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Simplifying the way Business works

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1 Simplifying the way Business works
Here at Xerox, we don’t make the hottest new gadget on store shelves or run a hospital that saves lives or manufacture the safest aircraft on the planet. But we do something every bit as important. We’re behind the scenes, managing the ‘must do work’ that enables every one of those things and many more to happen. We take some very complex business processes and make them appear simple to those who need them. We’ve become a critical enabler for business and government, worldwide. We hope this presentation helps you understand a little more about our business services capability in Europe and how we might be able to help. Our Services Capabilities – Europe May 16th 2013

2 Our Services Capability - Europe
Communication and Marketing Services Customer Care Solutions Document Transaction Processing Services Finance and Accounting Services Human Resource Services Information Technology Outsourcing Managed Print Services Transportation Solutions At Xerox we believe that to keep your business fit for the future you need to regularly ask yourself a question: “What makes our company great – and how can we focus more time and energy and on that?” In answering this question, today’s leading organisations are discovering that the costs and complexities of smoothly and securely running back-office operations can be a distraction from their essential business. They’re realising that they can achieve competitive advantage and sustainable success by engaging third-party experts like Xerox to consolidate and manage non-differentiating middle- and back-office processes. We recognise that trusting some of your most critical operational processes to a business partner is a high-stakes game. That’s why we employ specialists across Europe in all these areas who have a deep understanding of European regulations, business practices and working environments. And why we run state-of-the-art near-shore ITO data centres and BPO service delivery centres. Let’s us share with you a little more about our services portfolio…

3 Our Service and Data Centres
Our service and data centres serve national and global organisations that entrust their business functions to us. We deliver on their behalf, every day, 24 hours a day. For clients operating in Europe our blend of on-shore, near-shore and off-shore capability provides the depth of linguistic skill and cultural understanding that many organisations favour. You can outsource your non-core business functions to a single partner in a unique, cost-effective spread of locations – with great technology and security for mission-critical processes. Here are some examples of the data and service centres that would be proud to serve you and your customers: • France is home not only to our European research centre but to 2,500 Xerox employees serving clients in multiple lines of business. The country’s 1,000-strong global document outsourcing organisation has a long-term document images and manages transactional printing of 700 million pages for clients every year. France also offers multinational human resource services from Toulouse and an international parking and transportation division that designs, implements and manages parking solutions across Europe. • Our focus on service and technology in Germany makes hundreds of processes more efficient and effective in the private and public sector. For more than 50 years we’ve been serving European and international clients from a network of customer service centres and data centres across Germany, primarily with a full array of IT services. Germany is also our European centre of excellence for SAP. • In India our services business has 10,000 employees in five different locations working for Fortune 1000 clients in automotive, manufacturing, retail, insurance and healthcare industries. Our delivery centres in Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Noida and Baroda support most of our lines of business including strategic applications engineering support for the transport solutions group. • In the Netherlands, we offer a range of BPO services to commercial and government clients including the city of Den Haag. Our innovative HR Services closely follow developments in the area of pensions where we are a leading provider of administration services to PPI’s (Premie Pensioen Instelling), a rapidly growing market. • Across our three sites in the Philippines 5,500 staff are engaged in IT service desk, web development and BPO services in the areas of finance and accounting, HR outsourcing, contact centre operations and transaction processing. • Often considered the Silicon Valley of Central Europe, Krakow in Poland has a young, skilled, multilingual workforce. It hosts a 600-strong service desk operation across three locations to provide first- and second-line support to more than 12 other European countries. In Poland we also provide the city of Warsaw with its fare collection and parking solutions and deliver a wide range of HR, finance and accounting, procurement, mailroom and scanning services. • Our 1,000 multilingual employees in Romania provide customer care, telemarketing, finance and accounting, and HR services to national and international clients in sectors such as telecommunications, IT, financial services and business services. • The staff at our BPO delivery centre outside Barcelona, Spain, hail from 52 countries and speak 25 languages. This multilingual capability enables us to deliver high-quality, cost-effective services for the finance, accounting and human resource functions of multi-national clients across 20 European countries. • Our diverse facilities in the UK serve clients in more than 40 countries. In particular, our human resource experts help clients solve complex human capital issues; our IT business operates several data, operations and services centres; and we have a global delivery centre that handles our client communication and marketing services. Business process outsourcing Business process and IT outsourcing Managed print and communication and marketing services Customer business process outsourcing April 13, 2017 Xerox Internal Use Only

4 and Marketing Services
Communication and Marketing Services Businesses dedicate significant energy to attracting new customers, ensuring that customers keep coming back and enabling stakeholders and channels. Yet the processes that underlie these critical communication activities are often overlooked because there just isn’t time. Managing these processes may not be the focus of your business, but it is ours. When Xerox manages these processes for you, we can uncover opportunities for savings, efficiencies and even new revenue. So you’re free to attend to the bigger picture. Attracting new customers and keeping them coming back can seem like a fine art. Especially when the processes that underlie critical communications are entrenched in the past.

