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Social Psychological Experiments Video Clips to help your understanding.

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1 Social Psychological Experiments Video Clips to help your understanding

2 Milgram Stanley Milgram was interested in finding out under what circumstances ordinary people could be influenced to inflict harm upon others. KgIBXc KgIBXc Most unethical experiment. Led to improve the Psychology Association guidelines.

3 Festinger Cognitive Dissonance – causes individuals to change their attitudes. Dissonance is the tension that results from holding conflicting beliefs, attitudes, opinions or values. SdyTc4&feature=related SdyTc4&feature=related

4 Asch Experiment Normative Influence – Gain social approval Social Influence – accepting others opinions about reality, especially if you are not sure. Conformity- follow others (lines)

5 Latane & Darley Testing people’s helping ability: Diffusion Responsibility- larger the group less likely to help, less people more likely to help. Bystander-Assuming others will help Kitty Genevese – Genovese syndrome Altruism – Theorists debate whether there is an inborn trait that prompts people to engage in acts of selfless sacrifice for others or acts of rewards of heroism or ego need.

6 Sherif Contact Theory-working together with groups to reach one common goal (superordinate goal) should lower tension and increase harmony. Helps with prejudice, working together verses going against one another. Word activity

7 Aronson & Gonzalez Teaching strategy making Anglo & Hispanic kids interdependent upon one another to learn. Jigsaw Classroom - 3Z3j5I 3Z3j5I

8 Self-fulfilling Prophecy t8YH1Q t8YH1Q Is the tendency to let our preconceived expectations of others influence how we treat them. Ex. Teachers told to expect certain student to get smart during the year actually treated those kids differently as a result the expectations became a reality.

9 Effects of the group Social Facilitation – Improved performance of well learned tasks in front of others. Due to increased level of motivation when in front of audience. Social Impairment – (opposite) when just learning something and if you have an audience you tend to do worse. Group Polarization-group decision more powerful than individual decision(asch). Deindividuation(world leaders)-opposite Groupthink-Since everyone voices their opinions out loud, you assume everyone is in agreement and you don’t do anything about your disagreement.

10 Effects of Group One reason why many groups have some form of initiation rites and rituals is because of Group Cohesion The power of Conformity -

11 Why do we conform? Normative Influence – We don’t want to stand out as different just be normal. Informational Social influence – information given or understood is swaying your opinion to conform

12 Lapierre Experiment Proved People’s attitudes do not necessarily reflect their behavior : LaPierre conducted the experiment with Asian couples, and in short how the reactions of various establishments when confronted in person contrasted the reactions via a questionnaire.

13 Working with a Partner- Superordinate Goal write examples together and turn in as pair sheet

14 Diffusion of Responsibilities Often used to explain the bystander effect, a phenomenon in which the greater the number of people present, the less likely people are to help an individual in distress. 1 sentence give me an example

15 Fundamental Atrribution of Error Attribution Theory-Our way of explaining why people act the way they do. Attribution Of Error (2 types) Problem – Student receives an F on test. ◦Personal Stable – He is lazy. ◦Situational Constraints (personal factors) – He is probably sad about parents divorce. Give an example of each…

16 Compliance Foot in the door phenomenon- Give an inch, they want a foot. You lend a friend 1 dollar next time may ask for 5 dollars. Reciprocity – soliciting technique ex. Give great service as a waitress expect bigger tip. Give an example 1 sentence each.

17 Friendship & Beauty Mere Exposure Effect(familiarity principle) – more contact we have with someone, the likely we will like that person. Research shows that friends usually are rated very similarly in physical attractiveness. Similarity of interests and social back ground is also likely to determine who become friends. Ms8AkCs (give an example) Ms8AkCs

18 Causes of Conflict Prejudice-unjustified negative attitude Discrimination-unjustified behavior/action Stereotypes Mental Schemas A. Teachers are B. AP Students are Give example for each 1 sentence

19 Causes of Conflict Scapegoat theory –blame other groups for our failures or weaknesses Ethnocentrism-belief our culture is superior to others (in-group or out – group). Other-Race Effect – The tendency to recall faces of one’s own race more accurately than other races. Example of each 1 sentence

20 Evaluating Behavior Social Loafing- Allowing others to do the work while you just hang out (groupwork). Social Loafing - YouTube Self-Serving Bias-give our success credit to our stable causes & failures to situational factors. ”I work hard, others don’t care.” q6ReA q6ReA

21 Compliance Although you may not necessarily agree, you go along with the majority or the individual who has more power/influence. Give an example 1 sentence

22 Hate Video Write 5 questions and 5 answers during the video Write a summary of what you learned new Turn in pair share sheet and video notes today!

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