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“Chasing Lincoln’s Killer”. (n.) a person who knowingly helps another in a crime or wrong doing, often as a subordinate.

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1 “Chasing Lincoln’s Killer”

2 (n.) a person who knowingly helps another in a crime or wrong doing, often as a subordinate.

3 Synonyms conspirator, ally, collaborator Antonyms enemy, opponent

4 (n.) a false name used to conceal one’s identity; an assumed name

5 Synonyms pseudonym Antonyms name

6 (v.) to inflict punishment in retaliation for harm done to a person or persons; take revenge for or on behalf of.

7 Synonyms vindicate revenge Antonyms forgive, encourage

8 (n.) the angular direction of a line, point, or course measured from true North or one’s own position

9 Synonyms Course, aim Antonyms disorder

10 (n.) the diameter of the bore of a gun taken as a unit of measurement; the diameter of a shell or bullet. (n.) degree of merit or excellence; quality

11 Synonyms worth distinction Antonyms Inability, weakness

12 (n.) a final decisive event, usually causing a disastrous end.

13 Synonyms disastrous, tragic Antonyms fortunate, successful

14 (adj.) pertaining to or coming to a climax

15 Synonyms peak, culminating Antonyms

16 (n.) security pledged for a repayment of a loan.

17 Synonyms bail, security Antonyms

18 (n.) a close friend or associate to whom secrets are confided or with whom private matters and problems are discussed.

19 Synonyms crony, adviser, acquaintance Antonyms enemy, stranger

20 (v.) To seize property, especially for public use and by way of penalty.

21 Synonyms forfeit, seize Antonyms give, offer

22 (n.) a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose. A secret plan or agreement to carry out an illegal or harmful act, especially with political motivation.

23 Synonyms plot, scheme Antonyms faithfulness, honesty

24 (n.) usually evidence of authority, status, rights, entitlement to privileges usually in written form a letter or certificate giving evidence of the bearer's identity or competence

25 Synonyms certificate, proof, authorization Antonyms refusal

26 (n.) representation in image form, as in a painting or illustration.

27 Synonyms likeness, representation Antonyms

28 (n.) The conversation between characters in a novel, drama, etc.

29 Synonyms conversation, communication Antonyms quiet, monologue

30 (n.) a rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something.

31 Synonyms Contagious, infectious Antonyms limited

32 (n.) a faithful attendant or supporter. (n.) an unscrupulous and ruthless supporter, especially a criminal.

33 Synonyms accomplice, lackey, sidekick Antonyms opponent, leader

34 (v.) To stir up, encourage or provoke to action

35 Synonyms instigate, provoke Antonyms discourage

36 (n.) a legal or judicial inquiry, usually before a jury, especially an investigation made by a coroner into the cause of an unexplained, sudden, or violent death.

37 Synonyms inquiry, examination Antonyms conclusion, findings

38 (n.) a person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause

39 Synonyms saint, scapegoat Antonyms

40 (n.) an object or item that serves to remind one of a person, past event, etc.

41 Synonyms keepsake, souvenir Antonyms

42 (adj.) widely and unfavorably known; well-known for some bad or unfavorable quality, deed, etc.

43 Synonyms infamous, outrageous, disreputable Antonyms unknown, moral

44 (n.) a condition, state, or situation, especially an unfavorable or unfortunate one; a condition of extreme hardship, danger, etc.

45 Synonyms predicament, condition, trouble Antonyms advantage, solution

46 (n.) a military formation varying in size from a battalion to a number of battalions or battle groups.

47 Synonyms organize, order Antonyms

48 (n.) an object having interest by reason of its age or its association with the past; something that has survived from the past, such as an object or custom

49 Synonyms keepsake, artifact Antonyms whole

50 (n.) a place of refuge; asylum

51 Synonyms shrine, church, temple Antonyms

52 (v.) to withdraw formally from an alliance or federation; as from a political union.

53 Synonyms break with, leave, resign Antonyms join, advance, continue

54 (n.) thick or dense growth of shrubs, bushes, or small trees.

55 Synonyms underbrush Antonyms clearing

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