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TV-Anytime Kobe Metadata Phase 1 3rd Plenary 18-22 November 2003.

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1 TV-Anytime Kobe Metadata Phase 1 3rd Plenary 18-22 November 2003

2 Phase 1 Provisional Amendment to TS 102 822-3 – WD845 TV217 –AN559 – approved for introduction in provisional amendment –AN565 - NHK segmentation The provisional amendment now contains a proposal that implements the AN565 NHK functionalities now principally using TVA Phase 1 technology For review and comment until next TVA meeting in January –AN569 - reply to TVA on the draft amendment Do not affect the current TVA proposal that is independent of physical synchronisation TVA leaves it to DVB to identify the best mechanism for physical timelines Linking the DVB physical timeline (NPT or another) to the TVA abstract timelines for segmentation shall be facilitated by the current version of the amendment. DVB must pay particular attention to the time origins that may be different and the time units that may need to be converted WD868 / TV224 – LS to DVB GBS. –Proposal to globalise “type” in the schemas.

3 IPTC: ProgrammeGuideML –Presentation during 2nd TVA Full Plenary –Discussion on collaboration Agreement to start work within Japan on a « TVA core » based on ARIB STD B-38 plus IPTC extensions for publishing specific needs WD858 : brief discussion overview WD866 – TV222 : liaison statement to IPTC IETF MMUSIC –TVA members invited to join the reflector Ensure that MMUSIC protocols support delivery of TVA data Check compatibility with SP006 DVB IPI –LS on the use of SP006 ProMPEG MXF –On-going (mapping, encapsulation, etc.) ARIB –Service model, genre dictionary, parental guidance (TVA + ARIB CS tbd), liaison with DVB GBS

4 MPEG (Profiling and Indexing) –Part Indexing on track, MPEG spec based on TVA Monitoring until March 2004 meeting –Profiling: FCD has been published (MPEG7 Part 9) DVB GBS –Presentation of specification in TVA context for approval at next Technical Module meeting. Specification almost completed Look forward to specification being sent for information to TVA WD828: LS from TVA to GBS on the draft amendment Liaison with IETF on the Generic syntax of URI RFC2396 Timbers-lee –Current proposal to remove the “registry” name which would break the syntax of the TV-Anytime URIs –Masahito Kawamori to follow this for TVA Metadata in a broadcasting environment (TV204r1) in collaboration with business –on-going –Provisional in Kobe –Final in Geneva

5 Communication is everything !

6 Thank-you to Keith, Colin, Kawamori, Kiyohiko and the IPTC delegation... See you in Geneva!

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