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Effective PowerPoint Use Tamara Swedberg Instructional Technology Specialist.

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1 Effective PowerPoint Use Tamara Swedberg Instructional Technology Specialist

2 Overview Preparation Content Design Delivery


4 The Audience Why should they care? What will keep their interest? How can you involve them?

5 Outline Make the slide headers first Go back and fill in content Rearrange slides if needed Make final text edits

6 Tell a Story Personal stories are more interesting Keep slides in chronological order


8 Text 6 x 7 rule No more than six lines per slide No more than seven words per line

9 Short Content Emphasize the BIG points Use images Use simple charts

10 Reflection and Questions Pause once in a while Ask a question Ask for reactions

11 Notes Use notes section to add narrative Presenter view – Only if using laptop – Screen and Projection different – Cannot rely on this being available

12 Summary Slide Summarize your presentation at the end Emphasize key points What the audience will take away

13 Thank You Slide Thank the audience Include contact information


15 Themes Choose a theme you like Pick a color scheme Try a different background Use the slide master view – Repeating elements – Footer items, like slide numbers

16 Visuals Photos Clip Art WordArt Smart Art Charts Graphs

17 Places to find art Microsoft clipart Creative commons search – – $1 vector art Stock art websites – High price – Most variety

18 Extras Quotes Cartoons Multimedia

19 Fonts on Screen Serif fonts are difficult to read on screen Sans serif fonts are clearer Italics are difficult to read Normal or bold fonts are clearer ALL CAPS IS HARD TO READ Use colors to emphasize text

20 Font size Think of the person in the back of the room 12 24 36 48 60

21 Animations Movement applies to text or objects Subtle animations are nice – Draw attention to the screen – Help order elements – Hide/reveal text or objects Erratic animations are annoying Too many animations are irritating

22 Transitions Animations between slides Same rules as animations

23 Guides and Arranging Under View – Guides – Gridlines – Ruler Arrange – Align middle, right or left – Distribute multiple objects


25 Presenting Practice your presentation Don’t read the slides Maintain eye contact Walk around the room Use a wireless presenter – smart phones apps

26 Other Slide Software Keynote - Mac Google Presentations – Author with others – Share easily Prezi – Motion and zoom – Artistic – Time consuming

27 Don’t Forget Your Dongle Macs and iPads - proprietary dongles – $30 – Different for each laptop

28 Backups Flash drive Copy on web – Email – DropBox PDF version – Especially for mac users – Photo and video conversion problems – PowerPoint version problems

29 Handouts & Copies Use the print handouts function Most prefer 3 per page with notes Post presentation online – Add link to last slide – Use URL shortener if needed

30 Summary Prepare Add Content Design Deliver

31 Thank You! Thank you for coming Tamara Swedberg Instructional Technology Specialist 732-848-2947 This presentation:

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