5 We improve quality and flexibility to help you do more with less
Free up time & budget Improve quality & flexibility Do more with less Marketing and communications Point-of-sale materials for retail and consumer goods Digital and print product marketing for banks and insurance companies More personalised brand campaigns Product and after-sale materials Technical publications Language services Product catalogues Procurement, operations & customer service Forms, leaflets, information packs, stationery Customer-statements, bills, policies, contracts Marketing and communications: free up time and budget Retailers and consumer goods companies rely on point-of-sale (POS) promotions to drive in-store sales. Once the design has been signed off, someone needs to manage the creation of the displays, source them, arrange their delivery, ensure they’re on brand – and often do so in just a few days. We manage this whole process for our clients, ensuring that their POS campaigns consistently reach their stores on time and on brand. This allows marketing departments to spend less time executing campaign logistics, and typically generates cost savings of 20-30% to reinvest in other campaigns. Banks and insurance companies tend to have many different products, and these need brochures and information packs: electronic versions for the web and printed materials for branches, brokers and agents. Someone needs to ensure that these materials are artworked in the correct brand templates, comply with relevant regulations and are printed, stored and delivered when needed. We streamline and manage this process for our clients, ensuring that on-brand materials, in the right version, are always available. The marketing departments we work with spend less time creating and managing artwork, produce less wasted stock, enjoy much better version control and manage compliance more effectively. Consumer marketing departments know that using customer data to send more personalised, targeted and relevant offers generates higher response rates and sales. Their challenge is to create scalable processes that can build on successes. We help our clients transform their use of data with a gradual ‘pay its own way’ approach: implementing pilot campaigns that attract new customers, generate incremental revenue, and make it easier to develop a business case for further transformation. Product and aftersale materials: improve quality and flexibility Manufacturing and technology companies need to manage product and technical information to support sales and provide after-sales support. If the quality of the end result is poor or not user-friendly, it drives up support costs. We help our clients make their technical publications more effective by authoring content for them, applying advanced drawing, video or animation technology as appropriate, and by publishing the content in more user-friendly ways, both on the web and in personalised manuals. Global and multinational companies need to translate materials to suit local markets – materials such as product information, after-sales support materials, websites, software, bid materials and customer contracts. If translation services are sourced locally it can cause problems with quality and consistency, especially if there are no processes to re-use translated content. We help our clients reduce the costs of localisation, often by 40–50%, speed up turnaround times, re-use content through translation memory, and improve the quality and consistency of localised materials. Many manufacturers and retailers depend on product catalogues to support their marketing efforts. For those using manual steps to manage price and product information, it takes a lot of resource to maintain a catalogue. We help our clients automate the management of their catalogues, enabling more effective creation and maintenance of content and providing flexible options for publishing: across the web, in smartphone applications, and through personalised sub-catalogues. This not only reduces the administrative burden and costs of catalogue production but gives more flexibility for marketing promotions. Procurement, operations and customer service: do more with less For any organisation that produces forms, leaflets and information packs, ensuring the availability of these business-critical materials must be balanced against achieving environmental and efficiency goals. Many are seeking to reduce their reliance on paper versions, avoid waste from obsolete stock and maximise cost savings through efficient purchasing. We help clients in the public sector, financial services and retail achieve all of these goals, typically finding cost savings of 20–30%. Many industries – including financial services, telecommunications, utilities and public sector – create transactional communications that draw on customer data in a mainframe application, such as statements, bills, policy documents, customer letters and so on. All too frequently, IT systems constrain the design of these communications: even small changes cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. We give companies the power to change these documents without involving IT every time, and this enables more effective and customer-friendly communications. Typically we deliver cost savings of 20% in the overall process.

6 Customer Care Solutions
It’s not easy to get your customer service mix just right, especially when you have to keep a constant eye on costs. We can help you deliver a great customer experience – improving productivity, efficiency and customer retention all at the same time. Xerox integrates traditional customer care with a rich set of BPO offering to help you drive more value from your relationship. Let’s take a look at how… It’s not easy to get your customer service mix just right, especially when you have to keep a constant eye on costs.

