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2014 Ticker 086980 KS M EDIAPLEX I NVESTOR R ELATIONS 2014 © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 1.

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1 2014 Ticker 086980 KS M EDIAPLEX I NVESTOR R ELATIONS 2014 © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 1

2 This presentation has been prepared by Mediaplex Inc. (“The Company”) This presentation is being presented solely for your information and is subject to change without notice. No representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made and no reliance should be placed on the accuracy, fairness or completeness of the information presented. The Company, its affiliates, advisers or representatives accept no liability whatsoever for any losses arising from any information contained in the presentation. This presentation does not constitute an offer or invitation to purchase or subscribe for any shares of the Company, and no part of this presentation shall form the basis of or be relied upon in connection with any contract or commitment. The contents of this presentation may not be reproduced, redistributed or passed on, directly or indirectly, to any other person or published, in whole or in part, for any purpose. Disclaimer © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 2

3 Review 2013: Total movie industry of Korea Growth of total admission Growth of Korean films’ admission 10% 13% Share of admission 60% Movie that has more than 5million viewers 9 movies (3 in 2012) ① Korean movies play a leading role for growth of total film industry since 2012  It’s not because of structural growth such as the increase of the number of screens on theaters It has resulted increasing the competitiveness of Korean movies contents. ② There were 9 movies which had over 5million viewers. It is 3 times more than 2012. ③ Views per capita – 4.12 times  the most watching in the world 2 3 Increasing of content’s competitiveness of Korean Films brings about the growth of movie industry in general Views per capita 4.1 times (#1 in the world) MOVIE INDUSTRY REVIEW Average annual of admission per film © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 3 1 210 130 Development of box office numbers

4 REVIEW 2013: COMPETITIVENESS COMPOSITION IN THE MARKET ① Generally, performance of NEW was remarkable in 2013  No. 1 for Korean movie market share (Total market share 18%, No. 2)  Average admission per Korean movie was 4,670,000, increased by 2.7 times year on year ② Despite of failure of Mr. Go, Showbox put up a good fight in 2013  Total audiences share increased by 1% year on year / Korean movie audiences share increased by 1.5%p year on year  Showbox’s average admission per Korean movie was 3,240,000 which was 50%/130% more than CJ/Lotte ③ CJ E&M was highly deprived of total market share because of frustrated result of Korean box office  Market share of Korean film decreased by 13%(total market share decreased by 7%) Showbox and NEW which have an outstanding content competitiveness obtain better results than CJ and Lotte which have their own multiplex theatre chain MOVIE INDUSTRY REVIEW © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 4 Korea movie Share of admission Korea movie of admission per film Mediaplex

5 MEDIAPLEX CORE STRATEGY © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 5

6 ①A Market Leader in qualitative aspects, not in quantitative aspects ②A Partner who can make profits to the investors ③A Partner who can entrust directors and productions with the projects ④A Brand that distributes the movies which audiences can see and believe SHOWBOX’S PURSUING VALUES What is the SHOWBOX’s pursuing appearances as distributors? What does SHOWBOX want to be as a market leader? “SHOWBOX focuses more on being the most confidential partner and distribution brand to create ways of our own to achieve the best rate of return and the most number of audiences from each projects than being a number one distributor which is distributing more films, attaining more audiences and focusing on competition for sales. Average of Number of audience per film No.1 ROI No.1 (Based on Korean films only) © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 6

7 MEDIAPLEX REVIEW © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 7 Select Focus

8 MEDIAPLEX REVIEW © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 8 Select Focus Select Focus “Average number of Audiences per a movie 3.5 millions (QC, MKT’g Dating, etc, Optimizing is possible)

9 2014+ core strategy : 2-WHEEL-SYSTEM MEDIAPLEX REVIEW © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 9 Distribution Invest Distribution Invest Productior Distribution fee + ROI & production revenue (Synergy between selection & focus) (Strengthen Casting Infra )

10 2015 YOON Sung-hyun HAN Jae-rim The Classified File / KWAK Kyung-taek Detective K : Secret of the Lost Island / KIM Sok-yun An Impudent Her(w/t) / KIM A-aron The Mood of the day(w/t) / CHO Kyu-jang Inside Men / WOO Min-ho Assassination / CHOI Dong-hoon KIM Jee-woon LEE Je-han Summer Snow(w/t) / JEON Yun-su King, Father, and Son(w/t) / LEE Joon-ik YANG Hyo-joo KIM Seong-hun 15 films and others are on stages of planning and developing A man and a woman(w/t) / LEE Yoon-ki CHANG Hoon The Huntresses I, Frankenstein A Hard Day Grace of Monaco The Divine Move Kundo:Age of the Rampant We are Brothers Gangnam 1970 Sangeiwon The Insufficient Evidence(w/t)/ YOON Jong-seok A Violent Prosecutor(w/t) / LEE Il-young The Escape(w/t) / KIM Yong-hwa The Killer’s memoria technica(w/t) / WON Shin-yun ※ W/T : Working title 2014 MEDIAPLEX MOVIE INFORMATION SHOWBOX Line-up 10 © 2014 Mediaplex Inc.

