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CIS Department The Vision II August 19, 2002. 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 2 AGENDA n The Vision n Core Values n The Enterprise n Stakeholder Involvement n Key.

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Presentation on theme: "CIS Department The Vision II August 19, 2002. 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 2 AGENDA n The Vision n Core Values n The Enterprise n Stakeholder Involvement n Key."— Presentation transcript:

1 CIS Department The Vision II August 19, 2002

2 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 2 AGENDA n The Vision n Core Values n The Enterprise n Stakeholder Involvement n Key Initiatives n The Beginning

3 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 3 THE VISION n What we do is important n Proud of our track record n Not satisfied … more work to do n Committed to growth n Positioning for next plateau … CIS … RISING!!

4 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 4 THE ENTERPRISE n Mission, Goals, Objectives n Human & Capital Resources n Products n Market Presence n Stakeholders CIS … RISING!!

5 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 5 THE ENTERPRISE Stakeholders CIS Dept CIS Student Prospective Student FAMU Admin CIS Alumni Arts & Sciences Corporate Employer Local Community Research Community CIS... RISING!!

6 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 6 CORE VALUES n Respect. Stakeholders are shown that they are valued. n Vision. We are moving toward a clearly defined goal. n Achievement. Commitment leads to action. n Teamwork. Each stakeholder shares the responsibilities, risks and rewards of achieving the vision.

7 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 7 THE ENTERPRISE Business Functions Academics Research Public Relations Student Services Employee Services

8 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 8 THE ENTERPRISE Academics Accreditation Curriculum Under- Graduate Programs Ph.D. Program Standardized Course Delivery MSES Program

9 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 9 THE ENTERPRISE Student Services Recruitment Advising & Tracking Alumni Services Student Records Welcome & Recognition Academic Support Financial Support

10 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 10 THE ENTERPRISE Employment Services Annual Evaluations Merit Raises OPS Contracts Tenure & Promotion Recruitment Faculty Appointment

11 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 11 THE ENTERPRISE Research Opportunity Identification Grant Admin Proposal Development Research Teams Research Publications Sponsored Research Interface

12 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 12 THE ENTERPRISE Public Relations Corporate Relations Community Service FAMU Public Relations Print Media Global Opportunities CIS Web Site Electronic Media (CD)

13 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 13 STAKEHOLDER INVOLVEMENT n Full Faculty Participation n Student Contribution to the Enterprise n College of Arts & Sciences Alignment n Visible Community Service n Active Corporate Relationships n Presence in Intellectual Community We’re In This Together!

14 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 14 KEY INITIATIVES n Implement Governance (By-Laws) n ABET Accreditation Obligations n Faculty Team Building n Visioning & Branding n CIS Student Life n Expanded Research n Public Relations n MSES Revitalization n Ph.D. Implementation Strategy On the RISE!!!

15 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 15 KEY INITIATIVES Departmental Governance (By-Laws) n Adopted March 2001 n Partial implementation 2001-2002 n Benefits –Well defined procedures –Committee structure –Consistent response to situations –Group vs Individual decisions n Must learn to make it work –Retreat Session #2 Procedures, Participation!!

16 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 16 KEY INITIATIVES ABET Accreditation Obligations n EXPECTED 9/2002 n Obligations –Separate Business from Science < Coordinator (Chandra) < Website, Green/Orange books, Files –Assessment Program < In-class via common examinations < Graduates/alumni tracking –Teaching loads (nominally 3 courses) –Ethics and social responsibility (syllabi) Obtaining … Maintaining

17 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 17 KEY INITIATIVES Faculty Team Building All Work and No Play … N-E-V-E-R!!!!

18 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 18 KEY INITIATIVES Visioning & Branding n Name Recognition / Good Press n World-Class Website n Standard Look-and-Feel (logo) n Aggressive Marketing to Stakeholders n Continuous Reinforcement n IT Leader for FAMU Campus!! n Pride in ownership Appearances Matter!!

19 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 19 KEY INITIATIVES CIS Student Life n Aggressive Recruitment of the Best n Tracking & Intervention n Academic/Financial Support Services n Student Participation in CIS Governance “Out-of-class” Experiences with Faculty n Student Corner @ CIS Web Site n Picnics & Receptions Making ++ Memories ++

20 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 20 KEY INITIATIVES Expanded Research n Research Seminar Series n Cross-Disciplinary Research n Internal/External Collaborations n Individual Each Research Faculty a PI n Research Days / Proposal Teams n Submissions of $3M/year n Diverse Sources, Project Types

21 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 21 KEY INITIATIVES Public Relations n Aggressively Promote the Vision n Corporate Visitor Package n Newsletters, Brochures [on-line] n Departmental CD n Community Service Projects n Industry Advisory Group n Corporate Visits A Good Name!

22 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 22 KEY INITIATIVES MSES Revitalization n Student Orientation & Support n Research Seminar Series n Title III Graduate Project –MSES Consultant (Soffa) –Brochures/Posters for mail-out –Student support (OPS) / A&S matching n Continuous Recruitment –Feeder School Network –Multi-media Recruitment

23 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 23 KEY INITIATIVES Ph.D. Program n Vibrant MSES Program a prerequisite n Vision for Ph.D. –Ph.D. Consultant (Soffa) –Research Focus / Program Focus –Needs Assessment/Justification –Resources n Faculty Recruitment n Plan / Request for implementation Why Not Now?... Why Not Us?

24 8/19/02 CIS 2002-03 24 A Work In Progress... n We have a SOLID Department n Continual need to manage growth n Challenge/rewards of personal growth n Challenge/rewards of standardization n We have a faculty of DISTINCTION n Enterprise thinking -- keeping the the big picture in mind CIS … Rising!!

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