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Mobiilin mahdollisuuksia 1.11.2001 Marja-Liisa Viherä.

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1 Mobiilin mahdollisuuksia 1.11.2001 Marja-Liisa Viherä

2 Tension Global Information Flow Communication of Near Community The Impact of Communication Flows

3 14/01/11 The Dimension of the Communication Family -”All is OK” Leisure activities -”Nice to meet” Near circle -”Nice to know”

4 14/01/11 Calendar of sauna in Net Connect to Net in shop windows Messages to Net via GSM Services in a certain situation

5 514/01/11 Key questions Does the local information disappear into Net? Who does digitise everyday information? How we can get all people to become involved with local information? Place and locality is a part of our identity !

6 14/01/11 Services behind this pictures Transmission of photos Transmission of voice together Transmission of text Home pages - possible also in iPaq etc. Notice of new messages

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