11 Profit Sales Profit Sales Quantitative growth 〉 Qualitative growth Quantitative growth 〈 Qualitative growth MEDIAPLEX REVIEW 11 © 2014 Mediaplex Inc.

12 MEDIAPLEX REVIEW Business structure change ROI NO.1M/S NO.1 Motion 101 liquidation - Committee on investment establish - Risk managing intension - two Wheel system construction - Distribution prediction system construction Source: KOFIC, Mediaplex Entry for film business IPO establishment M&A restructuring Merger Distribution Business be Extension of influence Admission top increase record (3,300 Million ) production establishment Disposal of Subsidiary Business structure change 2012~2013 OP Of Turn into profit-marking - Human restructuring - Quality of Films management system building - Oversea market expansion policy through Foreign strategic partnership © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 12

13 Review 2013: Success Movies - A basic primary movie - NEW 6 movies 41 million viewers (19.5%) SHOWBOX 4 movies 2,4 million viewers (11.2%) CJ E&M 2 movies 1,6 million viewers (7.7%) LOTTE 2 movies 9 million viewers (4.1%) ETC 6 movies 13,1 million viewers (57.5%) (ETC is Foreign Distributors) © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. Source: CJ CGV Earning release 2014 1Q S C L N SHOWBOX CJ E&M LOTTE NEW N N N N N N S S S S C C L L MEDIAPLEX CORE STRATEGY 13 Korea movie of admission per film

14 AVERAGE BOX OFFICE PER KOREAN FILM BY DISTRIBUTORS 2013 FY2014 1H Average Box office per Korean film (KRW) Rank Number of releases Box office (KRW) Number of releases Box office (KRW) NEW12268.3 billion 567.7 billion 19.76 billion 1 SHOWBOX12208.2 billion 542.4 billion 14.74 billion 2 CJ E&M25255.8 billion 11107.6 billion 10.09 billion 3 LOTTE16119.8 billion 1159 billion 6.62 billion 4 * Conversion rate of KRW for USD 1 =1054.5 KRW (Average market rate of 2014. 10. 21) 14 © 2014 Mediaplex Inc.

15 2014 3Q Average Box office per Korean film (KRW) Average Number of Audience Per Korean film (10 thousand) Rank Number of released Box office (KRW) SHOWBOX368.2 billion 22.73 billion 288.61 CJ E&M8151.2 billion 18.9 billion 245.52 LOTTE797.7 billion 13.95 billion 178.43 NEW211.7 billion 5.85 billion 744 * Conversion rate of KRW for USD 1 =1054.5 KRW (Average market rate of 2014. 10. 21) AVERAGE BOX OFFICE PER KOREAN FILM BY DISTRIBUTORS 15 © 2014 Mediaplex Inc.

16 Mediaplex Global New Business © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 16

17 Action plan : completion the basic form of entry to Chinese market Import and Release Collaboration films Joint production in China Building a capacity to make 100% of Chinese movies than collaboration films there is no meaning of export Korean films to release in China  successful films in Korea such as ‘Thieves’ didn’t do well in China film market It is still possible to make a Joint Korean and Chinese film. However, eventually it is very important thing to be able to plan and produce films which are 100% for Chinese audiences. 1 ‘HUAYI BROTHERS” : Based on partnership with Huayi Brothers, Mediaplex strengthen the basics of entry to Chinese film market. 2 Coproduction of Chinese films planned by Showbox Establishment a process to evaluate the suitability of scenario and items provided by Showbox Coproduction between Showbox and Huayi brothers, Huayi distribute  visitors / SM dance movie project  Director K.H. Oh’s next movie project “Rich” Among Showbox’s domestic line-up, possibility of determining on coproduction in planning stage / distribution in China  Director Donghoon Choi, Next movie ‘assassin’  Director Jongbin Yoon, ‘Kundo’ Partial invest a product recommended by each others Among the line-up for the year, invite partial invest and recommend a stable project (reinforcement the partnership) G LOBAL B USINESS : JOINT INVESTMENT PRODUCTION PROJECT © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 17 Collaboration domestic projects with Chinese company /distribution

18 Possibility of Chinese film market The rapid growth of Chinese film market is rather than attractive… It is important that Showbox has an ability to be needed by Chinese film market Comparison with domestic / overseas movie TOP-10 box office  Chinese film TOP-10 average- 60 millions (overseas film average 81.8 million, 79% of overseas film average)  Korean film TOP-10 average- 47.5 millions (overseas film average 25.9 million, 184% of overseas film average) CHINAKOREA G LOBAL B USINESS : JOINT INVEST PRODUCTION PROJECT © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 2013 China box office was 3.9 trillion Won / total audiences are 0.6 billion (Compared with korea Box office, 3time bigger / No.2 in the world) Views per capita is 10time less than korea Among the Chinese, only 7% is moviegoers. In 2018, box office being expected to be 10 trillion won market (CARG 30%) Section Box office Ancillary market ScreensTheatre # of movies produced Capita per views Native movie share Total audiences China3.5 trillion743 billion18,1953,2006380.758.60%610,000,000 Korea1.5 trillion268 billion2,1843331834.1259.70%210,000,000 unit : won 18

