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LangWorkltsmay20051 “Languages Work” Pupils’ Conferences at RGU Murray Hill Aberdeen Business School The Robert Gordon University.

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1 LangWorkltsmay20051 “Languages Work” Pupils’ Conferences at RGU Murray Hill Aberdeen Business School The Robert Gordon University

2 LangWorkltsmay20052 Overview Background Conference model “Resource synergy” Example speakers/pupil interaction Media coverage Internal impact 8m video clip > Questions

3 LangWorkltsmay20053 “Languages Work” Pupils’ Conferences 2 major senior secondary school events hosted by RGU Jan 2004 (LWI), Jan 2005 (LWII) LWI: 17 Aberdeenshire schools LWII: 12 Aberdeen City Council schools LWI: 300 S5 & S6 senior pupils LWII: 250 S4, S5 & S6 pupils

4 LangWorkltsmay20054 Background RGU track-record of collaboration in schools’ European Awareness days The Gordon Schools, Huntly (S)CILT Marketing seminars on promoting languages Brian called Murray… Little did I know what I was getting myself in for…

5 LangWorkltsmay20055 Background Steering group formed Conference aims agreed Resource analysis Regular planning meetings (8) Event management…

6 LangWorkltsmay20056 LWI Conference Aims “To underline the value of the place of Modern Foreign Languages in the school curriculum and the success gained by pupils in Aberdeenshire” “To highlight the wide range of employment opportunities available to people with language skills” “To celebrate the enjoyment to be gained from learning other languages”

7 LangWorkltsmay20057 LWII Conference Aims “To take Modern Foreign Languages out of the classroom into the real world” “To demonstrate that learning and using MFLs are life enhancing experiences which lead to employment opportunities “To explode the myth that you have to know the whole language to be able to use some of it”

8 LangWorkltsmay20058 Other Conference Aims To achieve maximum event publicity and exposure within the University and beyond To sustain initial event impact To produce marketing materials for dissemination in schools > CD-rom To inspire!

9 LangWorkltsmay20059 Resource synergy What are the collaboration gains from the perspective of - The schools? -The University? -The exhibitors/sponsors? -The National Agencies

10 LangWorkltsmay200510 University provides… Access to high quality award-winning campus venue (atrium, lecture theatres, break-out rooms, hospitality base room) IT support facilities & recording studios > CD-rom production (Linguists), Graphics & Publishing, press officer, photographer, administrators, caterers, janitors, reception staff, car park attendants (event managers)

11 LangWorkltsmay200511 University provides… Links with business/industry/community > guest speakers Graduates > guest interviewees Ideas Trusted partners Consultancy services (LWI > free) (LWII > fee)

12 LangWorkltsmay200512 Schools provide… Access to potential applicants Logistical/Transport know-how Curriculum support group project funds Council support staff: administrators, Graphics & Publishing, press officer Video recording equipment

13 LangWorkltsmay200513 Schools provide Links with business/industry/community Links with primary feeder schools > Poster display Steering group members Ideas (interactive tasks!) Pupil talent (LW signature tune > CD!)

14 LangWorkltsmay200514 Exhibitors/Info Providers French, German, Italian & Spanish national agencies British Council Socrates/Erasmus Local companies & sponsors, e.g. TOTAL (remember Aberdeen is the Oil Capital of Europe) > use of logos! CILT, National Centre for Languages

15 LangWorkltsmay200515 “Cast of 1000s” Pupils, Teachers, VIPs Guest speakers (& minders) Exhibitors University Staff Student volunteers Other University users… Event management!

16 LangWorkltsmay200516 Now what do we do? “All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you” (Gandalf in The Return of the King)

17 LangWorkltsmay200517 Conference Model Careful balance / audience pitch Morning presentations > Euro lunch Afternoon interactive sessions Plenary Link between languages & technology Video camera recording of event by RGU and all school teams Customised record of events Official RGU CD-rom

18 LangWorkltsmay200518 Conference Model Short formal presentations from personalities, experienced reps of business & education communities (LWI & II) Graduate presentations (LWI) > University graduate “Question Time” panel interviews (LWII) Interactive sessions

19 LangWorkltsmay200519 Example speakers (high media profile) Aim high! Berti Vogts, former German national team footballer/manager of Scotland national football team Cameron Stout, “Big brother” personality Claudia Schiffer (well, almost…) Messages of support...

20 LangWorkltsmay200520 Example speakers (business community, RGU graduates) Experienced & not-so experienced speakers, e.g. - owner of New Marcliffe Hotel - Director of ACC Education Services Recent RGU graduates, e.g. - (Euro Accounts manager) - Nokia (User interface designer)

21 LangWorkltsmay200521 Interactive Session: New Language Challenge” Resource: RGU international student volunteers & local community foreign nationals, c. 20 languages “global conference community” Farsi > Arabic > Japanese> Swahili Native speaker coached small groups On stage pupil NLC presentations/prizes

22 LangWorkltsmay200522 Interactive Session: Other examples Pupils interview & record guest speakers/graduates (TL) Questionnaire: pupils quiz exhibitors (TL) Pupils’ buzz groups create new marketing statements promoting languages (TL) Buzz par excellence!

23 LangWorkltsmay200523 Media Coverage Pre-event/post-event External (local, national) Internal (University, schools) Short-term/long-term

24 LangWorkltsmay200524 LWI Extensive press releases, radio & TV features PP messages of support from high profile personalities unable to attend “Berti Vogts helps promote languages message at RGU” (RGU-News leader) LWI CD-rom (“Oh Dear, she didn’t do a language”)

25 LangWorkltsmay200525 LWII Herald newspaper, locals* NE radio station CILT Newsletter & Journal RGU Newsletter: “Big Brother’s Cameron Shares Language Skills” RGU Alumni Magazine ACC Enterprise in Education Magazine TOTAL Courier (front page & feature)

26 LangWorkltsmay200526 Internal impact (RGU) LW timing generated awareness within University population (staff/students) Euro Award > increased prestige RGU corporate marketing; department web feature RGU committee minutes Increased language module take-up by course designers

27 LangWorkltsmay200527 Internal impact (RGU) Follow-up Aberdeenshire schools event hosted by RGU Economics & Law Dept Conference pack VIP/participants lists > RGU Industrial Liaison group membership Questionnaires/recruitment analysis Graduates rub shoulders with employers

28 LangWorkltsmay200528 Internal impact (schools) Euro Award > increased prestige Follow-up Euro Awareness events > healthy language options uptake LWI CD-rom > younger pupils Increased take-up of languages Interest in taster days at RGU

29 LangWorkltsmay200529 Other spin-offs Primary school involvement Long-term interest in languages? Posters as resource > potential for display in Aberdeen Art Gallery (2 year lead-in time!), Shopping Mall, Tourist Board etc

30 LangWorkltsmay200530 Room for improvement *Local “Press & Journal” featured picture of pupil holding “EFL” book Title clearly visible – and sending the wrong message… RGU press releases ref “serious FL decline in recent years” unhelpful

31 LangWorkltsmay200531 Room for improvement Increased demand for RGU presence at school European Awareness days but Inadequate University schools liaison support University prospectus/information booklets > scant reference to languages, subject not indexed

32 LangWorkltsmay200532 Would I do it again? Gandalf… Buzz factor SCHML website Video clip (8m) Questions?

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