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Interim Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel February 2008.

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1 Interim Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel February 2008

2 2 United State Congress FY 2008 Omnibus Appropriations Bill Report Language “The Department is directed to develop a plan to take custody of spent fuel currently stored at decommissioned reactor sites to both reduce costs that are ultimately borne by the taxpayer and demonstrate that DOE can move forward in the near-term with at least some element of nuclear waste policy. The Department should consider consolidation of the spent fuel from decommissioned reactors either at an existing federal site, at one or more existing operating reactor sites, or at a competitively-selected interim storage site. The Department should engage the sites that volunteered to host Global Nuclear Energy Partnership facilities as part of this competitive process.”

3 3 Integrated Used Fuel Management  Three-pronged approach to used fuel management – Interim storage of used fuel until recycling and/or permanent disposal are available – Research, development, and demonstration to close the nuclear fuel cycle – Permanent disposal facility  Divided into short, medium, and long term goals

4 4 Used Fuel Management: Where We Stand Today  Yucca Mountain site judged suitable by Congress in 2002  Worldwide expansion of nuclear energy prompting renewed interest in “closing” the nuclear fuel cycle: – recycling used nuclear fuel – advanced used fuel reprocessing technologies – developing new type of fuel from reprocessed product – new reactor designs  Nuclear renaissance will require recycle – Long-term timing consistent  Interim storage until recycling and/or Yucca Mtn. available assures nuclear sustainability in a competitive marketplace

5 5  Consolidates 39 sites into 1 or 2, allows for easier management and security, lower costs  Interim storage supports new nuclear plant construction, which is in the best interest of the US needs for electricity and reduction of greenhouse gases  Interim storage also permits utilities to complete their obligation to local communities by fully decommissioning reactor sites at the end of their operating lifetime Why Interim Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel?

6 6 Artist Rendition of an Away From Reactor Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI)

7 7 ISFSIs with Vertical Storage Casks Connecticut Yankee Yankee Rowe

8 8 Horizontal Storage Systems at an ISFSI Picnic/ Lunch Area Southern California Edison – SONGS Units 1, 2, and 3

9 9 Transportation Safety Record for Used Fuel  Four decades of safety.  Over 3,000 shipments in US. – 78% by truck and 22% by rail. – Transported over 1.7 million miles  Over 24,000 shipments internationally. – More than 73,000 MTHM SNF/HLW transported  No injuries, fatalities or environmental damage as a result of the radioactive nature of the cargo

10 10 First Priority Fuel That Should Move to an Interim Storage Facility: Decommissioned Plant Spent Fuel  Maine  California  Massachusetts  Michigan  Illinois  Colorado  Oregon  Wisconsin  Connecticut

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