19 Korean movies global inroad cases A wedding invitation (CJ China produce / CFG distribute within China) Director Oh, Ki-hwan / ‘present(2001)’ Remake Romantic movie is out of season in Korea but, It is new and fresh in China Mr. Go (Showbox invest / Huayi distribute within China ) Director Kim Yong-hwa joint Korean and Chinese film The result fell short of its expectation because of issue of distribution schedule but, Chinese audiences are very positive about the movie (16.3 million dollar) Bunshinsaba-1/2(Chinese capital invest/distribute) Director Ahn, Byung-Ki / ’Bunshinsaba’ remake Ghost’ is a censored object by Chinese Government, but changing structures of storytelling builds the new trend of horror movies Snowpiercer (CJ invest & distribute / the English-speaking world target ) Director Bong Joon Ho / Song Kang Ho +Chris Evans It was not able to release in the English-speaking world due to cultural differences The Last stand (Lions Gate production/ distribution) Director Kim Jee-woon / Arnold Schwarzenegger Audiences’ reaction was negative due to B movie It was not able to collect the production cost due to a box office failure Stalker(Fox Searchlight production/ distribution) Director Park Chan-wook / Nicole Kidman Some of art film fans gave positive evaluations but, doubtful about the possibility of success as a commercial movie Expansion to China is more successful than to American film market because China has cultural similarities with us. Therefore it gives advantages of movie plan/production G LOBAL B USINESS : JOINT INVEST PRODUCTION PROJECT © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 19

20 MEDIAPLEX I NVESTMENT H IGHLIGHTS  A Friendly Government Policy on Movie Industry  Attractive Growth of Korea Film Market & Increased Fundamental  Industrial Trend maker as a leader of Film distribution market  Strong Capital Structure with Significant Liquidity & Free Cash Flow  Well-Organized Management Team and Proven Equity Holder  acquiring profitability and sales due to a successful corporate restructuring  Oversea Expansion into Movie Business (Utilizing Global Partner Networks) INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 20

21 Beijing Mega Media Ltd. Subsidiary : Supreme Star Investment Limited Beijing Zhongguan Megabox Cinema Film Exhibtion in China Capital : RMB 16,800,000 Ownership: Beijing Mega Media Ltd. 51% Supreme Star Investment Limited 49% Establishment : Dec 13, 2007 Site open - 1 st Site Beijing Zhongguancun July, 2007 - 2 nd Site Beijing Sanlitun July, 2008 - 3 rd Site Shenyang Wanxiangcheng June, 2011 Site3 Location Beijing, Shenyang ■ Partner ■ Theater business MEDIAPLEX SUBSIDIARY REVIEW Source: Mediaplex (Orion 62.66%, Mediaplex 11.23%) © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 21

22 MEDIAPLEX FINANCIAL INFORMATION Financial Highlights (Consolidate) © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. Profit and loss status 2013Y2012Y Net sales1,081882 Gross margin156176 Operating income6397 Non-operating income32 Non-operating expenses11840 Financial income1312 Financial costs00 Net income before income tax expenses6241 Net income 57-7 [Unit O.1 Billion won ] Financial status 2013Y2012Y Total assets1,6741,813 Current assets1,1731,329 Non-current assets501484 Total liabilities618812 Capital stock313 Capital surplus362352 Retained earnings390335 Total shareholders' equity 1,055995 [Unit O.1 Billion won ] 22

23 MEDIAPLEX FINANCIAL INFORMATION Consolidated statements of comprehensive income © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. (KRW in Millions) 2Q’14 % QOQ2Q’13 % Box office 10,631 70.5% -48.5% ▼ 20,653 78.0% Copyright 4,209 27.9% -25.6% ▼ 5,654 21.4% Distribution 75 0.5% -53.1% ▼ 160 0.6% Sub Investment 44 0.3% 1,000% ▲ 4 0.0% Etc. 117 0.8% -1,363% ▼ 8 0.0% Total Revenue 15,076 100% -43.06% ▼ 26,480 100% Cost of sales 12,773 -42.20% ▼ 22,097 G&A expenses 1,573 -35.05% ▼ 2,422 Profit before income tax 730 -62.7% ▼ 1,960 Profit for the quarter -1,829 -1406.4% ▼ 140 Box office: Revenue of main invested films from theater (Including distribution commission) Copyright : Overseas secondary market sales except of additional market in 2 nd quarter and 4 th quarter Distribution : Domestic distribution charges and overseas distribution charges Investment : Return on investment of partial invest product 23

24 © 2014 Mediaplex Inc. 24

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