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“Yet the Librarians Were Not Without a Cunning Plan”

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1 “Yet the Librarians Were Not Without a Cunning Plan”

2 Growth fundamentalism & institutionalised distrust Ideology-critical throat-clearing From the groves of academe to the grasslands of Planet WoS 1,000,000 articles per year Second-order growth: citations

3 Sciences & Humanities Facts & bits of writing Defiance & adaptation

4 The Flemish Government’s Special Research Fund (BOF) Divided between Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent & Leuven 65% allocated for diploma’s, staff & sundry simple quantifiables 35% allocated for publication output –50% for ISI citations –50% for actual publications 85% for ISI-listed work 15% for other publications Share of non-ISI output in total budget: 2.65% Share of ISI-output in total budget: 32.35%

5 What Is to Be Done? Hang down your head Carry on regardless Whistle in the dark –Tune 1: VABB –Tune 2: OHP

6 Vlaams Academisch Bibliografisch Bestand Flemish Academic Bibliographic Index for the Human and Social Sciences Distribution of 2.65% of BOF-budget over 4 university associations Screening all non-ISI listed output –Journals: peer-reviewed –Books: recognised academic publishers Risks –Dismay –Disappointment –Demise (From RAE to REF)

7 Open Humanities Press Clogged-up publication channels Taking control of the means of reproduction Addressing credibility problem Volunteer-editor-driven portal site for existing OA journals

8 OHP Home

9 OHP Editorial Board

10 OHP Publication standards

11 OHP Journals

12 Leuven Library link to OHP

13 OHP Books

14 Waiting for the Librarians It is recommended that you simply dig at random: perhaps at the very spot where you stand you will come upon scraps, shards, reminders of the dead. Also the air: the air is full of sighs and cries. These are never lost: if you listen carefully with a sympathetic ear, you can hear them echoing forever within the second sphere. The night is best: sometimes when you have difficulty in falling asleep it is because your ears have been reached by the cries of the dead which, like their writings, are open to many interpretations. J.M. Coetzee, Waiting for the Barbarians

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