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Your Customer Deserves the Best Copy Number ______.

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1 Your Customer Deserves the Best Copy Number ______

2 Retrofit existing Security Systems “Add a real time capability” No False Alarms Patent Protected Web Site:

3 HarmAlarm Licensing: Phase I HarmAlarm intellectual property (including rights to USA Patent) Introductory Offer is for: Retro-fit existing security systems New markets for visual Camera systems Custom Handset, applications Other Opportunities are under consideration

4 Dedicated Operator HarmAlarm Improvements Improves Target screening: no missed targets Efficiency: Improves Operator to Camera ratio (cost) Real time data: Situation Intel for the First responder Present Industry Performance Missed detections More operators - fewer missed threats Responder’s Intel is operator’s interpretation Responder needs unfiltered real time Intel

5 Record Only Present Industry Performance No real time capability Site workers are uninformed and placed at risk Collateral damage can exceed the actual material loss Benefits Provides a real time capability No false alarms Puts “control room” Intel into the responder’s hand Responder become an active part of the scene Handsets provide safety instructions to workers

6 HarmAlarm Retro-Fit


8 Geometric Relationships Location Camera A Location Camera B Target Location Distance Between Cameras R2 R1 Known Set-up value Cameras Position & target Location Range computations, R1 & R2

9 HarmAlarm Slant Range Calculations, for R1 & R2 R1 & R2 calculations require information from both cameras Both cameras, the 3 D solution is patent protected HarmAlarm is not a flat earth extrapolation (competitors) HarmAlarm equations are closed form scientific updated at video frame rates. Powerful “best estimating” algorithms based upon target signature properties. Equations have been simplified from their spherical trigonometry form. R1 = (Distance Between Cameras) x Sin (camera B angle o )/ (Sin (180 o – {camera B angle o } – {camera A angle o }) R2 = (Distance Between Cameras) x Sin (camera A angle o )/ (Sin (180 o – {camera B angle o } – {camera A angle o }) Color coding is matched to HarmAlarm Geometry relationships

10 Phase I, visual cameras BaselineHarmAlarm Remarks Camera A0.01 False alarm rate per hour Camera B (added)n/a0.01 Common Zone (3 D processing)n/a0.01 - 0.1Optical distortion Independent Size Matchingn/aNo credit takenDepends on lighting False Alarm Rate 10 -2 10 -5 Improvement >1000X Example Probability of threat Occurrence30 days A function of site & threat Probability of False Alarm87.8%0.04% Probability true target12.2%99.96% Elimination of False Alarms

11 HarmAlarm License Parties interested in acquiring a HarmAlarm License Contact: Gary Ball President Infrared Application Inc. Email: Web site, Licensing Plan, Spring 2011 A limited number of Licenses will be entertained at this time. All discussions will be conducted under mutual non-disclosure confidentiality agreements.

12 Summary Protected by US Patent 7,738,008, June 15, 2010. HarmAlarm, family of Security Applications –The next generation in Physical Security Systems –Based upon closed form 3-D processing –Detects, verifies, and broadcasts a threat alert –Eliminates false alarms The world’s first automatic physical security system The Long Term –HarmAlarm integrated with Personnel and Cyber-space security systems to create a Total Security solution. –Advance Technologies: Infrared imaging Wireless features Handset applications

13 HarmAlarm Architecture US Patent No. 7,738,008, June 2010

14 Disclaimer The Infrared Applications Inc. (IAI) Business Plan contains forward-looking information that is subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected. Statements that are not historical facts, including statements about strategies, plans and expectations about new and existing products, services, technologies, opportunities, industry growth, demand for and acceptance of new and existing products, and returns on investments in products and markets, are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that could significantly impact the company. These risks include, but are not limited to, the projected market for IAI products and potential returns. Factors which could cause actual expectations to differ materially from these projections include the actual market acceptance of the product, the cost of the product, unforeseen difficulties in the construction of the product, and the competitive environment within the industry. When Infrared Applications Inc. uses words such as “believe,” “expect,” “anticipate” or similar words, it is making forward-looking statements. Certain articles, studies and reports that management relied on in preparing the projections also make forward-looking statements. These articles, studies and reports base their forward-looking statements on a number of different factors and assumptions, all of which are beyond management’s control. All of these assumptions are subject to a high degree of uncertainty. One or more of these assumptions may turn out to be incorrect. Accordingly, actual developments may differ materially from the projections contained in these articles, studies and reports. The management of Infrared Applications Inc. makes no assertion over the correctness of the material contained in the Business Plan, and interested parties must rely on their own independent research and due diligence to reach their independent conclusions. The contents of this report are the exclusive property of Infrared Applications Inc.

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