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UDL WG - IP over MPEG-TS -

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1 UDL WG - IP over MPEG-TS -
[2003 spring AI3 meeting material] UDL WG - IP over MPEG-TS - 2003/6/21

2 MPEG related spec. DVB(Europe,ASIA,Japan CS) ATSC(U.S.)
ARIB,ISDB(Japan BS) Other

3 IP over MPEG-TS DSMCC private section PES Others
“Packet” type data transmission PES Video/Audio transmission (non-ip) Data-piping Others

4 1.DSMCC private section DVB-MPE ATSC JSAT encap(now using AI3)
Add destination MAC address LLC snap used for multi protocol encapsulation No ethernet type field, No src mac address field ATSC A/90 ATSC Data Broadcast Standard, 26 July 2000 A/92 ATSC Delivery of IP Multicast Session over ATSC Data Broadcast, 31 Jan 2002 JSAT encap(now using AI3) Extension of DVB-MPE Add source MAC address Add type type field Extend 64bit MAC address

5 DVB MPE Protocol Mapping

6 2.PES Data Piping DVB Data Piping profile

7 3.Others Ultra Lightweight Encapsulation (ULE)
draft-fair-ipdvb-ule-00.txt draft-clausen-ipdvb-enc-01.txt

8 DVB compliant PC board Transmit Receive only $1,500 - $3,000
Less than $US 100

9 Proposal : New UDL charter
Objective Define AI3 standard for IP(v4,v6) over MPEG-TS Share the information about hardware(PC board) and softeare Share the software(driver) in AI3 AI3 standard  International standard Discussion Chair,schedule,resources..

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