7 We can help you improve productivity, efficiency and customer retention at every touch point
We’ve got you covered Over 46,000 customer care agents 30 languages supported 175 Customer care centres More than 20 years experience in customer care This is why our clients turn to us. Setting up and managing customer contact centres and keeping pace with the latest trends is central to our business. We bring together proven methodologies, specialised technology, and the talents of thousands of dedicated customer care experts who serve our clients in 30 languages, every day. Our large European customer care organisation includes 7,000 people across 9 countries serving a wide portfolio of multi-national clients. With our help to manage customer care holistically, clients are realising quality and efficiency improvements and measurable savings. In today’s competitive electronics industry, a reliable and flexible partner is needed more than ever to keep ahead in this hectic environment. Joris Verhoeff, Manager Customer Contacts, Samsung Electronics

8 We can help you improve productivity, efficiency and customer retention at every touch point
Drive more value from your relationships CRM Analytics Loyalty Customer Acquisition Globalisation How do your customers want to contact and interact with you? How will that change in the next five years? The most popular method may still be speaking to somebody live, but demands for self-service options are growing fast. Gartner predicts that ‘through 2016, 75% of current customer service support offerings in the contact centre will require an overhaul to keep pace with shifting business needs.’ Keeping pace means integrating customer care Do you have a plan to implement a multichannel contact centre strategy: one that integrates live agents, interactive voice response (IVR), web, text, fax, and other channels into one, seamless customer service hub? It’s what leading organisations around the world are doing to attract and retain customers; but it can’t be done successfully just by buying some advanced technology. To succeed with a multichannel environment – to actually lower costs and improve the customer experience – you certainly need the right communication technologies; but they need to be properly integrated and, equally importantly, you need to be able to track and learn from every customer engagement and improve first contact resolution in order to maximise the value of every interaction and reduce churn. Back Office Sales Customer Care Social CRM Innovation Multi-Channel Communication Engineering

9 Document Transaction Processing Services
By post, fax or , the stream of incoming documents – enquiries, complaints, applications, claim forms, change-of-address letters – never ends, and it all needs to be identified, passed on and processed as efficiently as possible. And what about records generated internally? Employee paperwork, client case files, patient records – all need to pass efficiently through workflows and remain accessible and secure at all times. A survey by analysts NelsonHall identifies the three biggest challenges for the accurate and timely processing of documents: • Fluctuating volumes, which may be daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal. It can be a real challenge to scale resources up and down to handle the peaks and troughs efficiently. • Multiple processes and systems, especially in larger organisations with many business units. The lack of commonality prevents economies of scale and makes upgrading and innovation uneconomic. • High costs. Fluctuating volumes, out of control costs and multiple processes may be a nightmare to you but we love them.

10 We’ll help you process documents more quickly, accurately and more cost-effectively
Capture Transaction Processing Transform Store Deliver We can help you use digitisation and automation technologies to create efficient, consistent document workflows. We can take on the initial processing of your incoming customer correspondence and other documents, giving you a scalable resource to handle fluctuating volumes cost-effectively. We help large organisations: • Deploy a common process and platform across business units, delivering substantial cost savings and making ongoing innovation economic. • Automate processes to speed them up, for example enabling you to respond to customers on the same day rather than a week-and-a-half later. • Improve the accuracy of processing and implement ‘first pass’ checks to reduce the burden on downstream processing. For example, we can check that a form has been fully completed or a contract signed, reducing delays later in the process. The benefits can be significant. Responding to customers more quickly and accurately improves customer experience and perception, and ultimately your competitiveness. Digitising paper records can even save lives: by reducing the risk of patient records going missing or not being available quickly enough to healthcare professionals. We’ll typically save you 20-30%, as well as helping you deliver better service.

11 Finance and Accounting Services
Multiple language and regulatory requirements, limited headcount, and pressure to cut costs: European CFOs have a lot to contend with. We make it easier to deliver.

