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Progress on Cleanup of the INL Site for the INL Retired Employees Association Bob Iotti, President and CEO September 2008.

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1 Progress on Cleanup of the INL Site for the INL Retired Employees Association Bob Iotti, President and CEO September 2008

2 About the Idaho National Laboratory Site
890 square miles Originally established in 1949 as a national reactor testing station; 52 "first-of-a-kind" reactors were constructed at the site Workforce of ~1,700 Cleanup focuses on 5 major facilities Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center (INTEC) Radioactive Waste Management Complex (RWMC) Test Area North (TAN) Reactor Technology Complex (RTC) Power Burst Facility (PBF)

3 Idaho Cleanup Project Mission and Scope
The Idaho Cleanup Project involves the safe, environmental cleanup of the Idaho National Laboratory site To achieve cleanup commitments, CH2M-WG Idaho will Disposition nuclear material items Consolidate and store spent nuclear fuel Treat sodium-bearing liquid waste Close and stabilize high-level waste tanks Retrieve, package, and dispose of targeted buried waste Disposition low-level and mixed low-level waste Demolish or otherwise decommission facilities and structures, including reactors, spent nuclear fuel storage basins, and laboratories used for radioactive experiments Close hazardous waste tank systems; remediate contaminated environmental sites

4 Safety: Our first priority
Injury rate of 1.43 (construction average: 5.9) Lost workday rate of 0.40 (construction average: 2.2) Compliant, award-winning programs

5 Major Risk Reduction Activities Nuclear Material Disposition
10 years ago Storage only Evaluating disposition options Today 99 percent complete Completed all (20 of 20) Unirradiated Light Water Breeder Reactor (ULWBR) shipments to Nevada Test Site via Super Tiger Cask Super Tiger Cask – ready for last trip to NTS Disposition nuclear material items* 693 items 688 items *unirradiated fuel rods and plates, lab samples, source nuclear material (normal uranium/depleted uranium)

6 Major Risk Reduction Activities Spent Nuclear Fuel
10 years ago Evaluating options to minimize vulnerabilities by consolidating all site spent nuclear fuel to one location (INTEC) and minimizing wet shielding storage Today Great progress on wet-to-dry campaign (completion planned for FY09) Receiving Advanced Test Reactor fuel Receiving and dry-storing domestic and foreign research reactor fuel Preparing (and shipping) Navy fuel for dry storage Maintaining Ft. St. Vrain and Three Mile Island fuel Planning for exchange of aluminum fuel for oxide fuel with Savannah River Site Contract requires CWI to be able to accept 31 casks per year Navy fuel shipment Transfer SNF from wet to dry 3,178 assemblies 2,229 assemblies

7 Major Risk Reduction Activities Tank Grouting
10 years ago Beginning to empty underground storage tanks of radioactive waste from reprocessing operations Converted waste from liquid into calcine (dry, stable, granular powder); calcine process suspended 2000 Today Grouted (emptied) 11 of 15 tanks Four 30,000-gallon tanks Seven 300,000-gallon tanks Remaining four tanks  three contain sodium-bearing waste and one intentionally left empty Tent removal Close liquid waste tanks (grouting) 15 tanks 11 tanks

8 Major Risk Reduction Activities Sodium-bearing Waste
10 years ago Making calcine (solidified high level waste); calcine production suspended in 2000 due to unacceptable emissions Today Integrated Waste Treatment Unit (IWTU) under construction using steam reformer technology for sodium-bearing waste processing and designed for retrieval of calcined waste IWTU construction

9 Major Risk Reduction Activities Buried Waste
10 years ago Storing transuranic waste at the Radioactive Waste Management Complex Today Exhuming buried waste (17,142 cubic meters) Packaged 1,760 cubic meters of targeted waste for offsite disposition Shipping contact-handled transuranic waste to WIPP (81 of 1,484 shipments) Exhuming buried waste at the Radioactive Waste Management Complex

10 Major Risk Reduction Activities Remote-handled Transuranic Waste
10 years ago Storing waste in underground storage vaults at RWMC Today Completed 167 of 225 shipments to Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Final shipment scheduled for April 2009 100th RH shipment leaves Idaho First RH shipment leaves Idaho

11 Major Risk Reduction Activities Decontamination, Decommissioning, Demolition
TAN Hot Shop demolition (2007) 10 years ago Relatively little progress Today Demolished 112 (of 235) buildings and structures 1.3 million square feet demolished to date out of 1.8 million planned Total includes several nuclear facilities: ETR (completed) TAN Hot Shop (completed) PBF (completed) INTEC Remote Analytical Facility (completed) LOFT (completed) MTR (in progress) CPP-601 (in progress) Preparing for MTR catwalk removal (2008) Cubicle after strip out

12 PBF reactor and CPP-601 PBF vessel removal (2008)
Before PBF vessel removal (2008) CPP-601 tank removal (2008)

13 LOFT and ETR LOFT containment dome demolition (2006)
ETR vessel removal (2007)

14 Summary ICP’s Safety-first culture
Cost and schedule performance (under budget and ahead of schedule) Risk reduction/protection of the Snake River Plain Aquifer Delivery of what we promised (and more) Partnership with stakeholders from special interest groups to regulators will enable our success and support INL’s goal for nuclear energy leadership

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