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The Impending Crisis Talking About a Revolution The Abolitionists.

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1 The Impending Crisis Talking About a Revolution The Abolitionists

2 Expansionism Empire of Liberty War of 1812 and Expansion Missouri Compromise and Sectionalism Mexico and Texas The Oregon Trail California and Dana’s Two Years Natives and Vanishing Frontier

3 Manifest Destiny World Perspectives Role of Providence The American Way of Life Ethnocentrism Looking WEST Sectional Tensions John O’ Sullivan and the Press

4 The 1844 Election Two Party System: Demos v. Whigs Tyler’s Initiatives Slavery Debate International Relations Candidate’s their positions: Clay and Polk Texas and Oregon Victory and Congressional Resolution

5 The Oregon Question Polk Doctrine & Jingoism Northern Interests: Free Soilers 54/40 or Fight Negotiations along 49 parallel 1859 Statehood

6 Polk and Mexico The Southwest Californios Unsettled Biz in Texas Slidell Mission and Rebuke Question of the Rio Grande Showdown and War

7 War with Mexico War or an Invasion Slavery & Wilmot’s Proviso Thoreau and Lincoln’s Resolution Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Cost of Victory: Legacies Discovery of Gold

8 Irrepressible Conflict Southern Extremists: Fire in the Belly Constitutional Questions 1848: Presidential Politics The Gold Rush Abolitionists Zack Taylor and Popular Sovereignty Other Voices

9 1850 Compromise An ARMISTICE Banning Slave Trade Fugitive Slave Act California as 31 st State: Monterey Redux Popular Sovereignty as Model Future of Agreement?

10 Abolitionists & Freesoilers Early 1850’s Election of ’52 and Whiggery Fugitives and Underground Activity Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Impact Personal Liberty Laws Southerners and Siege Mentality

11 The Young Americans Ardent Expansionists Japan and Asia Cuban Interlopers Mexico Grey Eyed Man of Destiny Slavocratic Power

12 Kansas Nebraska A National Railroad Stephen Douglas & Congress Northern Outrage in ’54 Testing Popular Sovereignty Bleeding Kansas: Prelude to Civil War National Debates Rage

13 Republican Party Constituencies Non Extensionism Other Issues Free soil, Free men and Fremont Victory in defeat?

14 Flirting with Disaster Buchanan: Political Doughface Panic of 1857 Events in Kansas Lecompton Constitution Southern Response Democratic Party Politics

15 The Dred Scott Decision The Issues Roger Taney Blacks Have No Rights Congress Has No Authority Constitutional Issues Republican Response

16 Lincoln Douglas Debates The Context of Debates Popular Sovereignty v. Non Extension Stephen Oates and Debates Freeport Heresy Impact of the Election A House Divided?

17 John Brown’s Raid John Brown: Crazed or Fanatic Bleeding Kansas Role Harper’s Ferry & its purpose Raid and Aftermath Public Confession South’s Reaction Crossing the Rubicon

18 The Impending Crisis Could the secession crisis have been averted? What were the options?

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