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Virtualisation of South West College Curriculum Offer.

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1 Virtualisation of South West College Curriculum Offer

2 Background Information Six campuses South West College covers the largest geographical catchment area in Northern Ireland and includes counties Tyrone and Fermanagh The South West College has 18,500 student enrolments, is involved in a number of European projects, has a staffing complement of some 500 full-time staff and a similar number of part- time staff and a budget of £32M. Winner 2012 - Further Education Innovation and Learning Support Winner 2012 - Further Education Innovation in Technical Infrastructure

3 Lough Neagh Dungannon Campus Cookstown Campus Omagh Campus Enniskillen Campus Skills Centre INTEC Centre LOCATION

4 Why Go Virtual? Changing needs of diverse learning groups Growth of blended learning to widen access and participation South West College services a dispersed rural population supported by limited infrastructure. The recent disruption caused by inclement weather during the winters of 2009 and 2010

5 To Virtualise the Curriculum The provision of an on-line learning experience for South West College students, where students can access a rich variety of resources relating to their course. The development of e-learning modules across a variety of curriculum areas which can be delivered via the College Virtual Learning Environment. Develop links with a third world country to support students educational development and technical requirements. Introduce a virtual element to each College Service. Virtualisation of College Services Develop and implement on-line enrolments. Develop and implement a service for on-line purchasing of courses/services. Develop and implement remote access for staff and students to a variety of College services. Main Objectives

6 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Additional Resource To Support Content Development Additional Resource To Support Content Development Virtual Day Virtual Week Virtual Servers & Thin Clients Blended Learning Pilots 2010-2011 Blended Learning Pilots 2010-2011

7 SWC – Virtualisation Team Virtualisation Project Manager – Ciara Duffy Learning Technologist Tracy Sharkey Learning Technologist Louise Mullan Learning Technologist Darren O’Neill Learning Technologist – Placement Student Stephen Power Learning Technologist – Placement Student Therese Evans

8 Professional Services Department Social Sciences Department Technology Department Training Department Corporate Services Department Client Services Department

9 Curriculum Areas Curriculum Areas Groupings Health and Social CareBusiness Media/MusicICT Performing ArtsCCLD Art & DesignTraining EngineeringHairdressing Science & AgricultureBeauty Therapy Hospitality, Travel & TourismConstruction & Built Environ. SportESOL LifeskillsEssential Skills

10 What did Virtualisation Involve? Virtualisation involved the provision of an on-line learning experience for 5,655 students for one week, where students were able to interact with tutors and access a rich variety of resources relating to their course. This formed a seamless component of their programme of study, which was of equal standing in terms of quality and academic rigour to the ‘traditional’ and more recognisable components. The resources available to students varied depending on tutor choice but included vodcasts, podcasts, on-line tutorials, etc.

11 Staff Development Involved Staff Development Advanced features of Blackboard Wikis Mash-ups Journals Blackboard Collaborate Features Audio and Video Instant Messaging Web Tour Upload Presentation Breakout Rooms Creating and structuring learning objects using Xerte Blackboard Learning Module Teaching And Learning Online The pedagogy of teaching and learning online presented by Marie Martin, SWC e-Pedagogy Advisor

12 Stud-E Day - 19 th October 2011 Full Time & Part Time courses delivered online. 3885 students logged in from outside the college. 210 students attended the college to use computer services. All college support services logged in from outside the college via Remote Access. Helpline available for staff/students to deal with technical issues.

13 Stud-E Day - 19 th October 2011 (Results of Staff Survey) Where did Lecturer’s Login from?

14 Stud-E Day - 19 th October 2011 What applications did staff use to deliver their curriculum on Stud-E Day?

15 Virtual Week – 21 st to 25 th Nov 2011 5,655 students participated in online curriculum activities during Virtual week. 186 students from all levels of curriculum logging into team teach activity. Up to five team teach activities took place simultaneously. Students logging in remotely from home peaked at 3,885 students on day one of the Virtual week.

16 Virtual Week – Lecturers feedback What applications were used by staff to deliver their curriculum online during Virtual Week?

17 Virtual Week – Student feedback Student login locations

18 Virtual Week – Student feedback Did your tutor use Blackboard Collaborate to deliver their curriculum online?

19 Virtual Week – Student feedback What the students said… “I enjoyed staying at home while still learning.” Daniel Carberry – EDEXCEL BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT (QCF) – Enniskillen Campus “Being at home and not having to drive up to Omagh as I live in Armagh.” Jonathan McCusker - QUB Foundation Degree In Energy Environmental And Sustainability – Omagh Campus “No travel costs and a more comfortable working environment at home.” Cornelius Boylan - EDEXCEL BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design (QCF) – Enniskillen Campus

20 Lough Neagh Enniskillen Skills Centre Omagh Cookstown Dungannon Virtualisation Week The Team Teach November 2011

21 Team Teach Example - Video

22 Evidence of Blackboard VLE being used to deliver Curriculum Content - Video

23 Remote Access to all services Access to college network from anywhere. Access files stored on your college network drive. Enable Access to different departments Quality, Examinations, MIS, Student Services, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing. Enable use of specialist software that is available in the college on your own computer.  Autocad, Solidworks, Adobe Suite, Sage, Microsoft 2010, IWB Software, Solidedge, Jaws, Cato to name just a few.

24 Virtual Week Winners Daniel Doran - Best Video Diary (Kodak Playful) Please click this link to view Daniel's Video Diary Jamie Pantry – Best Virtual Student (iPad 2) Please click on the link to access Jamie's Video Diary Owen McKee – Best Virtual Picture (Canon Camera) <- See Picture to the left Shane McDaid – Best Virtual Diary (Kodak Playful) Dawn Lawther – Best Staff Virtual Diary (iPad 2)

25 Benefits to the Organisation Development of curriculum content so that it can be delivered using a range of learning objects and delivery styles. Support learning outside of College timetabled hours which will contribute to improved retention and achievement. Common standard for Blended Learning delivery across all curriculum areas of the College. Reduce duplication in the preparation of learning activities/materials in the same vocational subject which will cut down on delivery costs. Staff will have access to a wider range of learning resources.

26 Benefits to the Organisation Students will be able to access their learner profile including exam results remotely from the College. Students will have access to on-line services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Staff developed to a high level in using technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning College can operate in the event of adverse weather conditions. Reduction in carbon footprint with the delivery of on- line services and curriculum. International reach for Curriculum Project Delivery. Flexible working which promotes greater staff morale. Widening Access and Increased Participation for Students.

27 Moving Forward 1 Collaboration Between Departments 2 Collaboration With College Business Development Unit 3 Collaboration With Industry 4 Collaboration With other colleges 6 Collaboration Internationally 5 Collaboration with other academic institutions ALL proved possible through Virtualisation Project

28 Africa N. America S. America Europe Asia Australia Current International Curriculum Projects and Collaborations

29 South West College Virtualisation Project Joint Project with DAFA - Zambia

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