12 We help organisations large and small to deliver better results through their finance and accounting activities Financial planning & analysis Supporting European CFOs Our F&A services range from transactional processing to decision support, covering procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes, treasury and payroll activities, general accounting functions, and financial planning and analysis. To ensure that we design the right service for you, we’ll work with you to understand your organisation’s pressure points and your experience with shared services and outsourcing. We’ll help you evaluate and select the best sourcing options, which may include a mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore operations. We have major regional service hubs to support you in the languages you want, with specialised spokes in each region to handle local requirements. This multi-level support enables us to deliver fast, accurate services with economies of scale. Our clients tell us that the improvements ultimately enable them to make better decisions about their business and focus on what they do best. Accounting, Closing & reporting Transactional decision support Treasury & payroll Order-to-cash Procure-to-pay

13 Human Resource Services
It’s easy to grasp the direct connection between business performance and talent. It’s not quite so easy to attract, develop, motivate, retain and reward people who can successfully lead your organisation and adapt to changing market demands. Or at least, it’s not easy to do so efficiently and cost-effectively, without taking energy and focus away from your core business. For us it’s different, delivering a broad spectrum of HR services is one of our core lines of business. We have a successful history of doing so for major multinational organisations, in 23 languages across 72 countries. For you this translates into cost savings from economies of scale, improved compliance with HR regulations, and superior employee services as a result of consistent application of HR best practices and local knowledge. The connection between business performance and great talent demands new ways to attract, develop, motivate, retain and reward people.

14 Let us help you drive performance through people
Improving the experience of HR: Acquiring, developing, compensating, and supporting talent Improving employee engagement by simplifying and improving benefit and reward schemes Nurturing talent without having to invest in in-house learning resources and systems Developing overall HR strategies to effectively deploy and manage workforces. Acquiring, developing, compensating, and supporting talent HR directors turn to us to deliver all or part of their HR requirements because they’re being challenged to equip their organisations with a skilled and motivated workforce that can help them compete at the top level – while simultaneously cutting costs. Our services – covering every activity involved in acquiring, developing, compensating, and supporting talent – will streamline and speed up your HR processes and transactions, enabling you to deliver a first-class HR service but spend less doing so. You’ll also be able to deliver better shareholder value by investing less in technology and administrative headcount. Improving employee engagement Organisations often come to us because they want their employees to feel valued, rewarded and supported both now and in the future, but aren’t getting noticeable value from their investment in employee benefit programmes. Despite their best efforts, they find that their employees don’t understand the benefits available to them and struggle to get the information they need. As the world’s second largest pension and benefits administrator, we know how to help you simplify and improve the day-to-day operation and communication of your benefit and reward schemes so that employees can make the most of them. You can spend your time and energy advancing your business while we use our expertise in HR and benefits administration to ensure that your people feel rewarded, engaged and motivated. Nurturing talent effectively A workforce that is flexible to changing conditions and skilled to meet the demands of advancing technologies can make the difference between organisational success and failure. We focus on delivering value by helping you to align your learning and talent management initiatives to your strategic business goals. Our learning services are readily scalable and modular: whether you want to use just one of our service components, or a few, or engage us for broader, multi-process outsourced learning solutions, you’ll get a first-class service without having to invest in in-house learning resources and systems. Our comprehensive learning services include supplier management, either working with our own suppliers through a complete managed service, or working with your preferred service providers if you want us to. Developing the right strategies for your business HR challenges aren’t getting any easier and they won’t stand still. Rapidly changing economic and competitive pressures, shifting demographics, and a continually changing regulatory landscape are all making it increasingly expensive and difficult for HR functions to deliver and maintain employee benefit programmes and leading HR services. Through our consulting arm, Buck Consultants, we can help you develop, deploy and manage your workforce. We provide real-world solutions to complex HR and business challenges, including pension and employee benefit consulting, investment consulting, health and productivity programmes, and employee communication programmes.

15 Information Technology Services
We understand how hard it can be to let go of a function or process that your business fundamentally relies on. But a capability can be critical without being core; and for most organisations that’s true of at least part of IT. If you’re spending too much of your IT budgets just keeping the lights on or firefighting, rather than innovating and supporting new ways of working, we can help. If you’re spending too much of your IT budget just keeping the lights on or firefighting, rather than innovating and supporting new ways of working, we can help.

