, social and school organizations  All of this shows you are well-rounded and able to work with others  NO high school listings anywhere! Only a few exceptionsEXAMPLE:  ACHIEVEMENTS:  Graduated with honors (3.6 GPA) from NAACLS-accredited MLT program  Course Highlights: Medical Lab Practices, Organic/Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Principles of Hematology & Hemostasis, Pathogenic Microbiology, Blood Banking, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Microbiology, Immunohematology, Supervised Clinical Experience

11  Do not include on your resume  Use separate page of resume paper  Only people who can attest to your workability and personal qualities  3-5 references  List name, title, employer, phone, email, and relationship to you  Grad school references usually academic

12  Consider different types of references  Get permission to use someone  Go over all details for each reference-what is required  All requirements of school or employer requesting the reference should be addressed by YOU  Keep your references informed  Be sure to thank your references

13 Ms. Christina Camillio Dr. Sam Seagull Med Lab ProfessorDirector of Career Services XXXX Paraprofessional BuildingSalisbury University Salisbury University Med Tech Dept.Salisbury, MD 21801 Salisbury, MD 21801410-543-6075 Christina@SU.eduDirect Supervisor Faculty Mr. Charlie Endicott Associate Director of Career Services Salisbury University Salisbury, MD 21801 410-543-6075 Academic Advisor

14  Don’t list anything that has to do with your high school experiences. They are considered “expired”  Don’t include your GPA unless 3.0 or higher  Don’t include specific addresses for your employment; the state and county is all you need  Don’t use any font larger than 16 point-only use this for name  Don’t include any personal information other than email, permanent/present address, phone #  Don’t include spelling or grammatical errors

15 1.Organized & conscientious 2. Communication 3. Leadership 4. Interpersonal 5. Adaptable/flexible 6. Analytical/problem solving 7. Teamwork 8. Positive attitude 9. Energy 10. Passion/enthusiasm  Embed these skills in your resume

16 1. Spelling errors, typos, poor grammar 2. Lacks specifics; talk accomplishments 3. Missing/inaccurate dates 4. Missing/inaccurate contact info 5. Poor formatting 6. Long resume 7. Long, dense paragraphs -use bullets

17  Job Fair February 25 th -noon to 4  Wicomico Room, Nanticoke Rooms A, B and C and the Fireside Lounge  Over 100 companies

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