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Rural Justice Training Center Central Wyoming College League for Innovation Presentation March 6, 2012.

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1 Rural Justice Training Center Central Wyoming College League for Innovation Presentation March 6, 2012

2 “We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.” -Anonymous

3  Five Agencies, Four Jurisdictions, One Reservation with two Sovereign Tribes, and small cities with big city issues:  One of three reservations with the highest crime rate in the nation.  Very high unemployment. (over 15%)  Alcohol and Drug related arrests total over 87% of total arrests county-wide.  One of the only Reservations in the U.S. where two tribes have to share one reservation.

4  Working Together Was Unheard of:  Each agency serves its own community  Officers from each agency rarely saw each other in a “normal” situation.  Nobody ever asked why?!  Who’s Really in Charge?  Jurisdictional issues (Federal, State, Local)  Conflicting rulings from the Courts about who has jurisdiction and which agencies can/cannot enforce law

5  But we’ve always done it this way!  Training was always viewed as something each department did separately.  When inter-agency training did occur, some of the biggest players were left out (BIA).  Agency training budgets are continually the first to be cut when cities and county are in fiscal crisis.

6  Develop a comprehensive, central training center whereby all agencies can train together in order to maximize benefit to public safety.  Federal DOJ/OJP Grant  Invite all agencies to participate  Subsidize high-cost training to allow more officers to participate

7  ATTENTION PINPOINT PLAYERS!  Time to “shout out” something about our presentation!  Who do you think would find this presentation most helpful at your institution? Tweet it out! #INN12 @EricHeiser

8  Develop strategic partnerships (FBI, BIA, State, County, Local Law Enforcement)  Figured out why each agency trained separately.  Leverage Federal Dollars to help local and federal agencies  Bring the “big guns” to the table!

9  House it all at the COMMUNITY COLLEGE!  Centrally located, no more than 25 miles from each agency  Location means less down time, no travel/hotel costs  More officers able to participate because of proximity to agency  College Credit=FTE Generation

10  FATS-Virtual Firearms Training  Over 500 real-life scenario’s, which can branch to an officer’s reaction  Shoot/Don’t shoot discussion  Less lethal force options  “Shoot-back” system

11  Simuntions-Live fire rounds  Fired out of modified weapons  Paint marking bullets  Inflict pain but still safe to train with  Add more “realism” to live training scenarios

12  Martial Arts-Personal protection, knife and ground fighting, hand to hand combat.  Focus on officer survival  What to do in situations where a firearm is unavailable  Become less reliant on weapons and more confident in self

13  Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country (CJIC)  U.S. Attorney’s Office Training  Focuses on Law Enforcement on a Reservation (Indian Country)  Enables trained officers to enforce some (but not all) of the laws on the Reservation  Officers must hold a CJIC “card” in order to enforce law on the Reservation

14  And much, much more!  Drug Recognition  Crisis Negotiation  Accident Reconstruction  High Risk Patrol Stop  Lethal Confrontation  Customizable Solutions for any agency, any time!

15  Partnership with BIA, DOI, and FLETC  U.S. Department of Interior Designation  FLETC Training  BIA Officers from all over the region, not just District V

16  Expansion of current offerings to include driver simulation  Application in for Federal Grant  Trains new and veteran officers how to respond without wear and tear on actual vehicles  Enhances FATS trainings

17  County-wide SWAT team training  First time three agencies had ever trained together as a county-wide team  Will continue to train bi-monthly  Will hopefully result in officers becoming more familiar with each other and keep the communities they serve safer


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