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Supervision and Administration

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1 Supervision and Administration
Bridge Maintenance Supervision and Administration

2 Roles & Responsibilities
Regional Bridge Manager develop and implement bridge programs maintenance and construction Regional Bridge Technologist assist in development of bridge programs implement and supervise bridge maintenance and construction

3 Roles & Responsibilities (cont’d)
Operations Manager develop and implement highway maintenance program Maintenance Contract Inspectors (MCI) and Field Support Technologists (FST) implement & supervise highway maintenance routine bridge maintenance (i.e. bridge washing) initial response to emergency bridge work

4 Roles & Responsibilities (cont’d)
Highway Maintenance Contractor highway maintenance routine bridge maintenance (i.e. bridge washing) emergency bridge work (i.e. initial lane closure under/over high load damage) Coordinated by MCI or FST

5 Roles & Responsibilities (cont’d)
Highway Maintenance Contractor Bridge Division minor bridge maintenance emergency bridge work to completion Coordinated by Bridge Technologist

6 Roles & Responsibilities (cont’d)
Bridge Construction Contractors major bridge maintenance/rehabilitation bridge construction Coordinated by Bridge Technologist and/or Bridge Engineer

7 Maintenance Activities (by Highway Maintenance Contractor)
Emergency response due to: high load/wide load damage (initial response) collision damage (initial response) flood damage loose or protruding deck joints any immediate danger to public

8 Emergency Work (Initial Response)
Responsibility of MCI/FST - Work by Highway Maintenance Contractor close bridges or lanes remove debris erect signs or flagging notify Regional Bridge Technologist

9 Typical Bridge Maintenance by Operations Group
monitor structures - remove drift install & maintain signs - approach railing clean/wash - approach bump patch ACP - patch timber decks bridge drainage minor repairs to bank/headslopes

10 Minor Bridge Maintenance by Bridge Staff
Joint repair / cover plate & seals Concrete patching & sealing Touch-up painting Resetting bearings Replace strip deck, caps, sheeting, etc. Repair slope protection & rip rap Deck repair (polymers, silica fume, etc.) Up to $100,000 etc.

11 Minor Culvert Maintenance by Bridge Staff
Strutting Install collars, headwalls Install liners Shot-crete repair Culvert extensions

12 Major Maintenance/Rehabilitation & Construction by Bridge Staff
deck overlays bridge strengthening bridge painting new bridge construction

13 Shared Responsibilities
Staff Co-operation common work Communication accident damage Shared Resources

14 Identifying Bridge Maintenance
Regional Bridge Staff Technical Standards Staff Maintenance Contract Inspectors Field Support Technologists Maintenance & Construction Contractors

15 Identifying Bridge Maintenance
(cont’d) Regular Inspections Bridge inspection and maintenance (BIM) inspections Level II Inspections copper sulfate testing chloride ion testing ultrasonic inspection timber coring “in-situ” concrete strength sounding decks

16 Identifying Bridge Maintenance
(cont’d) Other Sources General public Local land owners Other government agencies etc.

17 Bridge Maintenance Safety Issues
Occupational Health and Safety Regulations High rigging (scaffolds, manlifts, etc.) Crane safety and rigging Working over water Confined spaces - trenches and excavations Paint removal and contaminants Hazardous material and disposal of waste

18 Bridge Environmental Issues
Alberta Environment Code of Practice Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans Authorization Letter of advice Navigable Waters Protection Act Impacting navigation

19 Initiating Minor Maintenance Work for Bridge Division of Highway Maintenance Contractor
Work Order or Bridge Maintenance Authorizations by Regional Bridge Technologist Bridge description and information Environmental permits / licenses Written instructions and sketches to describe work Time to complete Engineering drawings, standard drawings, approved material lists Specifications

20 Work Processes Work Order or BMA to Contractor
Contractor provides quotation Bridge Manager reviews/approves and authorizes Work Order Contractor does work Department representatives manage and inspect work Department does final inspection Contractor invoices Department pays

21 Quality Assurance / Quality Control
Reference Documents Occupational Health and Safety Regulations Specifications for Bridge Construction Traffic Control Standards Approved Product Lists Standard and Typical Bridge Drawings Bridge Material Specifications

22 Quality Assurance / Quality Control
(cont’d) Contractor Responsibility Inspection and acceptance of fabricated material Concrete air & slump Concrete 28 & 7 day strength

23 Quality Assurance/Quality Control (cont’d)
Department Responsibility (Regional Bridge Technologist) On site inspection (random & frequent) Review contractor’s testing Review manufacturer’s tests/results Apply corrective measures Final acceptance

24 Project Records Technical Data Photographs, sketches & drawings
concrete strength pile data surveys Photographs, sketches & drawings Safety summaries As-constructed drawings Diaries office and field

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