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David Palmer Head of Policy & Review LSP REVIEW 2013.

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1 David Palmer Head of Policy & Review LSP REVIEW 2013

2  Last review 2009.  This review requested by Leader and Chief Executive of Wealden DC.  Wealden reviewing all its partnership working in order to ensure what we do adds value and makes the best use of limited resources.  Review Objective : To understand its value and identify opportunities to ensure that the partnership is clearly focused, and working effectively to deliver the outcomes that matter most, in the most cost and time effective manner. BACKGROUND

3  Survey  Consultation  Four focus groups  Reviewed achievements  Meetings with Chair and Leader WHAT WE DID

4  Whether the LSP was clearly focussed  Was it working effectively to deliver the outcomes that matter in the most cost and time effective manner  How well we evaluate LSP achievements  How effectively the LSP delivers or facilitates outcomes  The value of the LSP to other organisations  How we identify opportunities to make beneficial changes  The future role of the LSP, functions and membership WHAT WE REVIEWED

5  Strong support for the LSP  If we didn’t have an LSP we’d create something like it  Majority view that it has met, or partially met its objectives  LSP not visible in the community  Arguably most effective when dealing with the LDF but potentially lost the interest of some partners  Needs to be more strategic  Needs clear leadership  Prosperity (Economy and Employment) emerged as most key issue, but housing and transport still a high priority KEY MESSAGES

6  Continuity of partnership working  Re-formation as a strategic body of decision makers  Review the aims and objectives - stronger focus on delivery  Membership needs to be relevant and fit for [new] purpose  Need to be more strategic – develop a forward plan based on agreed priorities, including some specific projects  Leadership and ownership needs to be clearer  Future work around issues rather than themes  Development of sub-groups as “champions”  Outcomes need to be clearer, measurable, visible  The partnership needs to promote itself better RECOMMENDATIONS

7  Report to Wealden DC Cabinet in May Based on this report and taking the recommendations forward  Establish new and emerging priorities for the partnership Reflecting wider partner ambitions for the Wealden area – a new partnership vision  Determine core membership / governance (leadership) Who is a strategic partner and who is a valued contributor in this new world  Set forward plan / projects Delivering the vision / ambition for the Wealden area using shared resources  Review branding for, and awareness of partnership “The Wealden Partnership”? Who are we? What do we do? Why? How is our working together improving the quality of life in Wealden? Communicating what we do and securing engagement. NEXT STEPS

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