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2010 Photo Contest Photos selected for the screensaver.

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1 2010 Photo Contest Photos selected for the screensaver.

2 Conner McDonald Dona Ana County “Colors”

3 Coleton Kelley Bernalillo County “Are you looking at me? ”

4 Shelby Herera, Valencia County “Little Purple Beauties”

5 Positive Development 4-H is rich with learning experiences where young people partner with caring adults and volunteers in a fellowship unlike any other program available to youth today. Through 4-H, young people are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities that emphasize 4-H’s “learning by doing” philosophy of youth development. Studies show that 4-H members:  do better in school  are more motivated to help others  feel safe to try new things  achieve a sense of self-esteem  develop lasting friendships.

6 Joseph Lopez Dona Ana County “Colorful Mix”

7 Garrett Evans Catron County “Cracked Screen”

8 Katy Combs, Dona Ana County “Lilly’s in Bloom”

9 4-H Pledge I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service and my health to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world 4-H Offers  Age appropriate programming for members 5-8 years old and members 9-19  Membership in positive peer groups  Events, camps and activities  Scholarship opportunities  Travel opportunities  Service opportunities for youth  Volunteer opportunities for adults  More than 200 projects for members including:  Animal Science  Horticulture  Natural Sciences  Engineering Sciences  Personal Growth  Creative Arts  Home Economics “As the years passed I have learned many different qualities. These qualities include defeat, success, patience, responsibility and good old fashioned hard work. No words can describe how I feel about the greatest organization for youth of America and the world. I love 4-H and it has made me into the person I am today.” Quay County 4-Her

10 Jaylah Dow, Sierra County “The Get Away”

11 Karl Lopez Dona Ana County “Cactus” “I will say that the most important thing I’ve learned was to give more of myself, for in doing so I get back ten times what I put out. I feel satisfied in my heart to help others.” M.M. Valencia County 4-Her

12 Jaylah Dow Sierra County “Sunflower”

13 Life Skills 4-H Programming focuses on developing life skills. Above is the life skills model for 4-H as developed by Iowa State University.

14 Kaitlyn Eldred Bernalillo County “Fireworks” “I have learned a lot in this program. I have learned leadership, I have helped little kids with their projects, I have encouraged people with animals – I have learned a lot throughout the years that I have been in 4-H.” J.M. Roosevelt County 4-Her

15 Paige Parks, Sierra County, “ A sunny day deserves a bright flower”

16 “ Are you looking at me?” Jonathon Salazar, Rio Arriba County

17 70,000 Strong 4-H is in every community across New Mexico – urban, suburban and rural. Standing for head, heart, hands and health, 4-H uses more than a century of experience in youth development programming to build strong, confident leaders. Young people in the 4-H community learn:  Leadership  Citizenship  A vast array of life skills that benefit them for the rest of their lives. Through school-based, after-school, camp settings and community clubs, 4- H members pledge themselves to build a better community, country and world.

18 Fallon Blackbull, McKinley County “Yucca-Do-Shampoo” “I am often picked as the student to speak up for my classmates, because I am not afraid to talk to my teachers or other adults. Self-confidence I know I learned from 4-H.” A.M. Rio Arriba County 4-Her

19 “Kettle Caboodle” Fallon Blackbull. McKinley County

20 Katy Combs, Dona Ana County “One of the Garden”

21 Karl Lopez Dona Ana County “Stoplight” 4-H...Your First Class at New Mexico State University

22 Garrett Evans Catron County “Summer Afternoons”

23 “I pledge my head to clearer thinking – I have learned decision making skills that will help guide me in everyday life and will help me in my future; I pledge my heart to greater loyalty – taking the projects through the 4-H organization has taught me to be responsible and dependable; I pledge my hands to larger service – helping others in my community gives me a sense of pride. When you can be proud of your accomplishments you can be proud of who you are; I pledge my health to better living – I strive to make the world a better place for myself and the future generations. With the help of the 4-H Program it can be accomplished to Make the Best Better.” J.B., Hidalgo County 4-Her


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