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Value Portal Screen Shots

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1 Value Portal Screen Shots

2 HCL’s “Value Creation” Initiative
Value Portal - Cases

3 Incremental Innovation

4 Value Creation – Examples
Proactive identification of cheques above 50K AUD Topic Australia based Bank Challenge/Pain point Any cheque raised to the Customer was getting processed irrespective of the amount. In some cases the cheques were being sent for clearance without creating work item for verify signatures which lead to the fraud and security Risk. Solution HCL team suggested a new functionality in the “Work Queue” screen in front end through which gave the user flexibility to view and have control on SAP cheques whose cheque value >=50K Benefits Provided a better control of high value cheques to the Application user where manual verification prevented fraudulent activities and minimized security risk with potential saving of AUD 600K. Contract and sales order reconciliation Topic ANZ based Multinational dairy cooperative Challenge/Pain point There were many inconsistencies in data between customer SAP based planning system (APO) and Execution system (ECC) which was not being addressed during reconciliation process. Solution HCL proposed a modification in the logic used for initial data transfer which would take care of this issue. They also created a script to be executed weekly to take care of this issue till SAP changes were done. Benefits The projected risk on mismatch of data was projected at NZ$ 2.7 Mn and implementation of this idea would prevent this risk from getting recognized. 20% of this cast was assumed towards the value of the idea. Amounting to USD 542K Cheques - CBA Sales order reconcilliation - Fonterra Copyright © 2012 HCL Technologies, India. All rights reserved

5 Value Creation – some sample instances
Availability increase and proactive health check of the various infrastructure components Topic Innovative solutions , Value Adds Challenge/Pain point For one of the Customers, the main server failed and as a process the system did not fall under the secondary server. This was a huge challenge as the entire system was out for about 8 hours, with a critical outage. Solution The solution was to test and validate each component in the infrastructure as well as point out Single points of Failure so that Customer can plan ahead in future ensuring Business Continuity Benefits Because of this there was availability increase of 0.09% and down time reduction of 7.8 hrs. The Customer also saved a possible revenue loss of $1.13 Mil Checking of EOD back ups at regular intervals as a contingency plan Topic Innovative solutions , Value Adds Challenge/Pain point Backups for all the store servers in one of the Customer’s environment were taken as part of EOD operations. There will be no backup alert trigged in case if the EOD or Backup did not run as part of EOD operation. This is a huge risk in case of any data loss. Solution The solution was to create scripts which would run automatically in specific intervals and check whether back ups are in place. If not then an alert is sent to the entire support team Benefits If the above activity would have been done manually, then for 1700 stored servers we would require hrs. So the actual saving by this automation is to the tune of $1.02 Mil Exide Lowes

6 Case Studies of Everyday Innovations
Mobile Solution expertise enables value delivery Topic Innovative solutions , Value Adds Challenge/Pain point HCL’s direct customer (ABC) is a product company servicing telecom customer ( XYZ). XYZ was evaluating 3 vendor products for a specific testing on their handset device. All the vendor products were failing at the same point on the process flow without a notable solution; the issue was execution of XYZ’s custom scripts on the GCF platform. Solution HCL specialists stepped in due to prior experience & knowledge of GCF platform. They found the issue - incorrect implementation of ETSI code in XYZ’s custom script on NAS decoding Benefits The issues once resolved ensured that ABC became more competitive and hence got the new business in the area of Conformance Toolset worth $80k Reduce Manual efforts and reinvest HR support staff efforts to increase Employee SAT Topic Innovative solutions , Value Adds Challenge/Pain point In the Customer’s HR - Employee Benefits enrollment program, the HR team manually enrolls employee on the Application. This process took 3 working days to complete the account creation, leading to SLA violation due to delay as well as low satisfaction for the HR support group. Solution HCL HR process specialist and Technical team who support the Application proposed the idea of Automation of Benefits Account creation process. Benefits Overall savings due to the proposed idea are -Reduce 40% tickets, thereby increasing efficiency. ( do other tasks) -Reduction on cost of $13,841 per month, i.e. annul savings of $300,000 (USD). Mobile Solution – ANITE Technologies Reduce Manual effort & Increase Employee SAT for HR Support staff - Merck

