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Pandora’s Box Your Creation.

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1 Pandora’s Box Your Creation

2 The Story In Pandora’s box, Pandora was so overcome by her curiosity to open the box, she gave into her temptation and released evils into the world. Despite releasing the evils, her curiosity overcame her again to open the box. In doing so she released one last thing, hope. When all else fails, though small and frail, hope remains.

3 Evils Released from the Box
War and Famine Crime and Pestilence Spite and cruelty Sickness and malice Envy, woe, and wickedness

4 The Evils Famine: extreme hunger and starvation
Pestilence: a deadly disease, something harmful, destructive or evil Spite: A petty desire to be harmful Malice: A desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another Envy: A feeling of discontent because of advantages or possessions others may have Woe: trouble, grief, distress Wickedness: evil or moral bad.

5 Project Create a modern day Pandora’s box.
Find a container (box, jar, etc) or create a container and decorate it so that it generates so much curiosity and “no one could resist opening it.” Construct eight to ten evils of today’s society and place them in the box. All evils must be personified and have wings and eyes. You may draw them, create three dimensional objects (wiggle eyes and tissue paper wings?) or use any idea you would like to represent the evils. (must be school appropriate)

6 Project continued Vanity; excessive pride in ones appearance. Possible evils: drugs, terrorism, bullying, school violence, etc. One item representing Hope for our present-day society must also be placed in the box. Theft?

7 Project continued Each evil must be identified and matched to the creation. Write a sentence for each item explaining why you represented it the way you did. Write a short essay about one of the evils you placed in the box. Explain why you picked it as the most evil thing in today’s society. While writing about your evil, write a hopeful solution to the evil you have written about. The container you are using for your project should not be any bigger than a shoe box.

8 Rubric The Box is creative and has an “irresistible” appearance: 5 pts
modern evils are represented in the box. Each item is personified with eyes and wings. 8pts if 8 are made. 2 bonus points if 10. 3. Hope is represented 2 pt. Each item is labeled and easily identified in the box 5 points. A brief explanation why each item was represented a specific way is provided. 5 points. A short essay about one of the evils is provided. The student will explain why they believe that evil is the worst in the box. In the essay, the student includes a hopeful solution. 10 points.


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