16 Helping your IT team keep pace and deliver strategic value
IT consulting services giving you the confidence to make the right IT investment decisions. IT outsourcing better reliability, flexibility and scalability than you can achieve in-house. Application services ensuring that your people have the tools they need, simply and cost effectively. Technology solutions making technologies like cloud infrastructure, data de-duplication and virtualisation an asset to your business. With Xerox, you can decide exactly how much help you want. We can deliver all or part of your IT infrastructure requirements as a service, enabling you to free resource for more strategic uses; or we can give you specific advice or support as a consultant or supplier, for example by providing best-of-breed technologies, IT consultancy services, hardware maintenance or software support. IT consulting services: advice to move your business forward When it comes to developing practical and relevant IT strategies that can support your business now and in the experience can make all the difference. Sometimes you just need an independent outside view and the support and guidance of someone with more experience than you currently have in-house. That’s what Xerox IT consulting services can deliver. We’ll help you align IT with your business goals and give you the confidence to make the right IT investment decisions. IT outsourcing: taking care of your systems so you can get on with your business When clients turn to us to deliver and manage their IT platforms for them, it’s because they recognise that we can provide better reliability, flexibility and scalability than they can achieve in-house – and do so more efficiently and cost-effectively. With their critical systems taken care of, they can redirect their IT resources to delivering better business value. We have an extensive global network of data centres and service desks through which we deliver IT and networking services ranging from infrastructure and database management to end-user workplace computing services. If you want your staff and customers not to worry about whether systems will be available or performing as expected, talk to us about IT outsourcing. Application services: ensuring that your people have the tools they need No business today can afford for staff or customers to struggle with unreliable, unfriendly or poorly performing applications. Whether you need to update legacy applications that are still important to your business, improve your operational efficiency with an enterprise resource planning system or help your employees collaborate more effectively, we can offer advice and the skills to maximise the efficiency of your toolset. It doesn’t matter if your applications are custom or off the shelf, customer-facing or behind the scenes; we can simplify the processes of: • Development and testing • Modernisation and implementation • Customisation • Integration • Support With our help you’ll be able to give staff and customers the tools they need to do a great job and have a great experience. You’ll find that making the right decisions about applications, delivering them and supporting them will be far less complex, time-consuming and expensive. Technology solutions: expertise to help you get and stay ahead You’re probably bombarded with information about the latest technologies and how they will miraculously transform your business. The transformative potential is certainly there, but only if organisations choose the technologies that are right for them and then deploy and manage them successfully. Otherwise they can end up being an expensive mistake. Drawing upon our extensive operational experience, we’ll work with your technical and commercial teams to provide insight and advice on how best to utilise technologies such as cloud infrastructure, data de-duplication and virtualisation. We’ll ensure they become assets and not a burden for your organisation.

17 Transportation Services
It’s a never-ending challenge for central and local transportation organisations to construct, maintain, upgrade and operate the infrastructure and supporting systems that keep their communities moving. The stakes are high, because inadequate or inefficient services cost money, take time away from people’s lives, and may cause harm to people and the environment as well as the economy: through congestion, accidents and pollution, for example. Transportation infrastructures are the backbone of economies. The stakes are high.

18 We help move people and products more quickly, smoothly and flexibly around the world
Parking - looking for parking is 30% of traffic Pay by phone or card Add additional time remotely Mobile parking app Pinpoint available parking Airport check-in Automatic licence plate recognition Tolling - congestion costs billions Electric tolling Tolls are collected at highway speed HOT lanes Adjust the cost to influence demand Public Transport – convenience and lower cost Open fare Travel with a contactless card Smartbus Real-time electronic signs and apps We’ve been working hand-in-hand with operators of road, rail, air and water systems in more than 35 countries for more than 40 years, shaping the way the world travels with fare and toll solutions, parking and check-in services, safety and enforcement systems and much, much more. From back-office processing to customer-facing services, from managing operations to analysing them and developing strategies, we can help. Our public transport solutions help cities around the world make public transport an attractive and efficient alternative to travelling by car, thereby reducing congestion and the pollution it causes. On the road our electronic toll collection solutions reduce congestion on motorways; and our parking and analytic solutions help urban areas manage their transport resources effectively and deal with the major problem of congestion caused by people looking for parking. Our clients are not only reducing pollution and fuel consumption but cutting the costs of managing transport, enabling them to make better use of their transportation budgets to deliver better service to citizens. Thanks to the consumerisation of technology, travellers can use their smartphones to stay informed about schedules and delays, or as electronic wallets for payment. Transportation organisations can collect near-realtime data about where individuals are, where they’re going and how they feel about the experience – and use it to make better use of available infrastructures, serve travellers better, and do so more cost-effectively. For 40 years we’ve helped move people and products more quickly, smoothly and flexibly around the world while balancing budgetary, environmental, safety and social considerations. Data Analytics - real-time route adjustments Heat maps Understand behaviour and identify trends Dynamic pricing algorithms Adjust prices to keep traffic flowing Fleet Management Tracking systems enable detours

19 We help move people and products more quickly, smoothly and flexibly around the world
Keeping your customers moving: More than 100 million tickets processed daily 37 billion transit transactions annually $4 billion toll collection annually 20 customer service centres For 40 years we’ve helped move people and products more quickly, smoothly and flexibly around the world while balancing budgetary, environmental, safety and social considerations.


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