7 Value Creation – some sample instances
Schedule optimization of the back up jobs Topic Innovative solutions , Value Adds Challenge/Pain point There were technical challenges faced by one of the application teams, wherein the backups for the application were not taken properly. The schedules for the back ups were haphazard with no correlation between the application back up and data base back. Due to this there was a danger of losing data of the application in case of any eventuality Solution The team came up with a definitive scheduled structure for the back ups being taken. The solution made sure that the file system and the data base back ups were taken and monitored so that data was secure at any point in time Benefits With a more definitive schedule running, backup jobs ran better with the new backup windows, Tracking of the client backups was more streamlined making sure that the application servers were backed up properly. For the 2500 clients that were running, assuming 10% ran duplicate jobs, it amounts 2.5 Tera Byte wastage for a single day and for a month it would be 75 Tera Byte. The cost for this unnecessary maintenance would be $1.5 mil per month which was the value add for this simple looking idea. Lowes

8 Radical ideas

9 Value Creation – Examples
Payment solution for enhanced business Topic US based product firm Challenge/Pain point The customer's eStore platform supports very few local payment types in various geographies. This resulted in loss of business due to customer drop at the checkout page. Solution The idea was to support new payment types, such as Boleto, Paypal and Yandex Money for specific geographies, where the customer had a higher customer base Benefits With the help of these new payment system introduced, the client will be able to generate extra annualized revenue to the tune of 4 million. Also the enhanced system will help attract new customers Modularised framework for parallel development Topic US based ISV Challenge/Pain point The customer’s current process defined sequential development i.e. one product being in pipe, all other products have to wait till the previous one goes out of complete cycle. At times due to revised priority the existing line needs to be discontinued while starting a new one which leads to wastage of effort spent Solution HCL proposed to modularize the development framework to accommodate parallel development of products. This also enabled identification of the core and configurable components which also reduced overall cycle time and enabled faster Go-To-Market Benefits This idea ensured benefits on multiple levels with reduced turn around time due to product line changes and the faster time to market on multiple product lines resulting in additional revenue generation for customer to the tune of nearly USD 4 Mn Payment Solution – SYMANTEC Vendor portal - MS

10 Value Creation – Examples
Identification of the Over paid discount and reduce the loss thus incurred Topic Europe based Telecom giant Challenge/Pain point The Customer was providing discounts for the invoices raised. Year on year the spend term reduces. But the discount paid was the same. This was a huge challenge as many customers were running away with the discounts for which they were not eligible Solution HCL team manually identified the overpaid discounts for the 7 accounts initially and highlighted to Revenue assurance team. This helped the Revenue team in recovering the extra discounts Benefits This simple looking idea has resulted in a huge revenue loss recovery. As of now the Customer has raised $1.32Mil towards its clients and for $3.1 Mil the discussion is going on which also is expected to be recovered. Vendor Portal Implementation Topic US based Retailer Challenge/Pain point As the customer sources its products from vendors outside the geo, its subsidiary handles the process and collects samples on its behalf. This process is time consuming and increases the cycle time Solution The team proposed an idea of developing an portal which will provide secured access to the factories to provide the sign off after sending the sample to subsidiary. Benefits This idea not only resulted in a faster cycle time for closure but it also resulted in decreasing the work load on the subsidiary company as only 1 person was required to manage the process as opposed to 10 employees who were involved earlier. This resulted in saving of USD 600k. Payment Solution – BT Vendor portal - JAG

11 Case Studies of Everyday Innovations
User Friendly Query Tool on Objectivity DB Topic Innovative solutions , Value Adds Challenge/Pain point Manually written query approximately takes 7 person days on Objectivity database Solution Developed a User friendly Query language tool for Objectivity DB Benefits New Query Language tool takes less than 5 min to generate Query results. 99% reduction in time and the opportunity cost saved for end users would amount to over 1.6 M per year Enabling visibility through competitor product Topic Innovative solutions , Value Adds Challenge/Pain point The customer had a self promoting application which was configured to be used within its own browser. As the market share of other browsers was high the overall impact created with end user was low thereby impacting the advertising revenue. Solution The idea was to ensure that the application is well supported on other competitive browsers which will ensure a higher user base Benefits With the help of these new customizations, the client will be able to reach out to a higher user base thereby resulting in higher annualised revenue to the tune of USD 4.7 million. Query tool on Objectivity DB – Rockwell Collins Visibility – Microsoft

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