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December 18, 2012al Research Administrators Workgroup.

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1 December 18, 2012al Research Administrators Workgroup

2 2 Agenda Introductions Announcements / Updates Partners Smartphone Security and Other Updates (Jennings Aske, Partners Chief Info Security Officer & Andy Laband, McL CIO) Materials Management Update (Karen Walsh) InfoEd Tips and Tricks (Chris Holley-Williams) Q & A – All

3 Materials Management Update December 18, 2012 Karen Walsh

4 Agenda  Client Services  Research/Materials Management Collaboration  Vendor Packet  Future State

5 Client Services Quicker Resolution of Research Issues  Dedicated Research Line  Established 10/3/2011  Dedicated Client Services Representative  Project Controls-quicker turnaround time

6 Research Line Stats Client Services Research Line October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012MGHBWHPHSDFCIMCLOTHERTOTAL Invoice Issue/Payment Inquiry 65663423611862301736 Order Status 518497532410371139 Check Request/eCheck Issues 37438949584216928 Ebuy Assistance 36235764191318833 Expenses Module 2753175923 11708 Other 332316197281710900 Total 251725106582701671226244 Average Calls Per Month 21020955221410520

7 Research/MM Collaboration  Steering Committee Established  Senior Leadership at MGH and BWH along with Senior Leadership in Materials Management  Emphasis on Research  Established to collaborate on Global issues  Research Forum Established  Representatives across MM, BWH,MGH & PHS Research Management  Working group was established to identify and resolve Research issues within MM and to help streamline and gain efficiencies  Information sharing

8 New Vendor Packet  Streamlined  From vendor’s standpoint, user friendly  Clarified difficult language  Established Insurance Matrix  Minimum basic requirements  Implemented internal escalation protocol to move vendor set up process through the system more expeditiously

9 Coming Soon….  In February 2013, Corporate Materials Management is moving away from the e-mail submission of contract requests and questions in favor of an integrated Contract Management Solution (a.k.a. Ariba  The Contract Management Solution is designed to capture your request, offer you up to the minute status of your request, standardize contract development, track metrics and strengthen operational, contractual and regulatory compliance.  HOW IT WORKS The solution is comprised of three main components, including:  Contract Creation - an automated process that drives the use of pre-approved contract templates and legal clauses, streamlined contract negotiation and collaboration, and process standardization  Contract Repository - the centralized contract repository and search capabilities address the fiduciary needs of Corporate Materials Management by making regulatory compliance and reporting easier and faster  Contract Metrics – reporting to provide Corporate Materials Management with the data needed to manage group performance and assist with our continuous improvement initiatives

10 Q&A

11 Announcements/Updates

12 12 Announcements / Updates New Post-Award Administrator!!! Please welcome Michael Healy to the Research Administration team Michael has worked with us for three months and is already working with departments on post award matters. As of December, he has taken over subcontracts and is reaching out to subcontract sites to provide his contact information. Michael can be reached at 617-855-2906 or

13 NIH Update

14 14 New Public Health Service Announcement Regarding Travel Disclosure Requirement On 10/18/12, NIH issued a clarification on the rules regarding reporting travel reimbursed or sponsored by an outside company, which has significant implications for the way investigators should report their travel. One key change is that investigators are only required to report reimbursed or sponsored travel expenses that exceed $5,000 from a single entity measured on a rolling 12 months basis. The NIH had previously indicated to us that there was a $0 threshold for reporting travel expenses. While this significantly reduces the burden associated with reporting travel, the NIH also clarified that investigators must report travel of their spouse and dependent children when the company paying for the travel is related to the investigator’s institutional responsibilities at Partners. OII has posted further explanation and examples on its website. See for examples.

15 Vision FMS

16 Announcing the Roll out of Vision Fund Management System (FMS) The Research and Sundry Funds Management System (FMS) was designed and developed by representatives from the entities. Raquel Espinosa was McL representative. The Scope - to establish a management system for project grants and sundry funds that provides analytical tool and reporting capabilities to serve current Vision users, as well as to users who are currently utilizing Document Direct as their only source for information. The objectives - 1.Add value to current Vision users by providing a common platform for financial management reporting for managers that manage areas that cross the continuum – Hospitals cost centers, Hospital research and sundry funds, and PO cost centers. 2.Automate analytic processes for Research Controller and Research Management Analytic team. 3.Improve on timing and method of delivery for project grants and sundry funds reporting and for research analytic data. 4.Provide a reporting tool with drill down capabilities. 5.Provide ad-hoc reporting and analysis capabilities (utilizing Query studio tool). 6.Ability to consolidate research activities for Partners System.

17  A replacement tool for INSIGHT, the transactional Research system that is currently utilized by the research community.  A management reporting tool for Principal Investigators (PI) that utilize Insight.  Providing daily refreshment of data – Vision FMS is published twice a month. FMS Is Not… Users Targeted for Vision FMS 1.Department Administrators with responsibilities over both operations and research activities and who do not use Insight 2.Controllers and corporate level reporting users 3.Research analytic group

18 Security Access Approval Process A user can’t request access for himself/herself – access requests need to come from a manager for his/her staff. Manager completes the “Access Request” form found on the Vision FMS home page. Manager must specify whether PAYROLL access is appropriate. For any questions, contact your entity representative (Raquel Espinosa ). Gatekeeper reviews and approves Security template updated overnight on Vision


20 20 New PCRO – McL SOP Since PCRO PD went live on 09/21/12, we worked with the PCRO office to change the “Standard Operating Procedures” New process resulted in a clearer understanding of McL & PCRO’s responsibilities on different sections of the proposal See September DRAW slides for PCRO PD implementation Please see the research intranet for most updated process: Industry Sponsored Agreements / Clinical Trial Agreements

21 21 PCRO – McL SOP Summary PI creates PCRO PD proposal PCRO sends confirmation email with InfoEd PD # & other info PI/Lab forwards McL RA the following referencing InfoEd PD #: Internal budget Final external budget & payment schedule in sponsor’s format MCA information McL RA completes InfoEd deliverable and sends items to PCRO PCRO sends fully executed agreement to McL RA McL RA activates the fund PI receives automated email from the system with Insight fund #

22 22 QUESTIONS? Contact: Raquel Espinosa 617-855-2868

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