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Agenda 6/2-6/3 1. Distribute unit 10 checklist 2. *HW: Prepare to turn in packets on finals day 3. Review game 4. Potluck 5. Presentations.

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1 Agenda 6/2-6/3 1. Distribute unit 10 checklist 2. *HW: Prepare to turn in packets on finals day 3. Review game 4. Potluck 5. Presentations

2 Final review

3 procedures 1. Review game first (up to 70 min), potluck later. 2. The teacher will have you pick a number from the number box 3. Gather in groups according to your number 4. A whiteboard and marker will be distributed to each group 5. Open notes, open book game 6. Winners will serve themselves the potluck food first

4 Saturation (carpet) bombing= what is it and why was it used? a large aerial bombing precision bombing Used to inflict damage in every part of a selected area of land (city) for strategic reasons 1 point for definition and 1 point for reason

5 WWII: What happened to the Axis powers after the surrender? Germany? Japan? Germany was divided into four military zones by the Allies Japan was “rebuilt” by US Empire dissolved Military dissolved Democratization and reforms 1 point for Germany, 1 point for Japan (no points for mentions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

6 What is appeasement? During WWII, attempting to meet German demands in hopes of avoiding war (practiced by European powers, especially Britain and France). Does not deter Hitler 1 point for correct definition

7 What language was used to help the US Marines transmit unbreakable secret codes during Pacific War? Navajo 1 point

8 Historical examples of US practicing “containment” policy during Cold War. Korean war Cutting trades with China Marshall Plan, Berlin Air-lift Intervention in Cuba, Vietnam, etc maximum 5 points

9 What are Levittown's? Post WWII Suburban houses that were built cheaply and quickly for middle class families. 1 point

10 What is the title of the famous book that was published in 1962 to discuss the continuation of poverty in many parts of America? (inner cities, Appalachian mountains etc) The Other America 1 point

11 What events happened during the Red Scare and anticommunist movement in the 1930s and 40s? Hearings of the “Hollywood Ten” Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg The formation of HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) McCarthyism Maximum 4 points

12 What is agribusiness and why is it bad for small farmers? Business/industry of agricultural production by producing crops more efficiently than small farmers could, it drives them out of business 1 point for definition 1 point for explanation

13 What is gerrymandering? a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries. Before 1965, it was frequently used to decrease minority representation. 1 point

14 Connect the correct event and minority group 1. United Farm Workers 2. Trail of Broken Treaties 3. Stonewall Riots 4. Equal Rights Amendment 5. Loving v. Virginia Maximum 5 points A. Gay B. Women C. Mexican American D. Native American E. All races

15 Result of the SALT talks? Reduced tension and arms 1 point

16 Result of New York Times vs. United States regarding the Pentagon Papers? Supreme court decides that NY times is allowed free speech to publish the story 1 point

17 Who are the silent majority? conservatives who generally supported the war but did not vocalize their beliefs during the 1960s. Nixon’s people 1 point

18 Connect the correct event with the president 1. The Iran Contra scandal 2. The energy crisis 3. Gulf War* 4. Camp David Accords* 5. Increase in federal debt due to defense spending 6. Americans with Disabilities Act A. Carter B. Reagan C. HW Bush (Sr) Maximum 6 points

19 What were reasons US intervened in the Persian Gulf War? Oil in the region must be secured Human rights violations of Hussein Kuwait’s territorial integrity was violated *especially oil. It’s always oil 3 points maximum

20 What was Reagan’s plan to stimulate economic growth? Tax cuts Trickle-down economy Supply-side economics 1 point for any of the answers above (maximum 3)

21 What event is the starting point of the Cold War’s end? Gorbachev’s policies (Perestroika, Glasnost) Because: Gorbachev’s policies -> summit meetings -> independence movement in eastern Europe -> Tiananmen Square massacre -> 15 states depart from USSR 1 point

22 Match the correct event to the correct president 1. Temporary assistance to families in need 2. Attempted reforming social security 3. Tax cuts to stimulate the economy 4. attempted universal health care A. Bill Clinton B. George W. Bush (Jr) Maximum 4 points

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