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6 SIGMA VS. KAIZEN/LEAN Manufacturing Systems Analysis.

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1 6 SIGMA VS. KAIZEN/LEAN Manufacturing Systems Analysis

2 2 Comparative Analysis Improvement Methodologies Similar in Structure Improvements measured against established process Team oriented Similar improvement tools Measure effectiveness of improvements Maintain new performance level Standardize & Proceduralize Results More Efficient Processes Comparison Both are Effective Improvement Mechanisms CPI/6s best applied to large complex problems Kaizen/Lean best applied to achieve incremental changes and eliminate wastes. Measure - Data Collection - Determine Process Potential / Goals Evaluate - Root Cause / Vital Few - Statistical Analysis Improve & Verify - Implement Improvement - Validate Improvement Standardize - Standardize / Leverage - SPC - Update Procedures Evaluate - Baseline Process Performance - Establish Target Decide -Compare solutions - Choose Act -Communicate - Implement improvement - Control Measure - Validate improvement - Standardize - Update Procedures Focus - Reduce Process Variation - Identify Critical Cause and Focus Resources for Maximum Impact Focus - Eliminate Waste 5S - Seek Incremental Process Changes Kaizen/Lean 6  Summary - Technical Approach based on Statistical Analysis - Requires Significant Data Collection - Best applied to Manufacturing Processes - Typical Projects 1-3 Months Summary - Common Sense Approach based on Observation - Applicable to all types of processes - Defined improvement strategy - Typical Projects 1 week

3 3 What is 5S ? An essential step required for Waste Elimination An integral step in Kaizen A required element to implementing Lean Manufacturing. Systematic Organization “Seiri” Orderliness “Seiton” Cleanliness “Seiso” Cleanup “Seiketsu” Cleanup “Seiketsu” Standardization/Perseverance “Shitsuke”

4 Elimination of Waste

5 5 6 Sigma Disciplined Methodology Technical Approach (Quantitative) Data Driven - Statistical Customer Focus Reduce Variation Focus on Large Impact Larger/Longer Projects Kaizen Philosophical Approach Common Sense Approach (Qualitative) Data Driven - Observation Operational Focus Waste Elimination 5S Incremental Change Smaller/Shorter Projects Complimentary Tools Driving Continuous Improvement Comparing Approaches

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